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  1. On 11/14/2017 at 1:05 PM, Digital_Igloo said:

    Logic and MainStage can map MIDI CCs to all sorts of functions via the Key Command menu, but there are almost 10,000 commands (!!!), so any attempt to map Helix's 10 stomp switches to a comprehensive set (beyond the requisite MCC commands, for which there is a template—8 TEMPLATES > DAW Remote) would be futile.


    That said, we have plans to add more robust DAW control complete with DAW-specific templates sometime next year.


    Still. A basic template with a layout of the front panel knobs, foot switches, and expression pedal would be nice. They don't need to have dedicated concert level assignment. I can go to assigning them from there. Was looking for something so I didn't have to create a layout from scratch. 

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