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  1. I know that in global settings you can change whether the loops are line or instrument level. check your settings and try the other setting to see if that helps with the signal level clipping

  2. 1 hour ago, blue_apple said:



    I have a few setlists that contains a handful of corrupted presets, which happened while trying to copy and past a few presets at a time.


    It seems like the only solution at this point would be to replace the entire setlist with a blank one, but I don't have one available.  If you have one available, I'd love to have a copy...


    P.S. If you have any other ideas on how to fix the issue, I'm all ears.  :)


    Many thanks!

    Many of us have had this issue. We had to do a system reset and then restore from a back up. When you do the right reset all your user banks will be blank and you can save one of those off if you would like

  3. 4 hours ago, gary93 said:

    I just experienced the same issues, some slots can't be used anymore. If I try to copy a preset an error message occurs and the screen gets black. I am assuming it's not an isolated issue, looking at the other users occurrences..

    Hoping Line6 considers to work on it in the next updates.

    Please send in a support ticket to Line6 so they have visibility into how many users are having these issues. Even though this is a Line 6 forum they don't frequent here as often as other places.

  4. 5 hours ago, caledoneus said:

    I've had this happen before when doing lots of copy/ pasting of presets, and it seems to be caused by a corrupted preset.  I've always had to do a factory reset and reload my last backup.  That's why I backup every time I hook it to the computer!

    +1, I have seen this and had to do a factory reset and re-load

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  5. 11 hours ago, codamedia said:

    If you restart the unit without being connected to HX Edit... what do the set lists look like on the UNIT itself? 


    I ask this because HX Edit is just another interface in the chain...and is subject to USB port communication errors! It is IRRELEVANT to the unit itself other than being a fancy interface. 

     I did several device resets. Reset Patches, Reset Setlists. I then had to do a global reset and restore from a whole backup.  I have not seen the issue again but I have not tried to copy and paste since then either.

  6. 11 hours ago, codamedia said:

    If you restart the unit without being connected to HX Edit... what do the set lists look like on the UNIT itself? 


    I ask this because HX Edit is just another interface in the chain...and is subject to USB port communication errors! It is IRRELEVANT to the unit itself other than being a fancy interface. 

     That is true but when I restored my setlists to try to get rid of patch errors the floor's screen went blank and I had to restart it. It went through and rebuilt the patches and i thought it was all ok. then if I copied a patch from one location to another the corruptions appeared again.


    If it was just a communication error then re-connecting HX Edit to the unit would show different results. This was not what happened in my case.

  7. I don't know if it is common but it has happened to me. I had to recover using a full backup as restoring setlists made my Helix screen go blank.  I contacted Tech Support but they never did get back to me after their initial response.  Maybe if you open a ticket with them they will see that this is happening to several people.

  8. They replied to my ticket and just had me try to start the Helix up with different reset combinations. I had already done that and I still had the preset corruptions and responded with that information. They never got back to me after that.


    I eventually just restored from a complete backup before the  corruptions showed up. 



  9. I have the same issues.  Started my own ticket. Maybe they will figure this out and fix it if they get enough input.  Seems related to copy and pasting presets in my case as well.


  10. Having corrupted presets here. Using Helix Edit 2.82 and matching firmware form my helix floor. I had some presets be corrupted. Names all weird. I can't do anything with them. So I exported the setlist and tried to re-import it. It seemed to import fine but then bigger blocks of presets are now corrupted.  I am going to try to do  global reset but I am afraid my saved presets might be corrupted as well.  


    Now when I load a setlist it stops with my Helix and the Helix screen goes blank. I have to restart it and it rebuilds presets.1418198790_HelixCorruptPresets.thumb.png.0f6d91c84aa7872d6f732544793c6569.png


    I have noticed others in the forum with similar issues. Has Line 6 had a trouble/bug report logged for something like this?





    Helix Corrupt Presets.png

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  11. Is your computer and audio gear all plugged into the same wall outlet or circuit?  This could be a ground loop.  I had the same problem and fixed it by getting things all on the same circuit. However, it really depends on how the USB power is designed inside your machine.  There are some devices out there that can try to isolate your USB or audio grounds.  Have you tried the ground lift switch on the Helix?

  12. There may be several ways to do this but here is one. 


    There are two paths in the Helix Floor (if that is what you have). Set Path 1 (top) to the input for you acoustic guitar and then add the blocks you want on that top path.  Now, at the end of the path set the output to your desired output.  You may also have to set the output pan to have it %100 to the right or left if you are using the same output type for both your acoustic and electric.  Now do the same thing on Path 2 for your electric guitar but pan its output to the opposite side.


  13. The IR used in the patch just selects an IR location to use.  So if you download a preset and it uses an IR in slot 10 then you need to put the same, or similar, IR in slot 10. The other option is put it in whatever slot you want and then go to the IR block in the preset and change it to point to the IR slot you put it in.

  14. 4 hours ago, silverhead said:

    I’m not 100% sure but I expect this is entirely normal. Not sure what can be done about it. 


    I expect you’d find the same behaviour in the ‘real’ world using analog equipment if you were able to make multiple simultaneous changes to your gain staging.

    I am getting the same thing occasionally after this update.  I would not call it "entirely normal" because it didn't happen before this update. Maybe it is a consequence of the new "core" or whatever but it definitely didn't happen previous to me installing 2.8 and now I do get it.

  15. 14 minutes ago, gunpointmetal said:

    I honestly haven't used it in a few FW updates, but that's how it DID work. And that's how a mix control is supposed to work. 50% would be half and half fx/clean signal. Why would you want the 100% mix of a reverse delay to have lean signal in it?

    Maybe I am miss-understanding but what you said is what I was trying to say. %100 is only wet and has no dry signal in it. Phil_m succinctly put it in the above post.

  16. 38 minutes ago, rd2rk said:

    I'm pretty sure that 100% MIX means that the level of the effected sound equals the level of the clean sound. IOW, it's additive, not subtractive. More effect relative to the clean sound, not LESS clean sound. 

    I don't think that is the way the mix parameter is supposed to work. At least for most of the effects a %50 mix would be an equal balance of dry signal to wet. %100 should be only wet.

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  17. 4 hours ago, Peter said:


    ...many here had the same problem

    If the update process stucks (...more than 30 minutes), turn off the Heilx and shut down the Update program. Then reinstall Helix2.8Edit(including the drivers) and start the update again. That should work.

    Luckily you can not destroy the Helix with an update (...I think) because it has an built-in update mode, which starts when an update has failed(maybe you have to use buttom combo 6+12).

    I had to do the same thing even after following the install instructions to the "T".  Thankfully the HX Edit re-install must have help reload the drivers or something.

  18. I will just echo my experience that I followed the upgrade steps (for my Helix floor) and when the "Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode!" showed I clicked on the OK that appeared but the upgrade process would not continue. I waited for at least 30 minutes. After trying all the USB ports and looking on the forums for help, the Solution for me was to re-install Helix Edit 2.8.  I don't know why but after doing that then the updater was able to complete the update.

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