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  1. Is stereo worth it?

    Edit: home use.


    Especially to the people with 1xPC212 or 2xPC112: What do you think?


    Of course, usually when you buy something you are very happy with it, but how happy are you with the stereo setup compared to the mono setup?


    I have a PC112+ and I am thinking of getting a second PC112+ but I am not sure if this is „significant“ improvement or just a „nice to have“ or even „not really noticeable“?


    And which setup in terms of Amps/ cabinets do you use in the stereo setup? same amp/ cabinet or different amp/ cabinet? what do you prefer?

  2. On 3/12/2022 at 12:18 PM, DunedinDragon said:

    Actually all of this stuff is specifically covered in the instructions for downloading the update posted at the top of this Forum.  Next time just follow the instructions there and you should be fine.

    OK! Will do!


  3. On 3/12/2022 at 11:53 AM, silverhead said:

    That is incorrect. Use HX Edit.




    But in the description of the "Line 6 Updater" the Helix, HX Stomp etc...are also included...


    If Line 6 recommends to use - only - the HX Edit software to perform the update, I would suggest them to exclude to list the Helix, HX stomp, POD and Effects devices in their description of the Line 6 Updater software - otherwise there will be further confusion. Like for me.


    (I did use the Line 6 Updater however for my PowerCab 112+)

  4. On 3/11/2022 at 1:11 PM, DunedinDragon said:

    What concerns me is that you state you did the upgrade through the Firmware updater.  But if that's the case you could very likely have a mismatch with the version of HX Edit and the firmware.  The command and suggested method of updates is to follow the update instructions and use HX Edit for the upgrade of HX Edit, the device drivers and the firmware all in one place.


    I meant to have read (in this forum?) that doing the firmware update with the firmware updater was a better and safer way than doing the firmware within HX Edit.

    Of course, this method does not inform the user to backup the presets etc.....and I suppose that this is why Line 6 advise the users to use HX Edit. Just my guess.



    But after doing the firmware update to 3.15 on my HX Stomp XL, I re-checked in my fresh installed HX Edit 3.15 and no update was available.


    I have now performed an hardware reset on my HX Stomp XL, holding down the foot switches C and while turning the unit on and holding them down until the screen pops up, and the factory presets are now there with their names this time.









  5. On 3/11/2022 at 1:08 PM, silverhead said:

    The New Preset name is the name assigned in the factory setlist, so that’s normal. However they are empty in their factory state. If you have a New Preset that has amp/FX blocks in it that may mean your device is not brand new. Depending on where you bought it it’s possible that it was a demo unit or returned under warranty. That’s not necessarily a problem if it’s behaving properly. 

    You can always perform a factory reset to make sure all presets are restored to their factory state.

    I just did the factory reset and all factory stock presets are now available, together with their names.


  6. Hi,


    I have bought a brand new HX Stomp XL in the box and I have performed the firmware update via the firmware updater (from 3.02.0 to 3.15.0)

    I can see that are many presets already in the HX Stomp XL with many effects etc....but there are no names associated with these presets. They are all labeled as "new preset" although there are effects in the presets (which are not from me but as standard in the HX Stomp XL I suppose).


    How can I get these names?

    I mean it would also be ok for me just to rename these one by one if I would know the names of the standard presets.


    Any idea how I could solve this?



  7. LOL......When I do something I am all in!

    I have zero experience with recording, DAW etc...as I am coming from a very different world in terms of education and work experience etc....but this whole new world to me (playing an instrument and modelling etc...) seems very exiting indeed. I can't wait to get into learning all these things! 


    Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate!

    I will definitely get the HX Native.


    Thanks again!


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  8. Hi,


    Short question from a newbie to this all world of modelling etc......


    I used to have a tube amp but now I am going to get a HX Stomp and a FRFR system (Powercab 112+).

    Now looking at all the possibilities I am wondering what are the advantages to use the Helix Native additionally to the HX Stomp?

    I have a Mac and therefore Garageband on it (not sure if this is something necessary)


    Is it just that I can use or create all kind of effects etc...in a more easier way than on the HX Stomp? And maybe transfer these effects to the HX Stomp?


    Sorry for the newbie question but I try to understand all this very new world for me....



  9. 8 minutes ago, bobcoss said:

    It seems like they L6 is trying to make this more like a traditional tube guitar amp with a separate preamp and power amp with the ability to put pedals in front or between them.   Seeing the the different types of amps listed, they maybe be doing some power amp modeling to make the 4cm suggested in the pilots guide authentic.  And I see that there are thee types of cabinets selectable in the remote app.  So if you are plugging a Helix or HXS directly into the return as is also suggested in the pilots guide, there must be some difference in selecting amp model types that should effect the sound coming from the power amp and speaker section.


    I haven't seen anyone talk about that or show any results of testing yet, but I would want to know that is the case before I bought it to use as an alternative to the powercab variants.   If it's true, it would be a great option to use in place of a powercab.


    I'm tempted to get one to play with, but I have a Helix and Powercabs, so I don't know that I would get any benefit from this.


    Thanks for the feedback!


    I will stick with my decision to get the Powercab 112+ then (to work with a HX Stomp)

  10. 3 hours ago, datacommando said:



    This is the same question that you posted in the Powercab section of the forum. Cross posting can be confusing. Anyhow, you haven’t really made this query quite clear enough for me to fully understand.


    Is the situation one of both you and your wife would be using the Stomp simultaneously, as a duo? Or do you mean, would it be possible for you to have your set of presets to use as you like, and for her to have another set of presets strictly for use with her acoustic? Either way, it should not be an issue as you can use HX Edit as a librarian to mange both your set ups.


    Possibly the reason for my confusion is that this post is asking about either one or two PowerCabs, in yet another post you were asking about solid state amps to use a bedroom listening levels, plus another post about using headphones. When you finally decide what you need to know about, please let us know, but try to keep it in one place as it is a pain leaping from one to the other- makes me dizzy.


    Hope this helps/makes sense.





    Here the explanation:


    The CRAZY thing is that in the meantime my wife has now decided to learn acoustic guitar !! 


    That's why I have enlarged my query for the best setup from "for me" to "for us" now....But as she will be playing an acoustic guitar, the need to have an amp/ speaker etc...for her (with or without me) is less important.


    However as I had not finalized my choice I wanted to include this option in the mix.




    Meanwhile I start to understand the whole thing with modeler, amp, FRFR etc....


    My choice is now:


    A/ For me:


    1. Headphone situation:

    HX Stomp with my Sennheiser HD660S and Shure 535 IEM. Both should work in terms of impedance with the HX Stomp and will not need an additional headphone amp I suppose.

    That way I can start to learn all this modeler software, effects etc...while also learning how to play a guitar.


    2. Living room situation:

    Most probably the FRFR way with a L6 Powercab 112+ if I see that this world of modelling, effect is something that I like to do.

    Otherwise a Fender Tone Master Deluxe or Superb.



    B/ For her/us:

    I will decide in the future. Too early to make a final decision.

    Next Saturday she will decide on her guitar first. Seagull, Godin or Taylor. 



    THANKS to all the feedback I have received!!!




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  11. 12 minutes ago, bobcoss said:

    You won't go wrong purchasing a Stomp or HX LT or Floor.    I am primarily using the Helix Floor with a line 6 link cable to the powercabs 112+.   One powercab can get very loud.  It will hang well with a loud drummer at my practice venue.




    The L6 link cable would be one reason I would go for the Floor and also having a separate volume knob for the headphones.

    It seems also that the headphone amp is better than the one in the HX Stomp.

  12. 2 hours ago, pianoguyy said:



    And a $20 set of computer speakers. 


    4 hours ago, MGW-Alberta said:

    If SPL is a concern, such as in a domestic situation, then why use an amplifier at all?

    Use the headphone jack.  That's what it's there for.



    Good advice guys! LOL

  13. 4 minutes ago, bobcoss said:

    For bedroom use, most amps, cabs, FRFR solutions are going to  be overkill.  A good set of studio monitors would be "Best".   But investing in a good powered cabinet may give your many years of use.  And who knows you might want to play outside of the bedroom?   The HX Stomp will some day be replaced by something else you want to use, but a good Powered Speaker or analog amp/FRFR will be useful far longer.   I have JBL Monitors, HeadRush FRFR 112 and PowerCab112+, and they all provide good output for a small room.  Even my tube amps when integrated with my Helix sound great in a small room at low volume. 


    A good hand wired analog tube amp will be useful and repairable far longer into the future than a digital modeling amp like the Catalyst or Katana, but they are fairly low cost to replace in the future.


    This topic always results in options overload.

    I meant by bedroom level also living room level. I had a 5 Watt tube amp and I used it at 3, max 4, out of 10. I did like the „warm and full“ tone of it. At the moment I tend to go for a HX Stomp/ Powercab 112+ solution. I am also looking at the Helix LT/ floor for its ability to use 2 guitars (my wife just decided to learn acoustic guitar) but I suppose that until I need the second input the market for modelers will have new products etc….  


    Which modeler do you use?


  14. Motörhead was a good reminder for me that I am looking for heavy metal, 70s British Rock etc....

    Hence my concern was not really relevant! Thanks. That helped.

    (and absolutely nothing against Motörhead etc...there is a style of music for everyone!)


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  15. 6 minutes ago, datacommando said:

    Sorry, it took me a while to stop laughing at these perceived “problems”.


    First up - if you are looking for the trouser flapping moving of air that you experience with a tube amp and stack in a room, that ain’t gonna happen with any modelling system. If you want that buy a Marshall stack. Having said that, if you have ever been in a studio control room listening to a fully produced guitar signal (in stereo), then that is what you will get from a digital modelling unit. Therefore, you also need to consider you will not be able to create Motörhead levels in your bedroom with a tube amp unless you have very understanding neighbours, but you can “virtually” with modelling technology - you did start this thread with “in order to play my guitar silently at home while listening at the same time to some background music etc.. from my iPad/ iPhone, all this on my IEM earphones or audiophile headphones.”  


    Second - Why would you need a Helix Floor, or LT to use a Powercab? There are thousand of users out in the real world that seem to manage just fine. The firmware that is the HX engine is identical throughout the range of units, the main difference is the “big” Helix units have twice the DSP, plus more in/out options, and can create more complex signal paths - the tone is the same.


    Third - The discussion about headphones has been done to death many times over in this and other forums. I don’t know what else I can add that hasn’t already been said, other than, take care when using headphones at high volume - your ears may bleed.


    Hope this helps/makes sense.

    Thanks for the good feedback! Really appreciate as a beginner and newbie to all this!


    That makes sense indeed.

    I like a good tone and feeling the air moving but not Motörhead, heavy metal etc...So that is fine with me indeed.


    I will get the HX Stomp for my headphones/ IEM so that I can also start to learn all this stuff and will also get then the L6 Powercab 112+.

    Thanks again!


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  16. 12 minutes ago, datacommando said:

    That’s great if you only ever want to use the limited amount of stuff in the Fender amp. The advantage of the HX Stomp, is not only do you get the option of modelled classic tube amps (Fender, Marshall, Vox, Hiwatt, Mesa), it also has boutique and even some that don’t exist in the real world (Badonk, Ventoux), plus Bass amps, alongside a multitude of fantastic effects. 

    You can playback your backing tracks from YouTube via USB to your headphones, or powered monitors/Powercab


    What are you waiting for?

    Yes that was indeed my intention ....


    However I encountered some possible problems:

    - some reviews mentioned that the feeling of a real guitar tube amp is not really transmitted with the L6 Powercab

    - Other reviews suggest that the best way to enjoy the L6 powercab is to get a LT (or floor).

    - some people mentioned that the HX Stomp headphone amp is to weak and the the LT (or Helix) is much better.


    The LT (or Helix) is however just too much (money and features) for me as a beginner I have to admit.

    And I don't want to buy this combo and realize that the sound out of the HX Stomp/ L6 Powercab is not that good.


    I suppose this is a first world problem however ...LOL


  17. 2 minutes ago, soundog said:

    The Stomp manual has a good section on USB audio routing. Once you get it figured out, it's very flexible. And, yes, you can get your USB audio via an iPhone or iPad with a Camera Connection Kit.


    Sounds good! 

    So either via "USB" or via the "Return/ Aux-in".


    .....and now that I have ditched my small Fender tube amp, I have to figure out which FRFR, Amps etc..I need to get to have a good tube-like sound in my living room....




    39 minutes ago, MusicLaw said:

    Easy to do!


    Once you've installed HX Edit to your system which will install any necessary drivers and more, HX Edit will prompt you if an updates are available for HX Edit and your HX Stomp's firmware. Thereafter, you do not need to have HX Edit running while using your HX Stomp with your PC. 


    As soon as I connect my HX Stomp via USB to either of my Laptops and power on the HX Stomp, the PC audio is automatically routed to the Stomp. I typically find it more convenient to use the Stomp's physical Volume Output knob to adjust the audio level I hear through my headphones connected to the HX Stomp. Alternatively, the PC's volume level or YouTube's volume adjustments may be used if you want to reach for those controls rather than the Stomp's.  


    And I was thinking that the only way to get any Youtube etc.....to my headphones was to connect an iPhone or iPad to the "Return/ Aux-in" on the right side of the HX Stomp.

    I did not think of the possibility to use the USB connection from a PC (I suppose that it should work also if this is coming from a iphone/ iPad) to the HX Stomp (very new to all this).


    And same for me, I also want to use the physical volume knob for the volume on my headphones. 



  19. 1 hour ago, amsdenj said:

    My experience with PC212 and PC112+ is perhaps a little different. I had both for a couple of year now, and use one or the other depending on venue size and stage footprint restrictions. I have found PC212 to have excess low end when set on the floor compared to the PC112+, that's likely because there's must more bass coupling with the floor with 2x12 than 1x12.


    I've also struggled with stage volume with the PC212. It seem harder to find the sweet spot, its either missing in the mix or way too loud. I don't seem to have that issue with PC112+, probably because the PC212 might just be too big compared to the rest of the band.


    I use FRFR mode only, and use IRs in Helix or cab models in Quad Cortex. I found that comparing the PC112+ and PC212 with a real amp, with an IR in Quad Cortex that matches the G12-65s in the amp, the PC112+ sounded closer to the real thing than the PC212. The PC212 had a different midrange color that didn't match up as well to me. The PC112+ and PC212 do use different Eminence speakers, so that could account for the difference.


    Overall I think I prefer the PC112+: it's smaller, lighter, likely fits with the rest of the band better, doesn't over-extend the bass as much, and seems to have a slightly more pleasant overall tone to me. I do like the PC212 stereo, but as a practical matter, its lost in the mix. And I use IEMs anyway so I get the stereo in my ears anyway.


    Would you then recommend the 112+ or the 212+ (or maybe 2 x 112+) for a use only at home in the living room?

  20. When having 2 instruments, can I use a single 212+ working as 2 different cabs/ channels instead of having 2x112+?

    And which Helix product would be the best?


    My original plan was to get a HX Stomp and a 112+ for myself.

    But if my wife wants to use her acoustic guitar also with some amp/ speakers, I would like to know if I should upgrade to another Helix device and to a 212+ instead of 2 x 112+?


  21. Could I avoid having 2 x HX Stomp and 2 x 112+ powered cabs for 2 different instruments (electric guitar and acoustic guitar with line out) by using only one Helix Stomp (or a different Helix product) connected to 1 x 212+ Line 6 Powercab (and using each channel not as stereo but 2 different mono channels)?


    My original plan was to get a HX Stomp and a 112+ for myself. But if my wife wants to use her acoustic guitar also with some amp/ speakers, I would like to know if I should upgrade to another Helix device and to a 212+ instead of 2 x 112+?

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