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  1. I would suggest not running Helix into the front, instead run it into the DeVille's fx loop return. I think its labeled "power amp in" on Fender amps



    One of the bars I play has a Deville in the backline. I output the Helix to the power amp in, and it sounds great on the stage. At the same time I'll also run an XLR into the board for the audience. Sounds great.


    Don't A/B the Marshall sim with a real Marshall (or whatever you're modeling), just enjoy the sweet tone.

  2. I don't normally use the top row of footswitches for anything other than switching presets, but last night I thought I'd mess around with some of the factory sounds and I noticed that the footswitch second from the left on the top row (footswitch 2) is not working right. Sometimes when I push it it doesn't toggle, other times it does but then it toggles right back off. I can hold it down and if I move my foot a little bit it will switch, sometimes on then off then on then off... I can hear it physically clicking, so I'm not sure if this is a hardware or a software issue. Has anyone else experienced this? My nearest repair shop is probably 40 miles from me...

    Same problem, same switch.

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