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  1. Thanks I'll try that.

    I'm also trying to find this : Chad Boston released a free ir for the "amp in room",

    Which i saw on the Gearpage web site but can't find the actual download.


  2. Hi

    I'm recording at Home using Cubase

    I'm struggling adding a guitar to an upfront mix.

    Having gone through different presets I'm thinking it's the Helix sounding as if the amp is too far back.

    It sounds like an amp is further back than the drums and bass.

    Can anyone recommend IR's to get this Amp In Room sound ?

    I've seen different ones on the internet but am not sure which would work




    I record using a PC. Should I let the PC boot first and then switch on the Helix ?

    or, should i switch on the Helix first ?

  3. Hi

    I'm new to USB recording and am using Cubase 12 pro.

    In the manual it show that the connections to the studio speakers when recording should be from the XLR sockets.

    Is it OK to monitor from the 1/4"  output sockets ? or, will it damage the equipment.

    Also how do i get to the global settings using the Helix Edit ?

  4. I've just seen this as i have just bought some presets from the marketplace.

    It says i've used up 6 from 11 lifetime activations.

    Well, 5 of them are old machines that have been thrown away

    So if i deactivate all my old computers on the line 6 web site from the list will it start at 10 ?

  5. Thanks for the replies. Sounds like I'm doing this all wrong, I'm after a massive big stereo sound for recording.

    Are there any idiots guides to this ? every one seems to know what they're doing apart from me.

  6. Hi

    Is there a rule of thumb way for setting the volume and delay of dual cabs for stereo.

    Sometimes my perception is one side is louder than the other but then it seems to move at other times.

    I'm toying with a 5 ms delay on the right hand cabinet at the moment

  7. Just trying again this morning. im recording on a pc so, the helix output goes to a Native instruments KA6 Audio interface

    The guitar is a les paul traditional the blocks are tube drive and devided duo.

    input is guitar in with a noise gate and the output is 1/4 jack.

    All Settings Are The Same.

  8. Thanks for the replies I'll get back tomorrow. I didn't list any amps/cabs etc so as not to confuse the problem.

    As i said everything is exactly the same on the Helix as the Pod HD. I spent a bit of time copying the setting.

    The guitar and audio interface are exactly the same. It's just the sensitivity

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