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  1. This was an issue I had last year, did you see the issue I asked about today? Its the power adapter plug into the unit. It seems when you wiggle it, the HX EFFECTS restarts

  2. HX EFFECTS is stuck in an endless boot screen showing firmware 2.40.0


    SOLVED: I tried every trick I could to hard reset the HX. Finally, I managed by turning on the power while holding down different pedal and button combinations. It rebooted in it's original state and I was able to update the firmware to 2.50.0


    Hold down the two middle foot switches on the bottom row while powering up.  This should reset the HX.

  3. In my experience the best way to use the helix, or any modeler for that matter as a "traditional" amp and cab is to run the helix into a clean tube power amp and into a cab. I've gotten the best results over the years this way



    I haven't tried that, but it sounds great in 4CM with the Mesa Boogie Mark V 25. I look into a clean tube power amp

  4. One thing Line 6 used to have in their amp sim units was a way to save amps/FX parameters so when you called the amps/FX up, they would start out with your own "custom" settings and not the factory settings which do appear to be all over the place. Seems like a simple thing to program and was very helpful.


    Yeah, I've seen this requested in the Ideascale and in one of the Helix threads. Seems like a no-brainer. If I could ideal in the amps at my levels each time it would work perfectly.


    That said, the Bias Amp Head is a great gadget. I had a Kemper awhile back, and though the tones can't be beaten, it just didn't behave like an amp through my guitar cab. The Bias Amp Head is like having countless real amp heads at your fingertips. The Helix does as well, but like I said, the levels are all over the place.

  5. He All, 


    I'm looking for a solution if there is one. I've owned my Helix for 16 months and love it. I don't, however, love FRFR solutions for amplification. I prefer the sound of my 2x12 guitar cabinet. I've been using the 4CM with my Mesa Boogie Mark V 25 and using the fx return as the power amp for the Helix models bypassing cab simulations. This sounds great for the most part, but the volume levels of the preamps are all over the place.


    I picked up a used Positive Grid Bias Head last week and got a great deal. When the cab simulations are bypassed and it is played through my 2x12, the amps are balanced across the genres. You can dial in drastically different preamps without having to cringe waiting for your ears to be blasted.


    Is there a way to setup the Helix to behave more like the Bias Head? 



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