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  1. On 8/29/2020 at 2:01 PM, zelasa said:

    Posted an idea there, about bass pedals, please upvote there!!!


    These would be amazing in the HX Stomp:


    - MXR M80 Bass D.i

    - Tech 21 Bass Driver Deluxe

    - MXR M87 Bass compressor

    - Darkglass Alpha-Omega/Alpha-Omicron

    - Darkglass Duality Fuzz

    - MXR Bass Envelope FIlter

    - Moog Moogerfooger MF101 Lowpass FIlter

    - EHX Bass Bif Muff Pi Deluxe

    - DOD Meatbox or Mantic Density Hulk

    - EHX BAss Microsynth

    - Darkglass Supersimetry bass compressor

    - DigiTech Bass Whammy

    - Ashdown NM2


    On 6/24/2013 at 11:37 AM, ArneLine6 said:

    Our new Product Feedback page is now active: line6.ideascale.com. This is where you can post ideas about our products and services, and other Line 6ers can vote on them. The ideas with the most votes rise to the top. We are really excited about this tool, so we hope you come by soon and give us some input.

    Is line6.idescale.com still active?  I applied to there yesterday but am still waiting on approval from the "moderator."

  2. Thanks everyone, but this issue is only relevant to using the HD500X as the VDI connection for a JTV to be able to use WorkbenchHD. 


    I have tried to run Monkey first, which sees the JTV as connected through the HD500x, but no matter which I launch in whatever order, the JTV is never seen by Workbench if connected through the HD500x.  This worked flawlessly before the upgrade the the HD500x firmware.  The HD500x seems to be working fine as a HD500x.


    Really looking for anyone that is specifically using the HD500x as the VDI connection for a JTV to access Workbench HD.


  3. I just upgraded my HD500X to 2.61 and purchased and installed the HD Bundle Model Pack. No issue within any of the upgrades, however, now when I have my JTV plugged into the HD500X and run Workbench HD, it says that there is no JTV connected.


    I upgraded everything else via line 6 monkey at the same time and have even went through and reinstalled the latest.


    Workbench HD - Ver. 2.12

    POD HD500X Flash: 2.61, USB: 1.04

    Line 6 Drivers: 7.3.7

    JTV: Flash: 2.21


    I was able to connect via the USB/VDI adapter, so I am thinking it is the POD HD500X upgrade that was caused the issue.


    Anybody else having this issue?

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