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  1. knoxdaz10

    help guys i need this tone!!!!!! sooo chewy!

    reckon a strat would be ok?
  2. knoxdaz10

    Looper Question

    i control my looper level with a expression pedal in looper mode
  3. knoxdaz10

    New user, so I have some questions. Using Glenn Delaune packs..

    whenever i try and use your ir;s with an amp, it sounds off. how do you use them? do i need to use a cab plus your ir?. seems like a waste of dsp to me. fremens ones dont do that
  4. knoxdaz10

    Fremen's Helix presets

    if u were to replace the litigator amp with an amp in one of the bigpack patches, which patch would u do it on. and how would you set the amp. what settings for the litagator.
  5. knoxdaz10

    Fremen's Helix presets

    awesome. u make the best patches for my ibanez
  6. knoxdaz10

    Fremen's Helix presets

    hey fremen can u make the patches for the new amps for free if we have brought the bigpack?
  7. knoxdaz10

    How do you design a preset from scratch?

    brilliant guys. i really need to learn how to make my own. i just use fremen's patches i suck at making my own so this is an important thread for me.
  8. sometimes after the 2.10 update, i hit a footswitch and it doesnt show up as selected on the helix. but it still works , just doesnt show up on the helix. weird. help!
  9. knoxdaz10

    studio monitor's xlr fears

    thx guys. much appreciated
  10. knoxdaz10

    studio monitor's xlr fears

    hey guys i just picked up a pair of JBL LSR305's , and i read in the manual dont connect the xlr outputs in helix to somethin with phantom power. what do i need to do to avoid issues?
  11. knoxdaz10

    foot switches do not show the change on the helix

    this guys. theres gotta be something we can try. help !!!!!
  12. knoxdaz10

    foot switches do not show the change on the helix

    this guys. it seems to be random. i think when i make new patches it doesnt glitch. but using fremen presets it glitches
  13. knoxdaz10

    Updated and Lost Most of My Patches

    im getting the bug with just one thing added to a footswitch and it doesnt show it as selected on the helix screen
  14. knoxdaz10

    foot switches do not show the change on the helix

    ya only controlling one block. if i touch the switch with my finger it will light up. it happens with the new factory presets and with the fremen big pack presets
  15. knoxdaz10

    foot switches do not show the change on the helix

    yes yes yes. all 3 yes . help
  16. knoxdaz10

    Fremen's Helix presets

    cant wait for the updated patches fremen. u do make a tasty patch. the mkiv lead 4 is my favorite aswell
  17. knoxdaz10

    Updated and Lost Most of My Patches

    this is happening to me. and its annoying. i dont want to make all my patches again
  18. knoxdaz10


    agreed. where our workbench. i never use it because of the hassle of plugging in
  19. hey guys i wonder if i could ask for some help. im looking to safely power these pedals for use in the loops with helix. TC flashback x4 - Jamman solo xt- TC polytune 2 mini, and a digitech bad monkey.. thats just what i had before i got the helix , so i wanted to save dsp, by using them. atm the tc flashback is being used just as a guitar input - not turned on (when in the loop its got massive noise when on ) the other 3 i can live with but they all have there own power supplies because if i try and daisy chain anything it shiznits itself with noise. im looking to get some kinda of pedal power thing to make everything play nice. but i have no clue where to start. im hoping someone out there has these pedals and uses with helix. helix floor btw thanks guys much appreciated
  20. just picked up a Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS7 Isolated Pedal Power Supply. thx for the help!
  21. knoxdaz10

    Fremen's Helix presets

    same here. that's the one preset of fremens i hate because i cant use it because of what u said above. it craps a bigone each time i try and use it. and what sux is ive heard him ue it and its sounds so good! cant complain though 174 of them work brilliantly.
  22. knoxdaz10


    hey guys i just saw guthrie govan use a wah rocker 5 autowah wah. can we make this sound with the filters in the helix? because ive been trying for days i cant get anything i like