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  1. Morning all, and Happy Easter! My band's next gig is May 10th. I want to use my new HD500X for my tone, direct into the PA. I don't have an FRFR yet to monitor myself, so here are my questions:


    Does using stereo effects and putting the amps hard/left right make a difference, even if running both XLRs to the PA? Both outputs, I assume, would come out of both sides of the stage, right? So using stereo delay, as opposed to digital delay, would be a waste?


    If I do use both XLRs, with the HD500X allow me to also use the 1/4 out so I can monitor myself?


    Next question: since I don't have a FRFR, I was going to take my 6 channel PA head with my signal into my 2x12 guitar cab. I know a guitar cab will color my sound, but I would just be using it to hear myself on stage.


    How do you guys run it? I also have monitors we use for when we have to run our own sound (wedges) but I'm not sure if they could get loud enough for me to hear over my drummer.


    Suggestions? I am completely open to ideas. :)

  2. you can go in to the cab DEP parameters and use the low cut to reduce boominess.  It is really patch specific though.  The only global EQ settings are in Combo Front and Stack Front output modes.  If you are using one of those you can try that but more than likely going into the PA you are using Studio Direct.

    Thanks, man! I turn it clockwise to reduce it? Right now it is set all the way to the left. Is that the default?

  3. Hi all, in an effort to avoid bring 3 guitars to a gig, does anyone use the pitch glide to set up a patch say, in Eb for certain tunes, or even lower? If so, does it do the trick?

  4. Gearbox.

    You will want to download newest Monkey to update everything.



    Word of caution, if it was purchased 2nd hand with additional model packs from previous owner, you will lose them (unless they were gifted).

    PODxt live comes with the Power pack and FX-Jumnkie, so no worried on losing those.



    Thank you. I don't think that's an issue, he isn't very cimputer savvy. I'll be shocked if, when I hook it up to monkey, if he has the latest firmware (if there has been an upgrade).

  5. My other guitar player asked if I could take a look at his rig this week and see if I can give him a hand making it sound better. He left it at my place. His rig is a marshall mg100hdfx stack and the POd XT Live (pedal board). His amp has an effects loop, but the pod does not.


    His amp is solid state and sound very tinny.


    I was wonder what, if anything, I can do to help him out?



  6. Ok, I was trying to install the Glen DeLaune tones I purchased and the software freaked out. Finally I attempted to do a reset, first by holding down the left arrow and powering it on (this did nothing) and then I tried to roll back my flash version, with the thought process that I could then reinstall the latest flash version.


    After several failed attempts, the LCD on my 500 is now stuck on UPDATE FLASH. I could really use a hand. :(

  7. Hello all, hoping someone can help. I am trying to figure out my new board today. I've plugged the hd500x in with both XLRs, mace sure master volume was cranked and it was set to "line."


    I had to turn everything up on my powered peavey PA head (into a full range sp2) so I could still barely hear it.


    So in my research, I kept seeing the xlr was "mic level." My DI on my old vetta 2 was able to have the volume adjusted.


    Anyway, I have now plugged in a 1/4 cable, and everything is STILL dimmed and I can still barely hear it.


    I had to set both the PA head and the 500x on PAD to avoid a horrible, clipping, fuzz sound.


    Please help!

  8. again with the sir?  you military?  my advice, pick one and stick with it for now.  There are too many differences between getting a good sound from your amp and from direct to PA.  Both are good, just different  Decide which you want to focus on for now and get it down before you move over.  My suggestion?  Start with the PA first in Studio Direct Output using full amp models.  These patches will sound great through headphones and studio monitors so you will be able to travel with them more easily.


    Once you get the hang of it, you can take what you have learned to build patches for running into the front of your amp.  These will most likely be with Combo Front output and will NOT sound good through headphones or other monitors.  Hoever, you CAN get good results with your amp.  You may want to just use the POD like a regular effects pedal board with your amp.  That little bugger has a great tone on its own so that might be something you want to consider...



    Sorry, no, not military. My dad was a Korean war vet. Kinda stuck with me. :)


    I think this evening and tomorrow nightm I'll use my studio headphones and Saturday set up the PA for Sunday band practice and mess with it some more.

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