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  1. On 10/14/2021 at 4:41 PM, MGW-Alberta said:

    What about for use as side speakers in a wet/dry/wet rig?  I run my Helix through my guitar amp (Boogie) using 4CM and I have been tossing around the idea of trying W/D/W.  I've viewed a number of vids on it and I find the sounds intriguing and I have a fairly good idea of how to modify my patches and cabling for it.  My problem is that because I never had the capability or opportunity of trying W/D/W until I got Helix I have no experience with it because let's face it, not everybody can afford lots of rack gear.  I don't know if my side (wet) cabs need to have amp-in-the-room sound or not and I don't know if I should try something as flat as possible or something on the bright side to accentuate the wet harmonics or something beefier to warm up the wet sounds.  I also have no experience with FRFR at all so I don't know which ones are the better sounding.  I've viewed some vids on FRFR and I can hear the differences but none of the ones I've seen apply to or discuss W/D/W.

    I've been off the forum for awhile, MGW...so didn't see this post.


    I don't have any experiencer with using multiple amps. Have always been a single amp player. W/D/W sounds like a good idea, though. Have you tried it out, yet?

  2. 9 hours ago, SaschaFranck said:


    Well, if your pedalboard is "ridiculously awsome" (as you say - and looking at it, I have no problems to believe), I wouldn't sell it, either, unless I really needed the money. At least not as long as you could still justify bringing it to certain rehearsals and gigs. As has been mentioned, especially in terms of accessibility, merely analog boards still rule big time.

    For me it's been a bit different as my old pedalboard was way too huge and the newer one left some things to be desired, so the Helix has been a rather rational purchase, too. But I'm still thinking about slapping some hybrid rig together, using a bunch of selected pedals and running it all into my Amplifirebox. Nothing urgent, though.


    "ridiculously awesome"


    Lol...that was a bit school-boyish, but I'd just come off of an hour of playing with it and remembered why I love it so much. It's a great board. Except for the Mastermind and Volante; I'm very familiar with all the pedals. MIght sub a fuzz for the Timmy, though. I can get a good light OD with the XTS Multi-Drive.


    I haven't gigged since 2/22/19.Two serious accidents have forced me to reinvent my technique, twice. But I've been successful and will be out there, again, soon enough. Very happy about that. Hard work establishing new muscle memory but it can be done.


    I've been using this board specifically in the studio. Sounds great through my OX and with a miked amp/cab. I'll take it to gigs and rehearsals, but for jams and small venues I sub pedals in and out of a small board, according to the genre. Tack a couple on the side if necessary: 


    It's just that I'm so impressed with the Stomp. Thinking I can use it with my Quilter for jams and small venue gigs. Was thinking the Helix would work well both live and in the studio but I can also use the Stomp and then convert that dry signal over and use Native to get it more precise, if necessary.



  3. 13 minutes ago, SaschaFranck said:


    Yes and no. While we will never know any exact numbers, it's likely not as sturdy as other units. Personally, I would never carry it around without a heavy duty case for that reason. Before I got mine, it had to have the tap tempo/tuner switch replaced because not only the LED stopped to work but also because the switch itself was acting up. Given my own history with Line 6 products, their footswitches are notoriously bad (had broken ones on a shortboard controller, an M13 before). There's also some other parts that are of pretty cheap quality, such as the mic preamp (which may blow up in some cases, apparently due to issues with phantom power switching) and also the XLR out (which can't deal with phantom power at all). It might occasionally be susceptible to heat as well (especially true for the EXP sensor).

    Personally, my worst experience in terms of reliability has been a preset that wouldn't let the unit boot properly, so I had to boot in safe mode which deleted the preset (quite bad as I'm always only using one single preset per gig - for reasons...). Ever since, I started copying my life presets and I'm also doing somewhat "feature reduced" versions as I suspect the high DSP demand and/or complexity of some presets to be responsible for them to become corrupted.


    Still, the overall worst thing for me by far would be the visibility. It's by far the worst of all floor units I ever used (and that's been quite some). Under certain light conditions (diffuse, bright light or direct sunlight on outdoor gigs) you really can't see anything. LEDs, scribble strips - they become pretty much completely invisible. You can't even use the display anymore, should you need to adjust a parameter or two. And while Line 6 could adress at least some parts of that (inverted scribble strip labels when a switch is active, LT style display mode), they won't. So, in case outdoor gigs during daylight are a noteworthy part of your gig schedule (they have been for me during the pandemic), the Helix might not be for you. Line 6 clearly didn't test the unit properly under any such conditions (or they just didn't care), "looks great in your appartment" seemed to be the deciding factor.

    And yes, I'm seriously thinking about replacing it in favour of a Boss GT-1000, which has no visibility issues, not even in direct sunlight (and which seems to be a sturdier unit overall as well - pretty much in line with Boss' tradition of building things that stand years on the road).


    And fwiw, as you're coming from a well laid out pedal board (I came from there as well), you might miss direct access to crucial parameters. You can access most of them rather quickly on the Helix, but it still doesn't hold any water against analog boxes with all (or most) parameters exposed. Not exactly a maintainance issue, but sort of.


    Having said all that, I didn't have to use my backup (which, as has been mentioned, should be a mandatory thing in case you're running a one-size-fits-all unit), though (in my case an Egnator Goldsmith running into an Atomic Amplifirebox followed by a Zoom G3). And in case the visibility aspect doesn't kick in, I'm getting along quite fine with the Helix, so far everybody else (bandmates, audience, FOH folks) pretty much always seems to be pleased, too. Once the initial work (patch building and cross checking them under stage conditions) has been done, setting things up has never been easier, either.


    In a nutshell, I still like the unit and it feels great while playing, but I wouldn't buy it again. As someone making my living as a live player, the mentioned aspects are crucial for me and the Helix only partially suits these needs. And there's always a kind of fear hiding that something might break or not work well (even if it was just unexpectedly bright light conditions) - something I never experienced with other units.


    That’s a lot to quote but I want you to know that I read and absorbed the whole thing. Great points. 

    I took my big board out of it’s case tonight to make sure I was doing the right thing, putting it up for sale. 

    I decided I was NOT doing the right thing. 

    No knock against the Helix. I am now a huge Line 6 fan. The Stomp is a keeper and who knows what down the road. But my pedalboard is ridiculously awesome. I’m just gonna have to put serious time into learning the ins and outs of the Mastermind. And if I can’t, I’ll sell it with the base board structure and make a simpler version, using the pedals I have and maybe a simpler controller.


    This is an excellent community. I’m glad I posted this. Sometimes we need discussion to reach an informed decision.


    Thanks, everybody. 

  4. 1 minute ago, cruisinon2 said:


    Well I wasn't really talking about the physical footprint...Helix is one device. Should it decide to stop working one day, chances are the whole thing will be useless, and you're dead in the water until it's fixed or replaced. Whereas with a traditional pedalboard, the odds of each individual unit $hitting the bed simultaneously are basically zero, and if one thing craps out it can be "surgically" removed, and then it's on with the show...that's important to some guys. Ymmv...

    Yeah…this is true. And its been one of the main reasons I’ve shied away from multi effects units for years. 

    My other option is to ax the Mastermind and Volante and set everything up on a smaller board. Get a different smaller footprint delay with some presets. 

    The size of this rig makes me opt for my smaller board for jams and gigs (which is in the cards in the future). So it basically stays in the studio. 

    Don’t mean to create controversy…but does the Helix have maintenance issues? 


  5. 42 minutes ago, cruisinon2 said:

    Since you're familiar with the Stomp, then you already know what you're getting into...there's really not much of a discussion to be had. It's big brother just has more footswitches, and more ins/outs... for all intents and purposes the brains are identical, and it's gonna sound exactly the same as your Stomp. It just boils down to how attached you are to the other stuff on your board, and whether or not you want everything in one box... beyond that, there's really nothing anybody here can tell you that you don't already know.

    Well…my board is pretty much everything in one box. And with a lotta cables. I know I can switch pedals…but it all comes down to the same thing: different sounds connected to a controller. And the array of effects, amps, and cabs in HX is just as varied as the kinds of pedals I would buy. 


    (I do realize I’m 3/4 talking to myself, here…but thanks for the input. Part of the process)


  6. ...but I could use some talking through.


    I got the HX Stomp a little over a month ago. The idea was to have a travel companion for practice, recording, and jams. Took some time, but I've definitely gotten better at setting up my presets. 


    Up until recently it was all about the headphones...and all has been going according to plan. I was (and still am) extremely impressed with the sounds and ease of use.


    Then I plugged the Stomp into my Quilter Micro Pro Mach 2. The 8" speaker serves well for electric/acoustic guitars as well as PA systems (Pat Quilter's a pretty smart guy).


    It sounds so good. Honestly: I don't get the "won't give you that amp in the room" phrase. The Stomp through that amp absolutely rocks the house.


    So here's my "big" board:




    The sounds are awesome, but the Mastermind, serious as it is, is nowhere near as intuitive as the Stomp. And there are a lot of wires to trace when there's a problem. And it's heavy and bulky to transport.


    Thinking of dismantling it and getting a Helix. Honestly never thought I'd say that. Total valve amp/stomp pedal guy who loves his sound (I don't play many covers). But I've still got a nice small board and could make another with a few of the pedals I'd keep (Semaphore Trem will never leave my side). It's just that the sound possibilities with these multi-effects modelers is far exceeding my expectations.


    So I know that, in the end, it's up to me...but I could use some talking through. It's a big step for me.




  7. 2 hours ago, rd2rk said:

    Since you say that this is happening on all presets and in all circumstances, I'm going to suggest that you do a back-up, then perform a factory reset.

    I had this problem once, and that cured it.




    Hah! That did the trick! I can still hear a very faint background noise with some settings, but for the most part it's much much quieter than before. Thanks!


    6 hours ago, Schmalle said:

    A trick to adjust the gate:

    • disengage noise gate in the input block
    • insert a looper as first block
    • looper: record some guitar played with the dynamic range that you want the preset to handle
    • insert a dynamics->noise gate block after the looper
    • listen and adjust
    • copy these settings to the input block
    • erase the looper and noise gate blocks


    Thanks, Schmalle. I'll give this and the one in the video a look. Much appreciated.


    8 hours ago, PierM said:


    The "hiss" should not be the noise gate (quite the opposite), since this is NOT adding anything to the signal; at the opposite it's fading IN and OUT the signal when its amplitude it's under the threshold. The Noise Gate is commonly used to suppress unwanted noise that is audible when the audio signal is at a low level, so I guess you "feel" like there is no hiss when gate it's turned off, because the signal is not being cut and faded.


    I never liked the Noise Gates, in any situation, but I dont use high gain so my signal is pretty clean from the start.




    Thanks, PierM. I was noticing the hiss with all my presets from clean to high gain. It really had gotten worse, recently. The factory reset and reinstall that rd2rk recommended did the trick, fortunately.


    I do, however, still notice  very slight background noise while picking with some settings. Nowhere near what it was before...but  I'm wondering if what you're saying is that the noise gate reduces the noise before and after the note is sounding...but not during the time the signal is coming through? So that it becomes noticeable because there's not pre or post noise to compare it to?


    Anyway: thanks for all of your input. 

  8. 12 minutes ago, PierM said:

    Do you have a noise gate somewhere in the chain and/or in the main input settings?

    Thanks, PierM. Yes, I do. I turned it off and the hiss is gone.


    I stopped using noise gates on my boards decades ago, as they deadened the sound. So I have very little experience with them. I'm somewhat new to the Stomp and modeling/multi-effects units, in general. Saw some videos with people using the gate at the beginning of the chain and thought it sounded good. Do you have a good link or general rule on any way I can set one correctly; or is the hiss the "tradeoff"?

  9. Hi. I did a search on this issue and only found posts about background hiss when not playing. That's why I added the caps in the title.


    I'm noticing a background hiss both through headphones and when playing through amps, but only when I pluck the string. When the note is dead or blunted; there's no background hiss. 


    This is particularly evident with single pickups (standard and silent). Gets less so in the out of phase positions and even less so with humbuckers. But it's always there, all the same.


    I first noticed it on headphones in my practice space, upstairs. So I plugged the Stomp into a Quilter Mach 2 Pro amp in the same space and had the same issue.


    Moved downstairs to my main setup. Used a different outlet for the power and noticed it straight away through phones out of the Stomp (not connected to an amp). Plugged it into the UA OX that's connected to my Port City Pearl head. Same issue on both phones and into the amp.


    I used three different guitars. All had similar issues, though the one with the Barden Gatton pickups (humbuckers) was less so than the other two. 


    I also tried different patches. Cabs and amps with and without effects and just effects. And no effects...totally clean. All with the same result. And, of course, the issue is more noticeable as you crank it up.


    I don't notice this issue when playing through any of my boards (which have no multi-effects or modeling units) or straight into the amps. Either on headphones or not.


    Thanks in advance for any tips/support.


  10. 9 hours ago, DunedinDragon said:

    I will tell you that getting a good representation of how your presets will sound in a live environment will be just as expensive as the powercab.  There's a very good reason why the Headrush 108 is cheaper...it's missing some importnant stuff that you'll find in the more premium level speakers like EV, JBL, Yamaha and QSC.  That may not be important to you, but if it's an accurate representation it will be more expensive because, like anything in life, you get what you pay for.

    That’s pretty much what I was wondering about and I appreciate the info.


    The sounds from the Stomp coming out of my Quilter are more than good enough to keep me happy for now. I was very happily surprised.

    If and when I want or need something that’s totally on the mark, I’ll start taking a look at some of the higher end stuff. Yes: “Thou getteth what thou shelleth out for”

  11. Well here's a twist:


    It's been all headphones and a quick try and abandon on my Blues Jr up until now (haven't had it that long). So today I plugged the Stomp into my Quilter Micro Pro Mach 2 (8"). Didn't have the extra cable for the effects return handy, so I plugged into the front.


    Spent some time with it. Three EQs at 12:00. Had to do different adjustments with other dials on the amp for the FX vs DIR stuff (and according to the blocks) but it all came out sounding great!


    Posted that on a Quilter group and a few other guys have done the same for their different modelers. One guy likes it as much as his two FRFRs. Told me if I like it straight in then I'm gonna love the effects return.


    Think I'll stick with this setup for now. Save some $$$. Thanks, guys!

  12. I'm a first time modeler, getting the hang of the HX Stomp.


    Been using headphones so far, both for practice and recording. I also play factory and self made FX presets through my various amps. They're impressive; but I'm starting to think it would be nice to have a small FRFR that will accurately put out the amp/cab DIR patches, which are really nice. Something for home, jams, and small club gigs. 


    I'm looking at the Line 6 Powercab 112 and the Headrush FRFR 108. The 12" speaker on the Powercab is a plus vs the 8" of the Headrush...but I don't know how big a difference that makes; as I've not used an FRFR, before. The Headrush is smaller and lighter. And then there's the difference in price...


    I know the Powercab offers more features but I'm not sure I'd use them. My reason for buying an FRFR is to get the amps/cabs that I've set up on the Stomp through a portable amp. Not so sure that I need more added through an FRFR...unless I'm missing something.


    Thanks for your time.

  13. 2 hours ago, jester700 said:

    If you got the Sonys, you can also get velour replacement earpads for Beyer DT250s. They fit perfectly, and I like them better than the pleather ones Sony uses.

    Good to know, thanks. I like velour better than pleather. Especially for longer sessions. 

  14. 18 minutes ago, MusicLaw said:

    The Sony MDR-7506 (same as the MDR-V6) are foldable and work great with the HX Stomp (as well as many other sources). They have been an industry standard in the Film, TV and Recording industries for decades.  


    The BeyerDynamic 990 Premium are also foldable. However, as they are 600 ohm, they may not be the best impedance match for the HX Stomp's headphone output! 


    Try before you buy if you can. Otherwise, buy from a vendor with a satisfaction return guarantee.



    Checked them out. Just ordered a pair with an extra set of pads and a carry case instead of the soft bag. Very cool. Thanks!

  15. First time modeler user. Got my Stomp and am so impressed. Excellent sounds in a small package.


    I'm looking for a pair of quality small headphones for when I'm traveling. Both for practicing and recording on my DAW. I like my Beyerdynamics, but it would be nice to have something smaller to put in my suitcase.


    The set doesn't have to be off the planet great, as I'll be keeping the dry tracks as well, which can be fine tuned with Helix Native when I return home. But I'd like them to be good enough that I'll be able to get a very good bead on what I"m doing in the first place.


    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.







  16. 1 hour ago, datacommando said:

    Glad to hear that you fixed the issue.


    Occasional glitches, and user error, are usually never fatal.


    Good luck with your new toy!

    Thanks. Perfect travel companion! 

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  17. Update!


    I decided to try a factory reset, first. Just resetting the presets didn't do the trick. Exact same 27 presets with no sound. So I tried a complete reset, including Global Settings and that solved the problem. I think I may have accidentally changed a Global Setting in my travels. It's so easy to accidentally brush against something or other while cruising around on the device.


    Anyway: problem solved. Thanks for everyone's help. datacommando: I've copied and pasted your solution into my Stomp Notes file. Much thanks!

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  18. 7 hours ago, yalyari said:


    Regarding those factory presets which doesn't make any sound, aren't they named as "4CM:..." ? If they are, you need to hook the stomp up using 4 cable method. You can find details from HX Stomp manual.

    No…I didn’t try those ones out yet. These were FX, and DI. But thank you for trying to help. 

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  19. 27 minutes ago, datacommando said:




    What you have encountered is an over zealous “Gatekeeper” that is inbuilt to the Mac OS.


    Read this, which will save me having to type out the same old thing one more time. 



    Oh, yeah - when weird and unexplained stuff starts to happen, do a factory reset and/or re-flash the firmware. Also when stuff gets total screwy - use the Line 6 Updater, and ensure that nothing else is running that might interfere with the installation.


    Hope this helps/makes sense.


    Thanks. I had a feeling that was the situation but didn’t want to act before knowing for sure. I used to be the tech guy for our six sites (when I was teaching) and I’ve seen similar messages. 

    Don’t like to be a nudge but does that mean I should run the “update”. Even though I’m already using the latest firmware? Looks like that’s what you’re saying. Factory reset might be in the future, too. 

    Also curious about the overwrite procedure. Just can’t figure out why I’d have lost those presets after they’d been working fine. Part of me was thinking thet they were using data from the previous firmware and were now outdated. 

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  20. Thanks, NBell. 


    First thing I did last night was check the firmware. 3.11 for the the Stomp and Editor. Both the Stomp and Editor came as 3.11. All good there.


    I ran the rebuild and still have the same problem. 28 of the factory presets for guitar (not counting the 4 cables) aren't producing any sound. Same with some bass and acoustic presets.


    What's odd about it is that these presets were running without a problem previous to when I checked them out last night. I've had the unit for about 2 weeks, now, and this was the first time I noticed anything amiss.


    I just now checked out a video about updating. I ended up downloading Line 6 Updater.pkg (thought I don't think I need it?), but my computer won't run it because it says "Apple can't check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information". 


    There was also a section of the Update video talking about running an overwrite in order to fully integrate the newer amps etc. Said it doesn't do it automatically, as that would erase all my tones, IRs, etc. Again: I already had these presets working before...so don't know that that's the issue.  Wondering if I should do that or if I've mistakenly changed something in Global Settings (I'm just now getting the hang of not touching anything "nearby" while making changes).



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  21. Hi. I'm new to the Stomp. And loving it. 


    So far I've downloaded some really nice presets (big fan of srg2520) and made a couple of my own that I'm getting better at refining. One DI and one FX. 


    Last night I noticed that some of the downloads (not srg2520) and factory presets weren't putting out any signal. Everything was still there, visually...just no sound. And if I continued to scroll the presets; eventually I'd hit presets with sound, again.


    Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

  22. 2 hours ago, rd2rk said:

    Global Settings>Footswitches>Stomp Select = Touch or Both

    You must be in STOMP MODE and EDIT.

    The FS will not TOGGLE by touch. TOUCH works as below.

    Setting Stomp Select to TOUCH or BOTH will SELECT (for editing) on TOUCH and TOGGLE on PRESS.

    Setting Stomp Select to PRESS TOGGLES on PRESS and on TOUCH selects whether the LED will be Dim or Lit when the device is in it's current state.

    OFF disables the TOUCH function. I thought that's what OFF meant. Apparently, it still sets the LED Status by touch, so I'm not sure what OFF means!


    Thanks! Will give it a go as soon as I'm home.

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