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  1. On 3/27/2023 at 4:46 PM, GauteBVK said:


    I was not able to install the line 6 updater cause my Mac wasn't able to scan it for malware

    so I may have an old updates bug.

    if anyone know how I can override the Macs refusal to install, that would be great!

    Just right click on the file and select Run. You’ll be asked something along the lines of if you’re sure, and you can hit OK.

  2. You don’t need separate Instant Commands (lightning bolts) for each snapshot. Just use the same one. You can set the program number differently in each one. If you’re using multiple ones, you’re probably confusing the amp by sending multiple PC messages at the same time. So I’d just set your PC messages to 1 in Snapshot 1, 2 in Snapshot 2, etc.


    This is much easier and faster to do with HX Edit, btw. You can change snapshots while you have the Command Center window open, so you’re not constantly going back and forth.

  3. On 3/24/2023 at 11:56 AM, robfawcett said:

    New user (today!) - Helix Stomp.

    I would expect from the manual that to disable triggering anything when I simply touch a footswitch (e.g. without pressing it) I should configure:

    Global Settings ⇨ Footswitches ⇨ Stomp Select set to OFF or PRESS ONLY

    but in every/any setting of that parameter I'm still getting the 'Assign Block to FS' popup on the unit screen.

    I keep triggering it by accident when operating the unit and it’s frustrating.

    Have I misunderstood? Known issue? I'd be very grateful for help…


    Is your Stomp running the latest firmware? And have you performed a factory reset since you've gotten it? I'd make sure the firmware was updated and I'd do a factory reset before I spend time troubleshooting anything else.

  4. On 3/11/2023 at 2:50 PM, mattdeheus said:

    I just got a Princeton 65 Reissue and so far have not gotten it to play nice with the POD Go.  I've bypassed the CAB/IR in the Global Settings but the vast majority of the presets - even ones I really liked - range from terrible to completely unusable.  They all sound metallic with very high treble.  It oftens sounds like I have fret buzz when it's not the guitar.  I'd be open to any suggestions on how to make these work together.  I was actually shopping for a Powercab and got offered this on a deal I couldn't refuse.  

    So do you still have the amp model on? That’s still not going to be ideal going into the Princeton’s input. You’re best bet with that setup would probably be using the PG for effects only and worrying about the amp modeling.

  5. On 2/25/2023 at 12:44 PM, Barcelli said:

    Just got a replacement CAT 100 as the first one almost killed my FOH input in digital distortion. CH volume should be under 50 and still some digital distortion of the kind you REALLY dont want. Gain on mixer set to 0. The distortion does NOT come from the mixer but from the amp. I thought the first amp was broken somehow but this next one is the same. When I set the CH Vol below 50, I get so much noise that the amp is useless which is mu conclusion. Especially after 47 years of playing through all sorts of amps including a bunch of modelling amp... This look the best, but.... useless in a live setting if you want to use the XLR out. Through the amp itself there are no problems.... Welcome back my dear tube amps

    It sounds like you’re just clipping whatever input you’re plugging into. What are you connected to?

  6. On 2/25/2023 at 9:43 AM, jondaryan said:

    Having the same issue playing live. The XLR feed to the board produces distortion and clipping at fairly low levels. Others plugging in with different amps don't have the same problem. What's the cure?

    It’s a line level signal. Most mixers should be able to accept it. The key is to not have any gain added to the channel at the mixer.

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  7. On 2/25/2023 at 1:48 AM, gregfromoz said:

    Hi, Slightly off topic as this is a question regarding Stomp XL


    I have just ordered the XL and hoping to attach it to a pedalboard by screwing into the base. Is this possible? Seems the feet are stick on rather than screwed. Is there an alternate place with an existing screw that could be removed and then re-attached?




    Hmm... If you found the screws of the correct length and thread pitch and gauge, I guess you could attach the pedal with screws. But I wouldn't recommend that. The bottom of the Stomp XL is flat, so it's very easy to attach it to a board with the typical methods - velcro or Dual Lock.

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  8. On 2/25/2023 at 10:57 AM, mtumi said:

    Found a post that led me to a resolution, although i don't follow logically why turning off Tx MIDI Clock should fix it.  unless it is two different sets of clock going out - one thru from the chain and another generated by the HX stomp itself.  I guess that would make sense. 


    In any event turning off Tx MIDI Clock seems to have fixed it



    Yes, you wouldn't want to have the Stomp sending its own MIDI clock signal if it's already passing the signal from the other pedal through.

  9. On 2/7/2023 at 7:11 AM, RobBaartwijk said:

    2. Line 6 gives the impression that there are 128 presets and 128 user patches. This may be technically correct, but a preset cannot be altered. This goes for every preset I have ever come across, and I have owned dozens of synths over the years. What you supply are default patches, not preset patches.

    I don’t think there’s any actual difference in the terms “preset” and “patch” any more. People basically use them interchangeably now.

  10. You can’t change the delay time from a note value to a millisecond value per snapshot. That’s a preset setting. You can change the note value per snapshot if you want, though. You can also change the tempo per snapshot if you want.

  11. The Helix uses component level modeling as well. The modeling teams for Line 6 and the Yamaha products are really two separate things. I believe most of the Yamaha development takes place in Japan with some in Europe. Pretty much all of the Line 6 engineering team is in California. There is a small contingent in Vancouver as well. But the way that Yamaha handles it subsidiaries is a pretty hands-off manner. There's been some cross-pollination, but that's kind of the exception, not the rule.


    I'd also add, though, that a lot of the dynamic perception you're talking about comes down to the playback system, perhaps even more than the modeling itself. So comparing a modeling amp to a standalone modeler isn't necessarily apples to apples.

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  12. On 2/5/2023 at 11:18 AM, PierM said:


    Im not sure about that. I know L6 says it does run natively, but yeah..doesnt look like that.


    When I installed Native 3.5 on my M1 pro (brand new), MacOs said Rosetta was required to proceed with the installation, and it did it.

    Same goes with HX Edit.


    They runs fine tho, even if as Intel process.


    Not sure why you're getting that message, but M1 support was added in the 3.15 update. It could be the installer runs on Rosetta. I do believe HX Edit needs Rosetta to run, though.



  13. On 1/27/2023 at 12:00 AM, AlienSexGod said:

    The Helix Floor/Rack and LT are still using 2023 in two ADSP-21469 SHARCs at 450MHz. The current DSP from the same brand with similar pricing to 2015 is the ADSP-21569 SHARC+ running @ 1Ghz and much more efficient even at the same Mhz.


    It would be very simple to update to the same brand current DSP and make a minor software update to go to other brands DSP. Very likely the current PSU would be more than enough, if not an easy spec upgrade and a modern heatsink on the DSP chips plus some memory. Other companies have upgraded their hardware but Line 6 wants to charge us the same price for 8 year old hardware when we are in the market for a new unit in 2023. 

    It’s not really that simple. It means a good bit of redesign, and it means updating the DSP tables for an updated device. It would add a good bit of complication to preset sharing and the Marketplace, as it’s possible that presets created on a “turbo” Helix or whatever might not work on the original…


    Anyway, I don’t think Line 6 has any plans for these sorts of incremental upgrades. Also, consider that Line 6 just gave everyone what essentially is a free DSP upgrade with the way the new cab and IR blocks are processed in the 3.50 update. The new single cab block uses about 10% of the DSP of what the Legacy cab block used, and the same sort of DSP savings goes for IRS as well.

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  14. I am doubtful that there's a meaningful sound difference. Even if you have IRs that were actually shot at 96kHz (which is a big if, as it's very possible that IR makers work at 48kHz and upsample), what that means practical terms is you're increasing the bandwidth to include sonic information up to 48kHz. There's going to be very little sonic information from a guitar speaker above 10KHz, let alone above 20kHz... IR processing is a linear function, so things like improved aliasing performance, which can benefit from higher sampling rates, don't come into play.

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