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  1. both solutions are OK, just different.  Do you have both available to you all the time?  Is it just for gigs or rehearsals or use at home?  full volume or bedroom levels?  there is no one answer...  you have to try both for yourself and see how they sound with your gear and your fingers and ears...  and of course, what you actually have with you when you want to play...

    Yes sir, I have a full PA and amps. I may take Saturday and mess with it.

  2. This thing is a learning experience.  I suggest that you download a bunch of tones from Custom Tone and experiment with them.  That's easier than starting from scratch and there are some good ones there.  The ones that come preloaded are not so hot. (They Suck actually)  Then start making your own by modifying some that are close to what you want.  This is only one piece of your overall sound so you need to adapt it to sound good with your other equipment. (Guitar, Amp, etc)

    Yeah, still don't know what I am doing for teh amp situation. Do I want to run it directly into my Marshall SL5 (no FX loop) and disable the amp/mic/cab sims? Or run it directly into the PA?

  3. sir? LMFAO... dude I work for a living so lay off the high fallutin' BS... Look everywhere!  Use the table of contents!  I don't know what you want me to say...  You asked for the best exercise to familiarize yourself with the gear and that is it...  read the manuals and go along with each step with your POD so you see WTF they are talking about...  then when you don't understand a step or function you can say " on page such and such its says blah but I don't get it"... now we have a reference to actually help you with something rather than trying to just tell you how the thing works from scratch...  give it time... its a complicated little beast but well worth the effort...  :)

    I appreciate your help, and I am sorry I offended you. :)

  4. On the crashing - what PC are you using and what OS?  I am running XP on my Dell Laptop and the EDIT software rarely crashes.  I have had it lose communication with the HD500x once or twice and had to restart it but it is normally solid and I run it all the time when I am using my Pod in my music room.

    Windows 7, homemade Pc. I guess crash was the wrong word to use. Mine loses connection a lot, and then reconnects.

  5. With headphones you want studio direct output.  Into the front of the amp you want one of the other outputs based on what sounds good to you.  I always use the XLR outs to my PA speaker.  Works great.  I use both XLR outs and go into two inputs on my PA speaker since the L and R are Stereo.

    Is there one that is mono? How do I set it to studio direct output?

  6. Hi guys, after an initial problem with updating my stuff, I am now up and going. The HD500X editing software crashes a LOT. Is that normal?


    Also, how should I set the device up, output wise, if I want to use studio headphones to make patches?


    How about if I want to run it like a pedal board into an amp with no effects loop?


    Last night I tried running it our of the balanced XLR output (the right, AND the left, one at a time) and could not get any sound out of it when I plugged it directly in to a channel on my PA. What did I do wrong?


    Lastly, as a new user, what would be a great exercise to familiarize myself with the system?


    I am really jazzed!

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  7. Hello all. Just took a brand new unit out of the box. I am on a windows 8 laptop. Monkey recognizes the device and allowed me to download and install the drivers. When I try to update the USB firmware, I get a message it does not detect it and reconnect (which I've done several times). When I try to update the flash memory, it tells me there is a problem opening the MIDI ports. I am not using a MIDI connection at all.


    Please help!

  8. Picking up an Hd500x this weekend. Trying to plan my next step. I REALLY like the idea of the DT series and tube utilization. However, do they play a role if I want a feed going directly to the PA? Or at that point, will I only notice a difference in the amp itself I'll be using to monitor myself? If that is the case, should I go the LT route?


    OR does the output (in this scenario, does one go go the HD500 to the PA or from the DT series amp?) take into consideration the tubes?

  9. lol. Seriously tho, a 2nd expression pedal would be handy.

    One would usually leave onboard expression pedal as

    volume and assign a pitch shifter or wha wha to the other.

    Its assignable to many parameters.


    Thanks man, you'll probably think I'm an idiot but everytime I've had a volume pedal, I've managed to accidentally turn it down right before a gig during set up. Then I go to hit that first note 5 minutes before we go on and... silence. Queue panic, remove a year off of my life. :p

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  10. I used to have a Vetta II (wish I didn't sell it), I can't imagine the HD500X is a lot more complicated than that? I always loved the ability to run from the vetta direct to the PA and then just use the amp speakers as my monitor.


    I understand what you mean about the Dt25. My GF bought me a Slash SL5, 20 watts I think, maybe 25. Anymore, I prefer smaller wattage amps. It isn't like I'm playing collesiums. :)

    sounds great, you just want to make sure you change the output mode accordingly depending on what you're playing into.


    i have the DT50, but i think that the DT25 is probably better for most and more popular...

    I got the DT50 before the DT25's were released.

  11. comes with the power cable and the computer/usb cable.

    you'll just need a cable to go to the amp... or monitors....

    and when you get a DT amp an XLR cable.

    Thank you! For now I'm using it pretty much like a pedal board, turning off the amp sims I believe. May decide to run it straight into the pa.. How does that sound?


    What is the popular consensus on which DT to get? I can't imagine I'll need more wattage than the 25 if I'm using a PA anyway, but the 50, which also does 25, is very tempting. Likewise, the lack of weight on the head vs the combo is nice, but then I also have one more thing (a cab) to load in/out at a gig.

  12. Hey all, like the title says, I am ordering a new HD500X after a few things finish up on ebay this weekend. I'm already planning on getting a gig bag for it. What else do I need? A special cable to connect it to my PC? Something to go to the PA, if desired? Eventually I'll get a DT amp (no idea what wattage or head/combo yet, but that's another thread), will I need another type of cable to connect that?


    My big fear is, I'll get it, open it up, all excited and be like "Oh, well, crap, I need another 3 types of cables to edit this on my PC/play with it in front of my amp." Save me from me! :p

  13. You guys are exactly right, I'd disable/bypass (whatever the hd500x nomenclature is) the amp/speaker models. If it has mic models on it like the vetta, I'd disable those as well.


    Short term goal: replace my expensive, but cumbersome pedal board. Long term goal: get a DT series and a variax. :)

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  14. Hello all! I am considering getting an hd500x. Eventually I'd like to get a DT25 or 50.


    However, that is a ways away. My current amp (that I really love) is a marshall sl5. It does NOT have a loop on it. I am really just buying the HD for effects for now. Used to have a Vetta II and sold it like an idiot (I should know better, in 23 years I've never sold a piece of gear I didn't eventually regret selling).


    Will it sound decent when using my current amp?

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