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  1. Hi All


    Had my SJam for nearly eight years now and was thinking of trading in for a Blackstar Id 60 or Tvp but


    I did a factory reset recently and I don't know if it's just my ears bur it sounds like a totally different amp.

    Lost all my presets and started again. Using it with an MIM strat with SDuncan live wire pick ups and it sounds amazing. Only using a couple of presets based on red twang and it sounds awesome.

    Here's to another eight yearsðŸ‘

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  2. No I haven't tried that

    I've got the SJam and a small 5 watt tube amp I built from a kit. Would that work?


    Got to say that reset has made a difference. SJam was sounding a bit flubby but seems to sound a lot more alive now. Maybe it's just me but seems a lot better.

  3. Thanks for reply Brazzy

    Good info

    Started playing an open mic/jam session recently and one of the guys uses a pocket pod express and Telecaster straight into a Bose PA system and it sounds awesome. Says it saves him lugging a heavy amp about!!

    Is it the same signal using the phone out to mp3 as it is using output on Pod to front of amp?

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