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  1. I logged into Line 6 Monkey with my Variax Standard, and it indicated that I had Workbench HD 2.13 and needed to update to 2.15. However, when I went to the download section, 2.13 was the most recent version available.


    What gives?

  2. I try to charge my battery with the charger included with my Variax, but no light comes on (on the charger).  I tested the charger with a multitester, and it appears to have voltage at the contacts.  The battery also appears to have full voltage when testing with a multitester, but when I put it in the guitar, the lights flash, then it dies.  If I get a light when I press the test button, it's only one and it goes out immediately.  I'm considering getting the cable power kit, but if it's just the charger, I'd rather get that.  Up until this issue, the battery had been charging properly and working in the guitar.  I only discovered this after I had not used the guitar or battery for over 6 months.  Our local VFW has jam sessions half the year, and that's the only time I use the modeling in my Variax Standard.  Thanks in advance for any help!

  3. Thanks guys.  It sounds like I should make time to visit Sweetwater and play a JTV-69 to see if I like the neck.  Other than that issue, I like everything else about the guitar, and I prefer the 69's configuration to that of the 59 or 89.


    Anyone else with an opinion, please feel free to chime in.  Still in the decision making stage!

  4. I cancelled an order on a JTV-69,  because I read that so many people don't like the neck on it.  Would still like a JTV, and might consider a JTV89F (want a whammy bar), but noticed that the alternate tunings are different.  What is it that people don't like about the 69 neck and how hard is it to program alternate tunings that are on the 69, but not on the 89, especially in light of the "Spank Model bug" with the new firmware?


    I'm not in the position to play either one first (time & distance considerations), so any help is appreciated!




  5. I can see two outpus on my HD300. Right and left. And I can see, that if I'm using studio mode, I have to use Right output, because HD300 says: L-Live, R-Studio. And I have never used right output. I'm coming home as fast as I can and I check out this method. :P

    And about HD500. Will I feel the different in sound when I buy HD500?

    And about reocording. Which settings should I get in POD to record? 

    You're confused about the labelling on the outputs.  "L-Live, R-Studio" is only for mixed mode.  In Studio mode, L=Left and R=Right, both in Studio mode.  If you're only running one out Left is correct.  If you want Stereo, use both.

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