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  1. 16 hours ago, phil_m said:

    I agree with the above. Try the Pitch Wham model. The original recording is done with a Whammy set to an octave up, and the signature warble is because of the Whammy not perfectly tracking (the newer Whammy V model is polyphonic, but that's beside the point).




    Phil thanks. I tried with the Pitch Wham and sounds slight better as you suggested. To be honest I think it's still not completely ok, but definitely way better than the simple pitch does. How a polyphonic pitch would affect the quality of this effect? I don't know the difference 

  2. 6 minutes ago, lungho said:

    The Simple Pitch should be the first block in the chain, though I would try Pitch Wham seeing how it is modeled after the Digitech Whammy, which (from what I understand) is what was used on the recording.  That being said, the Helix isn't polyphonic and neither is the Digitech Whammy.  I can clearly hear the wonkieness or, artifacts, from the effect in the song.  This may or may not be a factor, but make sure you are tuned to open G.  How well your guitar's intonation is set may also be a factor. 


    To the best of my knowledge, Digitech only makes two polyphonic pitch shifters, the Digitech Whammy DT and Digitech Drop.  Neither are modeled in Helix.  From what I understand the Helix would require an enormous amount of DSP to incorporate a polyphonic pitch shifting block.


    Hopefully this helps.  If not, I'm sure some others will chime in too. 

    Hi lungho and, before anything, thanks for the answer.


    I tried to put the block at every stage of the chain, unfortunately getting no enhancement at all. 

    Before buying Helix I was using stompboxes and one of them was just the Digitech Whammy V: I can tell pretty surely that the overall performance was absolutely better then what I'm obtaining with Helix, and my guitar was EADGBE. (little disclaimer for potential haters: i sold all my effects gear to buy Helix because I love Helix and think that is the better digital multiFX on sale. this post is just to better understand how to use all the functionalities of the Helix).

    I'd like to ask you some further detail about the open G/intonation suggestion: why should these factors impact on the response of the pitch shifter?





  3. Hello everybody,


    I' simply trying to emulate the sound of the intro of Radiohead's My Iron Lung. I just plug my Telecaster into the chain with a Amp+Cab and a Simple Pitch effect.

    Either by putting the pitch shifter before or after the amp I cannot manage to obtain a "linear" harmonization (i use to mix dry/wet at about 45%). Indeed, anytime I play two notes NOT stopping them (imagine a B string at the 3rd fret and then free) the effect seems to lose its reference and creates a harsh and disturbing sound.


    Is something I can do to enhance the sound? Is Line6 working to realize a better algorithm? 


    Please excuse me if this topic has been already mentioned in some other post: i tried to search on the forum but didn't found anything exactly matching with my request. Obiously, feel free to close (eventually, please, help me suggesting the topic that talks about this theme).



  4. Hello everybody, it's always interesting to read comments from expert people like you.

    I own a Helix LT and a pair of AKG K141 (600 ohms) headphones connected to the Helix headphones' jack directly. At the moment, with a 1 yr child and very little time to play guitar, this is the best solution for me to spend sometimes jamming :)


    Since I'm obsessed with sound quality I'd appreciate any comment from you about these points:

    - General opinion about AKG K141 (600 ohms) paired with Helix

    - How to understand the tweaking of distortions (i'm really not able, at the moment, to hear the impact of low/high cuts, how to deal with them to enhance punch, eliminate fizz, etc.)

    - General sense of substituting (stated my current configuration) helix stock cabs with IRs


    Thank you for your support!

    Giuseppe from Italy

  5. Hi to everybody!


    I own a Pod XT and an old FBV Shortboard properly connected and working. 

    The only strange behavior is that sometimes, while i'm playing, the pedal board resets itself randomly, i.e. all the lights blink like when you power up the device. The interesting thing is that the sound is not interrupted anyway.


    Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


    Thanks a lot,


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