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  1. Hi guys, im a long time variax user and this one has stumped me. I have a JTV89 from 2011, works perfectly (although the volume/tone/pickup selector unit will be needing replaced soon). anyway, i also have a JTV89f and the past 2 or 3 weeks the modelling sounds are really hot, like the gain is too high. Clean sounds sound horrible and the acoustic tones are utterly unusable. I have both guitars on firmware v1.9 (as i prefer that to the HD modelling). The 89 sounds fab on the same patch though my Helix but as soon as a swap over to the 89f it is just horrible. What could be the problem??? 

  2. hi guys, i switched on my rig this morning for some practice and after loading up a backing track i noticed that the sound was awful. the rig has not been driven hard and it was working fine a few days ago. i cant understand what happened. i have already opened a ticket and awaiting a response but has this issue happened to any of you guys? the 1st half of the clip is the track running through my L2m which sounds fine but then i switch to the L3m and its awful... heres the link.. Thanks.

  3. Hi guys. is it possible to piggyback the Stagesource PA with a different powered system? I have a BIG room to fill and i don't think my 2 x L3s and 2 L3m's will fill it so i have a chance of using a powered HK Audio rig as well. Both have Xlr in and outs. Would it be as simple as using the loop thru to the HK rig or am i missing anything?? Thanks for any help..

  4. ca


    I've just taken my in-expensive travel case wheels off and fitted them to my Line 6 bags, brilliant job, the plastic housings are at least 8mm thick and feel as strong as my Gator Keyboard case wheels, this will be a lasting job, because I am careful, I do take care of my equipment, all of which looks brand new even though I cover around 250 gigs per year as a professional keyboard player.

    can you post some pics please?

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