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  1. Nvidia in mine also. It's on a Samsung 28-Inch Ultra High Definition LED Monitor (U28D590D).


    Was over on the TGP board and a couple of guys are apparently having the same issue I am with 4K some digging to do

  2. 3840x2160 and 3008x1692 both look good to me.


    Yet again, Hmmmm.....same res on mine.  App looks great just can't read the text as the whole thing is so small....will have to play with the driver settings some more....out of curiosity, which video card are  you running?  Nvidia in mine....

  3. I'm running the editor on a 4K screen and it looks fine.


    Hmmm....what resolution are you running?  I've got a 4K on my 15.7 laptop, which is what I want to use, and can't get the app resolution big enough to be able to read the text without a magnifying glass :(    I even used the screen sizing options with no luck.  It's better on my desktop as I'm running a 28" screen but even there I can't get the app to scale up like I can with Office and my browsers....normally I can get stuff to size the way I want it but not having any luck with the editor....

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  4. Just change screen resolution while using it and back when done. Very simple to do.


    Going to try it on my Surface but it has a high res screen too, but not as high as my laptop....fingers crossed :)

  5. I have started tuning my low E by fretting at fret 2 and tuning to the Gb/F# there. I only use that string open for one note, and I'd rather it be a little flat when I do that then a little sharp the rest of the time...


    That said, a lot of folks have griped they want more granularity to the Helix tuner. I think it's pretty darn usable as is.


    I find it usable as well...haven't had any issues.

  6. Just change screen resolution while using it and back when done. Very simple to do.



    Shouldn't have to do this and on the 4K laptop screen changing resolution just shrinks how much of the screen is visible so doesn't do you any good....

  7. Downloaded, updated, zero issues...nice!


    The bad....same old low res user interface.....looks nice but can't read a damn thing because it is designed to specs a decade resolution scaling small on my screen it's unusable.....very disappointing....uninstalling.... :( :( :(

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  8. Manual Page 14. The default input is "multi", but you're probably way better off using the input you are using ONLY.


    Thanks!!  So much in this unit it's hard to catch every little nuance.....I'll look at this when I get home this evening...thanks gain!!

  9. I sold my Polytune because I found it inaccurate, especially on low E.   Haven't had any issues with the tuner on the Helix and have cross referenced it with my Peterson Strobe clip on tuner...pretty much spot on between the two....

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  10. In some ways it most likely is a hardware limitation.  My understanding, after reading forum posts by Cliff from Fractal and the boys at Line 6 on the subject, is that you need a dedicated DSP to handling the change over from one patch to another to avoid a drop out.  In a box with two DSPs handling multiple paths (like the Helix), chances are you'd need two additional DSPs to handle seamless patch changes.   This is specifically why the Digitech GSP1101 was designed with two processors... one specifically to handle seamless patch switching.


    Interesting....have to think that one through a bit more....thanks!


    Some tips.


    Leave the very first and last blocks in a path, or even the first 2, open for last minute additions to the very end or beginning of the chain.


    Save often.




    Use the LA studio comp... every time... set subtle... thank me later.


    Always always always use separate amp and cab so you can put FX in the "imaginary loop" between the amp and cabinet.


    Use dual cabs. Even in mono.


    Run multiple delays in parallel, not series.


    Figure out how to set up the footswitches (and use 10-switch mode for goodness' sake) the SAME way on every patch so you always know what you're stepping on. My delays, gains, modulations, verbs... always in the same place.


    The Klon is awesome. The Timmy is awesome. Both at the same time is freakin' hysterically amazing... into an overdriven Matchless will cause you to collapse giggling from pleasure instantaneously.


    I could go on, but I'm goin' to lunch...


    Hi Peter, 


    I'm doing/using everything in your list with great results...However, I'm not sure about the bolded item above....would you mind expanding on that?

  12. In a perfect world, maybe so.  But ...  As for the power supply, Voodoo Lab Power Plus 2, along with some others, are specifically made to be screwed/mounted to the PedalTrain boards.  If memory serves me correctly, their instructions even specify the need for the unit to be grounded to the board.  HOWEVER!  Now that I think about it, I've even tried mounting my fx pedals to the metal board using conductive fasteners with the power supply temporarily detached from the board.  Same result.  And I've got LOTS of fx pedals of different makes and quality.  It's just simply an imperfect world where grounding of fx pedals are concerned.  Wah's are the worse.  I'm completely intolerant of noise and hum from my guitar.  I have my pedals fastened with non-conductive material, noiseless pups, and a quality power supply.  I can crank 4 ODs in series without a spec of noise.  Believe me.  If you ground all your pedals to a metal board.  You're gonna create a loop.   


    How about using an rubber isolation washer between the pedal or Helix and the metal fastener/board?  Wouldn't that solve any grounding issues as the units wouldn't be in contact with the board directly?  Rubber washers are cheap and readily available in many sizes too....just a thought.

  13. Maybe this isn't news, but I discovered you can set up tuner offsets (only one set as far as I can tell) for things like the Buzz Feiten Tuning System (I have a number of Suhr and Tom Anderson guitars that use this).

    Just have to remember to go back to the standard set-up for non-Buzz'ed guitars, but that is as easy as switching the offset knob.



    I'm officially jealous ;) :D

  14. As you have seen we have been down this path many times and on many threads... That said there is not much much more that can be added at this point. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to be nasty.... but this might just not be the unit for you. Am I saying that in the future that there may not be a work around for this...No.


    I love my Helix and I to am a singer/guitarist also and have found something that works for me until then.


    I believe that on one of the boards, can't remember which, Line 6 said this is on their docket of things to address after the editor was released, but my memory isn't what it used to be so take that with a grain of salt.  Doubt this is a hardware limitation but you never know.

  15. We should probably pin this topic as well, sooo many factors can lead to this I'll throw my latest one up here.


    My helix sounded great at home but every time went to band practice there was a horrible buzz, after swapping cables, guitars, speakers, turning off all equipment then back on.... turns out it was a Monster Power Strip that didn't have anything turned on in it, was hooked up to his home theater. Unplugged it and the buzz disappeared. So it doesn't have to be anything attached to the Helix or your sound  equipment.


    Having the same kind of issue all of a sudden with XLR noise.....going to invest in a good Furmann Power Conditioner....buddy of mine has one and he gets zero noise no matter where his rig is plugged in....and his tube amp "hiss" is virtually gone as well....units are a little pricey but they do solve power/noise issues very well...

  16. I think the point was valid. I'd bet margins are much higher, just that Helix has a lot higher development cost to be amortized.


    I'm crossing my fingers that Line 6 strategy was to test the market with a high-end product that would be priced high enough to support a longer lifetime with improvements over time. Helix is a great platform, but seems to be missing too many important features to realize its potential.


    Your logic seems odd to if you buy a car that is "missing too many important features" do you expect the manufacture just to give those features to you for zip down the road or do you get what you got when you bought it?  Not sure what important features Helix is actually missing.  It would be NICE if it had more amps and effects but that isn't a must for the Helix to do what it already does very seem to be equating WANTS to NEEDS more than anything else....if the Helix didn't meet your needs then you should have purchased a unit that did.  Why do you think ANY product you purchase should come with years worth of upgrades at no cost?  Can't really think of anything I've ever purchased that came with that kind of string to the manufacture and I don't expect it from Line 6 either....IF they provide additional features with new amps and effects, I'm tickled, but outside of software bug fixes I don't expect anything other than what they sold me when I bought the Helix, and which I'm very satisfied with....

  17. The Standard, and then the Ultra were their "Flagship" models. Then they came out with the AXE FX II, the II XL, and finally the II XL+. 

    And believe the FX II variations have been out for quite a while when the FX III hits the streets my guess is upgrades for the FX II stop and Fractal continues forward building better and better rigs that get upgrades and you either have to buy up for thousands of dollars or be happy with the FX II you have as it the AX8 isn't a flagship model, and the margins on that unit are probably smaller, so the business model may need to change to support it long term or it's life span is going to have to be shortened...

  18. One thing on "free" amp updates going forward. It's not just to make the existing customers happy. That kind of thing attracts new customers. Jus' sayin'...


    Yes, extras do attract new customers, however they cost lots of money to develop and at a certain point those new customers can't support the cost of development with everyone else getting freebies off of those sales.....the Helix is the hottest thing on the street, for now, but at some point it won't be due to advancements or competition building the next better mouse trap....a couple of years of freebies is probably realistic, past that I'd expect to be paying something for the cost of new amps, effects, etc.  That's not to say Line 6 shouldn't continue to fix bugs as they arise so long as the Helix is in active unit sales....

  19. They, like every other company I know of at some point drops the software support and moves on to a bigger and better and newer thing. The last Standard and Ultra firmware update was May 9th, 2011.


    So they support until obsolescence....on their high ticket units they can probably do what they've been doing with support, on these lower cost units I doubt they will be able to continue with the same business model or the units will just have a shorter time till moved to the obsolescence category....

  20. Fractal doesn't charge for updates, and adds amps and stuff as well on some of those updates. But The AX8 can't do dual amps (much less 4) at once can it? Even so Im thinking those futuristic paid updates will cost you a WHOLE LOT less than an AX8 will. As always YMMV... :D


    Not a Fractal user, so do they still provide free upgrades for all their older units or at a certain point does the older gear no longer run the newer engine releases?  

  21. For $1500 I disagree.

    If this was a $500-600 board paid updates would be ok.


    I think this is the best unit line 6 has put out. I can see them using the same tones for awhile and just upgrading the hardware when it's needed.


    If paid updates come I'll just get an AX8 as I don't think fractal charges for updates and has a huge selection of everything.


    Don't get me wrong, I really like my helix and hope that it grows into something amazing.


    Do you expect free upgrades for life from Apple or Microsoft for your computer too?  As far as the Axe8, haven't seen any promises of updates for life there either and Fractal is going to be in the same position Line 6 is....we aren't talking about units that cost 200 to produce with the Helix or Axe8, these are probably closer to 800 to produce so both companies are going to need revenue sources at some point to justify upgrades down the road...there is something called payroll they have to meet.  No such thing as free anything....

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