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  1. i'm keeping an eye on several manufacturers as well, i want to take the leap... but not at the cost of the thousands of dollars worth of studio gear and software not working.

    so i wait. :)

  2. No risk at all. It’s just a controller!


    On 6/12/2020 at 6:58 PM, HonestOpinion said:


    Great info, thanks! Going to try my now ancient FBV with and Amplifi 75. Only one concern. Appears that it should work but is there any potential to damage my Amplifi 75 with the FBV Longboard(MK1)?


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  3. spider jam is also really old (spider III generation tech, released with the spider IV generation amps) and cannot use the spider edit software at all.


    i do believe that the spider jam being built around a looper will use the express in jam control mode to do the same as ABCD on the full shortboard.



    also no reason to worry about MKII versions of the express or shortboard as the jam will not utilize the USB...


  4. the FBV control only changes what it controls on your computer... pod farm etc....

    the express pedals cannot bank, or loop (i have not verified on spider V, but could not on previous spiders)


    you need the shortboard MKII or FBV3

    you can likely find the shortboard used for about the price of the express....

    but yes.... there is a reason it costs more than the express.. and you've found a couple of them.



    I've got the same problem and apparently the FBV Mk II Express cannot control either the 'Bank' control on the Spider V 60, or the Looper functions, even though the 'Line 6 FBV Control' application hapilly allows you to assign both of these functions to the buttons on the FBV.  Why have Line 6 stopped these functions working with the Spider V ?


    GAKs only suggestion was to buy the FBV3 pedal which is well over double the price and much larger, both of which I don't want; or to buy a dedicated looper pedal which would mean I lose wireless to the guitar (for me THE main feature) and also need an extra power supply.


    The main reason I bought this amp was the wireless guitar connection and the floor based looper so sadly, as I'm loving the sounds, it's all going to be returned.


    Also, the amp totally failed 2 days ago and stopped giving any guitar sound  :(  :(

  5. same organization as before except when you select reverbs for example you will now see





    your selection will produce relevant results.



    Does anyone know, will the legacy effects all be under one category or will there be like Legacy distortion, Legacy Modulation, etc. I'm hoping for the latter.

  6. Legacy is legacy... no sub categories for mono/stereo they didn't exist in those categories in the M-Series, we just knew some things were stereo and most weren't....


    Thanks for the info, I assume there is a mono, and a stereo folder under legacy that houses these. Like it is now, but just under the legacy section?

  7. in the M series most effects were either mono or stereo effects and although i have not personally checked them all but i believe thats still the case


    Well, I think this update is fantastic. I love the fact that we are getting legacy models.  So many more tools for the arsenal, especially the HX reverbs as I can use them for much more than guitar in the studio.

    Just two question though, and it refers to what I have in bold quoted of yours:


    Are the legacy FX mono, stereo, or just a mixture of both? If it is just a mixture, are they labeled clearly as either?

  8. 1. Yes, the controversy part was people THINKING that bring M series stuff would somehow have taken away from making new models... wasn't the case.

    2. all the tones get migrated correctly so none of your current tones change... the "legacy" category appears along side stereo/mono/legacy when selecting effects... it take no more or less steps to get to them... just a slightly different path.


    I think its a great update, and the reverbs are pretty sweet!


    I think where they figured there might be controversy was:

    1. People complaining "Hey! This update is nothing but a bunch of outdated, last generation effects, many of which we already had in Helix! What a rip off!"
    2. People complaining "Hey! All the reverbs I use just got thrown under the 'Legacy' category!  I want them under Reverbs where I've always had them! What a pain!"

    Myself... it's not the most exciting update, but it looks okay to me.  Some of those M-series effects that had no HX equivalents might come in handy.  And I guess we'll see how those HX 'verbs sound.

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  9. did you actually purchase a license? 

    if you got a free license or was included... .might just be for the plugin version.... 

    or if you picked up a used/second hand toneport or pod studio... it may not have qualified for a pod farm 2 license....

    try pod farm 1

    the product is not garbage.... doesnt sound like you ever used it.

    license issues, do not define a product.


    Followed Above. Still doesn't work. Says I still don't have license for Pod Farm 2. Deleted and reinstalled. Nothing. No sound. no signal. Nothing. Product is garbage.

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