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  1. Just wanted to run this by everyone here to make sure I'm not gonna fry anything when I set this up :) which I plan on doing this weekend once I get back from traveling


    So looking to use my tube amps with the SRL to get dimed tones at low volumes via my studio monitors for recording/jamming and want to incorporate the Helix so I can use the fx's and also since the Helix acts as well as IR loader that's all I need for the SRL.


    I'm planning on connecting my gtr into my amp-input, then speaker-out of my amp into the SRL input-from-amp, then out of SRL DI-unbalanced in to the helix gtr in.


    Does this sound correct or has anyone tried this and thanks in advance!



  2. I'm totally new to this and I'm trying to use my Laney L5T with the Helix for the first time and don't want to jack up anything, so just looking for some direction please. I've googled and have an idea but just confirming things.


    So if I use the internal 4cm template on the Helix and then follow these steps is that everything that is needed:


    Cable 1: My guitar to the guitar input on the Helix.

    Cable 2: Helix send 1 to the guitar input of your amp.

    Cable 3: Helix return 1 to Amp effects loop Send

    Cable 4: Helix Left/mono out to Amp effects loop Return


    Also for cable 4, I have this already going to my studio monitors so I guess in order to do the 4cm I would need to change out my cables and use the XLR to my studio monitors for that now? That sound correct.


    Any help/guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!




  3. Minor glitch with Looper: I'm on the latest firmware - 1.01.2 


    I've had a couple of glitches while working with the looper. This seems to happen once you've recorded a loop and then after you do an overdub and then go back and hit the undo, which you basically hear crackling then silence. The first time it happened I was able to back out of the patch and then select another preset and then I was back in business and then the last time it happened I had to reboot.


    Doesn't happen all the time and it probably has more to do with me having to continuously go back an do undo's feverishly :huh: 
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