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  1. the op's thumbnail shows no new updates available and version 2.2 as newest and installed and this is an old post. the help and info box shows this item up to date. the only error i see is regarding transferring tones. am i missing something? the only thing i can deduce is flash memory is blued out and the op mistakenly took that for meaning it needed updating.

  2. I cannot be sure as I don't have access to the source code but being a former software developer I guess the following issue prevents them for making this change: The field type they use for editing/displaying the percentage is a numeric one, this prohibits the use of alphanumeric characters such 1Khz (for example). Secondly, the percentage field is likely of the type Signed Char(8-bit). This means the value range is -127 to +127. so using 1000 instead of 1Khz would not fit into the fieldtype.


    To solve this they have to make serious changes to the software of the POD itself and also to the HD edit programs.


    Again, I cannot be sure this is the issue but maybe LIne 6 can comment on this and explain the issue themselves (would be nice to know)

    your explanation is easy for me to understand and makes sense, even for me with no background in your field. although it doesn't matter to me one way or the other, i use my ears, there are some fx that are expressed in Hz. 





    Come on dude, read around im not the only one with this unit that is hearing weird noises from certain effects. Just searching this site i found a few, i even did a search on e-bay and a guy has one posted for $60. that says he hears the exact same sound and the previous owner didnt tell him it had issues when he sold it.


    Ive been playing guitar for 30 years i can tell the difference from processor noise and interference.


    I tried your theory though, like i said when i first got it i went threw all the trouble shooting things. The first was powersupply it was quick, i tried my friends from his XTlive and it still had the same noise. This is when i knew it was in the unit.


    I still think its in the power supply but i think its internal. Most electronic devices do the AC to DC converting outside the unit so the powerpack has to be clean and well filtered or you get noisy power into the device. Some are cleaner then others.


    This unit does the filtering INSIDE so the line comming into the unit is still AC and the unit converts it to DC internally and THIS could still be the issue. Doing it this way they know that the filtering is done correctly. Any 9V AC power will work and be filtered well.


    It could also still be the line going to the delay section of the unit as well.



    so what do you want

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