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  1. With OS X 10.11.5 beta I could get Helix to communicate reliably over USB to Ableton Live down to 256 samples without any pops, clicks etc. At 128, it started making noise.


    With the new driver, has anyone experienced any improvement in how low you can set buffers?


    I am just about to give up on this thing, 256 is just too much latency for me.





  2. Set output of row one to USB send 3/4 and input on row two to USB teturn 3/4, works great except I could not set buffers to anything below 256. I have not tried the new USB driver.

  3. Is the crackle actually being recorded? EVen with my MOTU interface with Logic X at certain levels I hear crackle in the headphones/speakers, but it's not actually being recorded to disc.



    In my case it does not matter, I'm not recording, in the conventional way any way. I use USB 3/4 for sending audio to my MacBook to Ableton Live for looping and effect plugins such as 2CAudio B2 then back out through Helix.

  4. I just got my Helix yesterday after having had almost every modeller under the sun for the past 15 years except Vox stuff. I have had 2 Axe-Fx Ultras, 2 Axe-Fx IIs and 2 Kempers, POD HDs. I know ...


    I got the Helix because of the form-factor and the fact that it was supposed to do USB audio that I need for using effects plugins hosted by Apples MainStage, something the Fractal AX8 cannot do without an external sound card, and the AX8 doesn't have a built in expression pedal. 


    Unfortunately, using it as a USB sound card produces a storm of digital noise. Hopefully you will fix this soon, Line 6. Otherwise the Helix is a fantastic platform that does everything I need and want, and I´m very thankful for you bringing it to the market.

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