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  1. Bought a new computer - de authorized my old one with line 6.

    Installed POD Farm 2.59.  Authorized computer.

    After authorizing my hardware, UX2, I tried to install my purchased model packs.

    I keep getting a "Code 80003025" verification transaction failed."


    Can anyone assist?


    Thank you - Mike


  2. For what it worth GK - thank you.

    I totally agree with everything you said.

    There's no use in my getting angry.  I will miss the modelling.

    I bought my first Line 6 amp back in '06 and was a big fan.

    I'm done with Line 6. (How the heck did the '89 even make it out the door.  Helen Keller must Q&Aed it.) It doesn't help that they have  left the PC out of the loop once too often.


  3. About six years ago I bought a JTV-59P - it was a great guitar and worked as advertised.

    About six months later I bought a DT-25, POD-HD 500 and a JTV-89F.


    Out of the box the 89 had a loose tremolo fitting.  I had to pull off the tremolo to tighten it. grrrrr  After fixing it worked as advertised.

    About two months later the '25 went teets-up.  I had to send it in for repair. grrrrr


    About three years ago the '89 modelling went bad.  Fully charged battery.... L6/digital cables nothing.  No lights - nothing.  No longer under warranty.


    Today I pulled out '59. Fully charged battery/4 green lights.  I get knob lights but no sound.  L6/digital cables - I get lights but no sound.  In analog my tone and volume knobs don't even work.  When I switch to 1/4" cable with battery - lights/no sounds.  Tone/ volume work.  No longer under warranty.


    I'm over being mad with my 89.... now I'm just sad. Very sad.  I treat my instruments with great care.  They are not that old.  I can't see how these things go spontaneously wrong.


    Any ideas?


    Thank you - Mike.

  4. Yes. 

    Amazon doesn't have an app but I can download it from google to my pc and there is a tool that I can use to upload it to the Kindle. 

    I'm frontiering new territory here and haven't done it yet, but for the money ($89 for an 8") I'm willing to give it a shot.  Kindle does use an OS smilar to android and it looks pretty robust for the money.

    I know Bluetooth has been the issue in the past.

  5. Amazon is coming out with a 7" Kindle "Fire" later this month for $49 - hard to beat on it's merits.

    Specs say the Bluetooth is "A2DP compatible."

    Will that work with Amplifi?

    I've searched tech support and forums with no results.


    Thank you

  6. Things break.  I'm willing to accept that.  It's still a great guitar.  I use the 59P for emulation.  I just thought I'd throw it out to the forum.  I'm not complaining about the guitar per se, but I was not happy about having to pull off the bridge to tighten the arm screw and then having to intonate the strings in the absence of any adjustment at all.  I still take great pleasure in playing it.  Thank you.


    to clarify/be sure - I assume what you meant by that you tried both with a tested fully charged battery and with the VDI, is that the "DSP sound signal" was tested with both a regular 1/4" TS or even TRS jack/cable, and the VDI; even though the Module knob LED lights up when you depress it far enough, that then still only the mags produce sound when Modelling is off, correct? From the context, at least the POD and cables are tested and still working with your 59.


    Sorry - yes both TS cable and VDI with every possible combination. Yes to your question about the mags.  The 59P works as advertised.


    Have you ever been using both the 1/4" jack and VDI cables simultaneously with that 89F?

    Have you been using the 89F much more often in high temperature environments?


    Yes and no to your questions.


    My feeling at this point it's not worth it to me to get it repaired.  I took a look a the circuit board to see if there were any obvious problems.  None that I could see.  That's when I decided to throw it out to the forum.  The 59P is my preferred guitar.  The 89F is still a great playing/sounding guitar on it's basic merits.


    Thank you for taking the time to answer my post.



  8. Make sure your 89F is registered, then log a support ticket.


    http://line6.com/find/service_center/   to find a service center in your area, there is a search selector for guitar servicing.

    It's registered.  My experience with the "local service center" with a brand new DT25 was not a good one.

    The 89F, IMO, is a great guitar without emulation.  At this point in time it's not worth the time, money and effort.  I use my 59P for emulation (I LOVE that guitar)

  9. In '13, after a long wait, I received my 89F.  Out of the box -- the trem arm was loose and intonation was way off.  I had to unstring the guitar to tighten the trem arm screw and intonate the strings.  You know what a pain in the butt that is - and coming right out of the box... grrrr.  Now, when I depress the "model selector" button I get the light but no sound.  I've tried every combination, with battery, no battery w/pod500, different battery, different amps.  I have a 59P that works fine, so I know I'm not screwing up the setup or knobology.


    It's no longer under warranty, so I'm out on that account.  I'm not going through the PIA of taking it to a "local repair center" -- did that with my DT25 - never again.


    Both the 89F and 59P are great guitars  without the emulation.  The 59P is hands-down the best guitar for the money that I own.  The 89F is a killer guitar without the bells and whistles.


    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to trouble shoot?  (I am not going to going through the pain of having to deal with the "local repair center" again.)

  10. I bought an Amplifi  with the idea that I would buy an adroid device at some point.  Instead I've decided to download an adroid emulator on my widows 10 to take advantage of the software features.


    Right now I'm looking at AMIDUoS.  Has anyone else used this or another emulator or can make suggestions?


    Thank you.

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  11. I never said that Line 6 "said" they were going to develop a pc app.  I said I bought the amp "thinking" they would move in that direction. 

    You're right, how stupid of me to assume they would move to accommodate most people that use computers and/or smartphones.

    What really bothers me is, not that they have never developed an app, but that no one has ever come out and articulated the issue one way or another.  If it's a contractual agreement with Apple, fine and dandy, just come out and say it!!!

    I know I don't speak for everyone, but I know I do speak for a lot of  people.

    By the way RealZap, I hardly need you to tell me how to feel.  I reserve the right to feel angry toward company that I view as "thoughtless" in their strategic marketing of a ground breaking product.  (That the usb is useless with no plans for it -- aye carumba.) You can't even, at a minimum, update the firmware for criminy sakes.

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  12. I just got the "Dive Deep into Amplifi Tones" email from Line 6........ GRRRRR  (Hey everybody, we have a great new product. But -- you android and pc troglodytes.... get bent. Yea!)

    I have long been a Line 6 devotee.  Two guitars, 3 amps, POD500, ..... it's a bit embarrassing how many Line 6 products I have.

    Never again will I buy a Line 6 product.

    Not being an Apple person, I still  bought the AMPLIFi 75 thinking an Android/Windows app would eventually be in the offing.

    NOT ONE WORD from Line 6 about any plans or status for such a move.

    Hey Line 6 -  screw you guys.  Absolutely NO customer loyalty to pc people - which is probably most of us.  You can't even put out one iota of information on the forum.

    Seriously, what the heck is the problem with you people. (a literally useless usb port with no plans for it - c'mon man!)

  13. The pilot's guide states that the usb port is for "future use."

    Anyone know?..... editing, firmware updating..... how much "future" are we looking at?

    Just curious.


  14. Thank you.

    I know you got a great deal on it.  I almost went for the same deal with Sweetwater but then got stuck on the Floyd Rose model.  The guys at Musicians Friend gave the 15% off so I went with them.

    Sweetwater is backordered  as well anyway.

    I'll just sit tight and wait.

    Thank you again.



  15. Spoke to a live person in sales today.  They were very nice... but disappointing.

    They will ship one guitar to Musician's Friend in the first part of September.  MF has four orders submitted so there is no guarantee that I will get it.

    I own a JTV-59P and hands down it is the best guitar I own - not counting the bells and whistles- for the money.  Craftsmanship and playability are incredible.

    That said, I will continue to wait for the 89F because I know it will be a killer shredding guitar before I even play it.  No doubt in my mind.


  16. I ordered an 89F from Musician's Friend back in June.  Since then the ship date has been slid at least half a dozen times - seriously.

    When I called MF they informed me - Hey, it's Line 6 that keeps sliding their delivery date. 

    When I call Line 6 no one returns my call.

    Has anyone heard/know what's going on?

    I have a lot of Line 6 products, to include a 59P..... but I'm starting to get peed-off.


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