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  1. I tried ML Sound Labs Mega Oversized and Freeman. Both great but I prefer the freeman pack. Later going to try the BGNR or BOANER and maybe ORNG pack.
    As for bass, lollipopline has free IRs, SVT810_OlympicsIII is awesome with a Hartke 410  IR, latter not from shift line, because theirs sounded nasaly, but I will link in later when I get home, it is also free.

    Heard that redwirez also make awesome IRs but haven't tried them so far.

    IRs make a huge differrence in tone compared to stock cabs.

  2. Hello there!

    I installed Helix Native, want to try out the trial because I am thinking of buying a Helix LT. I already own a POD HD500X so I am using that as my audio interface. I put in a black preset so I could only hear the dry guitar signal.
    I use Adobe Audition 2019. I set record for a track, turn on the monitoring and the Helix comes alive, but I also can hear the dry signal as well even though I set the mix to a 100% wet. If I set it to 100% dry it is only the dry signal. If I play back something I recorded than I only hear the Helix. What I am not doing right?


    Here is an image of my setup:

    Thank You!

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