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  1. If you speak about the 2 largest capacitors: specifications for both are 680µF (microFarads) - 200Volts - 105°C.
    Problem is that they are snap-in type instead of radial, so that they are more tricky to remove but it remains feasible by yourself. If you order new ones, I recommand to take radial and not snap-in, because I received 2 snap-in few larger than originals and it is tricky to place (few place). Radial are mostly smaller in diameter (and they are more reliable and cheaper).


    Important to notice: In my case, I had the same problem: no sound (at all) but all buttons/bluetooth/... are working fine; Last firmware (2.60) installed.
    After replacing those capacitors, no change => no sound. I'm not sure that this is always the same defective component. So please, be sure that your capacitors are burned (= damaged or leaking).
    Tip (for myself): I see that even minijack input is inoperative (no sound) and that even tuner doesn't receive any signal => I exclude for the moment a general power failure
    Regards & Good luck

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