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  1. Found a 600 in mint condition that I couldn't pass up. It came with case, manual, tremolo arm and guitar.


    My questions are. . . .


    1) I will be using it with an G50 wireless & Axe Fx direct to FOH and can create a preset for the acoutstic to have no amp and cabinet. Do I have an need at all for the XPS foot switch? No need to power the guitar and separate the signal for the acoustic. Not using an amp.


    You will need to power the guitar, it will not work without the correct power.......You can use the onboard battery pack, the XPS, or something like a Pod XT Live, X3 Live or HD 500 etc via a proper Line 6 VDI cable.


    2) Can I plug an ethernet cable from the guitar to an ethernet jack on my thunderbolt dock for use with the Workbench application? (Looks like I'll need the $100 kit from Sweetwater!!)


    I don't know for sure but I wouldn't think so. Be very careful, only use a Line 6 specific cable do avoid damage. There are plenty of people who'll tell you that a normal ethernet cable is ok but its really not. Again, what you're suggesting would not power the guitar. As regards the $100 for workbench, why not buy yourself a used XTL or X3 Live and then you get the workbench for FREE.


    3). Is this guitar as good as I think it is right now? I like the physical playability, neck & action and it sounded pretty good with the presets I have currently. I would like to gig with it in a few weeks.


    Go for it you wont be disappointed, don't wait just jump in


    4). Any tips on setting the tremolo up? Should i approach it similar to my Strat? Are they pretty stable in tuning or should I make it a hard tail? Should it swing freely as it is now? I kinda heard it through the piezo when it moved.


    Two things about this......1/ Buy some extra trem springs and fit them, mine now has 5 and it NEVER goes out of tune (as long as you put your strings on and stretch them, also dive bomb the trem many times until it comes back up and stays in tune. 2/ Is it the grub screw type? (I think it is) Its a fine balance getting this right. You have to set the screw tight enough to hold the trem firmly but loose enough to get it in and out every time. A little tip I was told (and it seems to work) is to firstly get the thing how you like it then remove the grub screw ....Superglue it and then put it back in and set it where you want it again..... works for me

    Cheers Mark

  2. That is good advice and of course I wont do it without being sure. I'm talking to FullCompass right now and they have 16 in stock. Unfortunately there are two obstacles. Firstly, will the part they state is for the Variax Bass / 600 and 700 fit into the 700 Acoustic??? and secondly they wont deliver to the UK even though have 16. They have told me that Line 6 have said "Under no circumstances"


    I've just had a further chat with someone at Fullcompass and said the Variax 700 Acoustic jack plate assembly has been discontinued and the one they have is not compatible. If that's the case its a dead end, unless there is one anywhere in a Line6 draw somewhere.


    The alternative would be to buy another whole guitar but I just paid £400 GBP for mine so that's not feasible. And anyway they're too rare here. They get snapped up quickly.


    Thankfully I don't need to replace the socket - I just wanted to upgrade from the older type to the slightly more up to date spring load cap type, because I did it with my Electric.


    Once again it raises the question, what are people going to do with their Variaxes when they stop working and cant get the parts. Very expensive cricket bat !!!

  3. Yeah, I know that the JTV's are different to the original Variax. I think that all the originals were the same as each other though and by that I mean the 500, 700 and 700 acoustic. The original jack assembly was the rubber bung type and they changed it to the spring cap type somewhere along the way, but before the JTV's were around. As I've stated above, I fitted one to my Variax 700 with success.

  4. Thanks for the reply Silverhead. I'm assuming that all the original Variax's had the same jack plate. My 2004 Variax Electric had the first type which had a rubber bung which pushed on to the VDI socket. I needed a new one going back some time and Line 6 sent me a replacement but it had the spring clip design. It was unplug the old and replug the new and it was good to go.


    fullcompass.com in the US have the type I want in stock, however they don't ship to the UK. I emailed them and they just wont.


    My next hope is that I contact Line 6 (as it is their part and it does exist) and fullcompass have said the reason they wont ship outside the US is to protect their suppliers (Line6) Here's part of their reply to me "These restrictions are primarily driven by the agreements we have in place with our suppliers as to where we can sell their product. Apologies for any inconvenience."


    Thanks again



  5. I want to use my Pod XT Live to control a Variax Acoustic AND a Variax Electric at separate times in the same show.

    I will simply unplug and plug in the same VDI cable.


    Can I use workbench and Line 6 Edit to set up patches in the XTL (Some for the Electric and some for the Acoustic) and then just swap the guitars and choose the XTL patch?


    It should work, right?





  6. Have you considered it may be the guitar socket?

    I know you said it works ok with the Workbench cable but not the VDI. Was your Variax new or used when you bought it. There was a lot of talk a while back around the specs of cables and Line 6 said that ordinary Ethernet cables should not be used because they can damage the socket on the guitar. Perhaps this has happened to yours? Try moving all the connectors in the guitar socket so that they are a tighter fit when the cable goes in. I hope that works for you.

  7. Hi


    Does anyone have the answer to this?


    I use a Variax 700 Electric with a Pod XT Live sending patch changes from my laptop via midi to the XTL and then on to the Variax Electric.


    I have just bought a Variax 700 Acoustic and want to use it on gigs as well.


    I plan to set up new amp / effects and guitar setting for the Acoustic and store them in the XTL


    Here are the questions?


    How would the Variax Acoustic react to a command meant for the Electric? and

    How would the Electric react to a command meant for the Acoustic?


    Would nothing happen? Would the receiving guitar change at all? and if so in what way?


    Could anything catastrophic happen?


    I don't want to be the guinea pig?


    So can anyone shed some knowledge on this for me


    Thanks, Mark

  8. Hi


    I have looked for and found a few tremolo arms that might fit to replace the original trem and housing on my 700.


    I have seen Floyd rose and Ibanez which both look similar but can anyone tell me if they would be compatible


    (I tried to put a link here to Thomann but failed sorry)


    Please help if you can




  9. Hi Guys thanks for your replies


    I wont buy a JTV 89F until I can play one in a shop which probably means a long road trip so for now I'm going to concentrate on trying to get my 700 trem system back up to working. Maybe someone on here can help me with that but I realise that this is the wrong place to be talking about an old 700. So I will re-post in the Variax forum and if you think you can please reply there. That is unless I just ask one question which you may offer advice on if you own or have owned both old and JTV. Thanks


    Yesterday I unscrewed the trem holder which is just like a nut with a slot for a large flat head screwdriver, it's about an inch in length with a plastic sleeve inside. The sleeve on mine has been worn fully so the grub screw is metal on metal with the trem arm which I think is causing the problem. I'll be working to fix this and if any of you kind guys can help with that I'll really appreciate it. The new system of an adjustable nut on the arm itself seems much better than a grub screw. So does anyone know if the 89f trem (or any of the other JTV's) and nut that sinks into the guitar would fit into my 700? Wouldn't that be brilliant and simple?


    Feel free to reply here or over in the Variax topics


    Thanks again


  10. Hi Palico thanks for the reply


    So, the trem pushes in (not screws in) like the 700 but unlike the 700 there is no grub screw to set. I have tried to look at photo's and from what you have described and what I can see, there is a nut that you adjust once the trem is in. Is that right?


    If there was a guitar shop round here that stocked one I'd go and check one out but sadly there isn't


    Thanks Mark

  11. The trem arm has become loose in its socket. I have tried many times to alter the grub screw and have even superglued the screw with some success. The problem now is that the trem always, no matter how tight or loose the arm is adjusted to, always has some play in it, ie. unwanted movement which results in any sustain dropping out very quickly.


    Has anyone got a decent solution for this?


    Many thanks


  12. Hi


    I'm thinking of changing from my trusty 700 trem to a JTV 89F


    The only reason (ok there are two) The first reason is that the trem arm has become loose in it's socket. I have tried many times to alter the grub screw and have even super glued it in with some success. The problem now is that the trem always, no matter how tight or loose the arm is adjusted to, always has some play in it ie. unwanted movement which results in any sustain dropping out very quickly.


    Ok so the question is; is the JTV 89F tremolo system anywhere similar to that of the 700? Does it push in and pull out in the same way or does it screw in like a Strat? Is it liable to the same problem?


    I now cant remember the 2nd reason haha


    I'll post my problem also in the Variax forum, but if anyone knows a decent solution to my 700 problem please reply


    Many Thanks


  13. Hi


    Not been here for a while, so maybe you've fixed this issue.


    I had the same problem on my 2004 Variax 700, every bank was one position out. This happened on two separate occasions. When I wiggled the Digital cable it changed back and changed again etc. So I bought a complete jack / VDI socket assembly. = FIXED !


    Then some years later the same problem occurred so I (with much difficulty) obtained another jack assembly. But while I was waiting for it to be delivered I opened the flap on the VDI socket and cleaned the contacts. I also very carefully moved each contact so that it might be a tighter fit to the cable plug. GUESS WHAT = FIXED !


    I didn't replace the socket assembly and so far many years later its still ok


    I hope you have the same result if you try it




    Cheers, Mark

  14. Hi, haven't been here for a while, sorry


    Please can someone give me a real quick fix as time is tight, I have a gig on Saturday


    I have a Variax 700 and Pod XT Live. All has been great until today when I plugged my Variax into my friends XT Live !!!!


    Somehow now in the Variax all the banks in the model select knob have moved over by one. For example all the JAZZBOX bank are in the ACOUSTIC bank, the ACOUSTIC guitars are now in the RESO bank and the RESO are in the CUSTOM 2 bank.


    All I did was plug in to my friends XTL


    When I plugged back into my OWN XTL I was really hoping it would reset back to my settings but it hasn't


    By the way this only happens when I select using the Model select knob on the guitar itself, if I use a patch over midi it does select the correct guitar / bank.


    In my Custom 2 bank I have one setting which I created an alternate tuning in workbench (a long time ago) Would it just be a case of me going back into Workbench? Will all my Variax's memory be still stored in WB ?


    I haven't played around with these setting for ages because all was well


    Please if anyone can help I would really appreciate it


    Thank, Mark




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