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  1. Perhaps Ableton doesn't support VST3?  By default, Native only loads VST3 (supported by most DAWs these days) and AU (ProTools plugin format) and skips loading VST2 version (supported by just about all DAW's).  Perhaps 1. Upgrade Ableton to a version that supports VST3 (Do newer versions support VST3?) or 2. Go back to the installer and load the VST2 version (I'm imagining some functionality of performance will be lost, but at least it perhaps works?).


    I'm using Mixcraft and it at least finds and starts the (VST3) plugin.  I haven't had a chance to test it yet.  It's not a "supported" DAW, but I'm not expecting any problems.  Mixcraft ver 8 now supports VST3 (and side chaining, etc.).


    Edit: Hmm, just read through your post again and perhaps Ableton doesn't support VST3 at all.  Does it support VST2?

    Ableton doesn't support VST3.  VST2 is working with no issues for me.


    DI posted:





    Wait… Is this Helix in a plugin?

    Yes. Helix Native features all the amp, cab, and effects models of Helix and Helix Rack, as well as IR loading. Its presets are fully compatible with Helix and Helix Rack hardware so you can effortlessly transfer your tones from the studio to the stage and back again.


    What plug-in formats are supported?

    Mac and Windows, 64-bit VST3/VST2, AU, and AAX.


    Will it work with iLok?

    Helix Native is authorized through Line 6 License Manager which can be downloaded from www.line6.com/software. There is no licensing available through iLok.


    How many computers can I install Helix Native on with a single license?

    Licensing is tied to your Line 6 account and up to four computers can share a single license.


    Is there a demo version to try out?

    A free trial will be made available and is fully functional for 15 days.


    How many parameters can be automated?

    Parameters and/or block bypass states can be automated by assigning them to automation channels in your DAW (up to 16 per instance).


    I don’t get it. Why would you offer all that Helix goodness in a plug-in?

    Because it’s the right thing to do. Helix is all about elegant solutions to musicians’ problems, and the studio-to-stage-and-back promise was too big of a deal not to pursue. Have you ever tried to nail every guitar tone on your record for an upcoming tour? With Helix Native, potentially weeks of work could be condensed down to a minute or two.


    What does Helix Native cost?

    Helix Native sells for $399 USD. However, to hammer home the whole studio-to-stage thing, we’re offering a discount to registered Helix and Helix Rack owners; they can purchase Helix Native for $99. Existing POD Farm customers are eligible for certain discounts as well (TBD).


    When and where?

    Helix Native will be available on the Line 6 store (https://store.line6.com) in Spring of 2017



    This FAQ says VST2 will be supported.  The main site does not reference VST2.  Can someone from L6 confirm if VST2 is supported?  I want to use this with Ableton Live which is a little bit behind the times with no VST3 support.


    Also, the question about about if Helix Control can be used hasn't been answered.


    Finally, I can't wait to hear how the routing will work.  Hopefully I can route to various inputs/outputs on my audio interface to be able to use stomp boxes with this.

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