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  1. justcrash,


    Yeah I left off that the bands I am referring to in my area are popular as well. So as a musician type it is a little frustrating to watch. Some of the facebook comments for these bands are around how good they sound, how diversified their setlist is etc. Well yeah, they are not playing!!!! DUH.


    anyway, I they can make the argument they are still entertaining, bringing people in so from a club perspective they are "good".


    I need a good cry. lol.

    Dude, you are so right.... I started playing guitar to be in a rock band, but 24 years later, I consider myself a musician. It disgusts me to see a "band" "playing" the latest hit from Justin Timberlake (who I think is a wonderful entertainer) with strings, back up vocals, percussion, etc, all from an iPod, and no one in the audience saying jack about it.


    Of course, their rich guitarist has an axeFX II so I do covet that... Lol!

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  2. Yeah I agree...the HD500 is a good piece of gear...I wasn't putting down Line 6 at all in my previous post...just pointing out there are more options that make the HD500 not as much as a standout as years ago...buying strictly for price point doesn't always mean you got the best thing, or vice versa for that matter.


    Yeah, sad to say most audiences are completely unaware in so many areas. In my area of the woods there are several bands that track vocals, buy instrument tracks way beyond a supporting role. It is essentially karaoke with bright lights and people pretending to play. The audience continually tells the folks how good they are and have no clue that most of the notes / vocals are not coming from the band. I tried out for a band and when I went to play, all the guitar parts were already coming through the PA on a prerecorded track...I stopped playing and they informed me this is how we do it...ummmm....not so much for me. Needless to say I didn't accept the gig.


    anyway I digress.

    My old drummer went to a band like that. Essentially they are an iPod through a PA wearing ridiculous outfits/wigs and calling themselves a "party band." Here's the kicker: they are extremely successful and frankly, it annoys me. Often times, the bass player has to make up a baseline, because other wise no one in the band would be playing a note. It's sickening.

  3. The squeals are a sign your pickups are microphonic.

    I got a Epiphone Les Paul that does it. It is the Chinese pickups.


    On a different guitar with better pickups I can get feedback just fine using an amp.

    Tube pre I cant recall the settings off the top of my head but it started from 

    a tube tone patch from custom tone.


    But honestly, it is the nature of a cranked valve amp.

    I have higher end pickups in my guitars, so I don't think it's the pick ups. I've had no problems getting feedback (controlled) in the last 25 years with my amps.


    Regardless, I appreciate everyone's input, I'll give it all a shot. :)

  4. In the process of trying to make all the volumes of my patches the same, I have turned up a lot of the channel volumes on my patches. The end results SEEMS to be an artificially plastic tone. Is there a "magic number" I should not go over when setting channel volume? Because, as I am discovering, when playing it through a PA, I can barely turn up the volume knob on the channel, so obviously its a hot signal.

  5. I am using the l6 link. I was told it would default to electric guitar. It did not, but instead defaulted to reference PA. This is fen because I bought it because I wanted a good FRFR monitor so I could hear when the front of house will sound.


    I was expecting something epic. Instead, my sound now is very anemic as opposed to how it sounded before when going direct to my PA.


    The output on the 500 us studio/direct which is what I want.


    Why would the L2T and L2M sound so much worse than my 20 year old PA? What am I doing wrong?

  6. What is the Output mode of your Pod? The L2m is an FRFR speaker system, especially in Reference/PA mode. It has other mode settings that may work better with your HD500 preset. It's important to match the speaker mode to the HD500 Output mode as well as the preset's cab/mic settings.


     If you are connecting the Pod to the L2m?using L6 LINK, try manually changing the mode of the speaker. By default the speaker switches to Electric Guitar mode when a POD HD device is connected. Depending on your preset you may prefer the sound with the speaker in Reference/PA mode.


    The HD500X saves the current mode of a StageSource speaker in its stored preset. Because the default value is Electric Guitar, that's the mode the speaker switches to when an HD500X is connected. You can change this on a preset basis by saving the preset after manually switching the speaker mode to a desired different setting. That way you can tailor the speaker mode to your HD500X preset on an individual basis, ensuring that you always have the combination that works best for you.

    I did not know it defaulted to that. I'm trying to get it to sound as close as it can to what the front of the house sounds. :(

  7. This has nothing 2 do with ur gear, it's the sound guy's problem (probably bad cables, di boxes, power quality, etc).

    I suppose by "effects return" u mean the amp's effects return.

    Otherwise, if u use the HD500's effects return, u consume unnecessarily one FX slot.

    Yes the amps FX return.



    the crackling to ME sounds like the speaker in the monitor (not the fake amp monitor, but the monitors for vocal use) can't handle the 500x. It makes me nervous. Soooooo this weekend I am taking one of the actual Peavey SP2 mains we have and running it through that to see what it sounds like.

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  8. just 2 clarify, I ain't using the HD500 fx send, I run the HD500 1/4 out (L/mono) to my AMP's EFFECT RETURN jack.


    @smrybacki: what u propose is EXACTLY what I implement, so I do not c any holes.  I can assure u it is working.




    bear in mind that if u use BOTH 1/4 outs, then each  Power Engine monitor (amp) will receive one part of ur stereo signal


    I can testify to this, I set it up at band practice the other day (I was alone, it was where we practice.. for some reason I feel like I have to be 100% honest even though it isn't relevant and my, this was a long aside) and the effects return worked like a charm to monitor via an amp. Did not have the stereo sound but that was fine.


    The only issue is, I got a weird, crackling sound through the speaker I was using for the main 500x sound (a large stage monitor that also doubles as a main for practice). Dunno what is causing that.

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