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  1. Update ...  I took the JTV89f into Sweetwater for repair.  The tech found the wiring reversed on the 6th and 5th string bridge saddles. After the fix, the warbling on the 6th string using detuned acoustics is gone. The boominess of the sixth string using the martin acoustic is gone.  Overall I think the acoustics sound better than when I bought the instrument ...


    Repaired under warranty.


    I've been using line6 pods and variaxes for many years.  I enjoy the flexibility they provide.  However the last two items I've purchased through Sweetwater (PODHD500 and JTV89F) have had hardware issues.  Definitely try before you buy.

  2. I recently purchased a JTV89f and I'm experiencing issues with alternate tunings specifically drop tunings.


                               Factory Settings            My Settings

    Standard            E A D G B E                   E A D G B E

    DROP D             D A D G B E                  E G D G B E

    ½ DOWN            Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb      Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb           

    DROP Db           Db Ab Eb Gb Bb Eb     Eb Gb Db Gb Bb Eb

    1 DOWN             D G C F A D                   D G C F A D

    DROP C             C G C F A D                   D F C F A D

    Min3 DOWN       Db Gb B E Ab Db           Db Gb B E Ab Db

    DROP B             Bb Gb B E Ab Db          ? E B E Ab Db

    M3 DOWN          C F Bb Eb G C               C F Bb Eb G C

    DROP Bb           Bb F Bb Eb G C            ? Eb Bb Eb G C

    BARITONE         B E A D F# B                  B E A D F# B


    Discrepancies are found on the 6th and 5th strings only.


    I have reflashed the guitar, changed strings, reprogrammed patches via virtual capo.  Virtual capo settings are erratic in pitch and tone.  I have to reflash to stablize the drop tuning.


    Anyway to fix this or do I need return the instrument?



    Thanks in advanced ...




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