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  1. Triryche's post in Line 6- Tone Direct UX2 MIDI connection and recogition was marked as the answer   
    So can the newest version of Monkey see the UX now?
    If so, do you have green ticks for drivers and POD farm?
    In Reaper you need to select Line6 ASIO as your device and enable inputs 1 thru 4.
    In POD Farm you configure the 4 sends, the screens a slightly different between PF1 and PF2.
    A typical workflow would be to capture wet and dry tones simultaneously then apply the plug-in to the dry track post processing.
  2. Triryche's post in Amplifi TT with physical guitar pedals? was marked as the answer   
    No, not directly to a cabinet, it would need to go to an amp, then cab, or a powered speaker.
  3. Triryche's post in 2 questions about the UX2 was marked as the answer   
    With the UX2 you can use 1 instrument and 1 mic input simultaneously or both Line Inputs simultaneously.
    You cannot use a Line Input with Instrument or Mic simultaneously.
  4. Triryche's post in Can I record with only the UX1 dry signal? was marked as the answer   
    Use the Line6 Audio-MIDI control panel to configure.
  5. Triryche's post in How can I change the speed of the music in the app was marked as the answer   
    IIRC, They have not implemented the 1/2 speed function in the Android version. It does not appear in the app ony Moto G either.
  6. Triryche's post in Do I have to buy POD Farm 1 or 2? was marked as the answer   
    POD X3's have a POD Farm 1 hardware enabled license, the PODxt's do not.
    But as Zap point's out, you should be able to use the PF2 trial.
  7. Triryche's post in System Volume too low and system mixer replaced with ux1 mixer after installation of pod farm was marked as the answer   
    First run the Monkey and get green ticks for drivers/firmware and POD Farm 2.5x (you may have done this already.
    The UX becomes your soundcard, you need to connect you speakers/headphones directly to it.
    You can also search the Knowledge Database for set up videos.
  8. Triryche's post in JTV-89(F) - Models: low E and A string way louder. (v2.10) (Pickups: all strings equal in volume). was marked as the answer   
    I don't think it is uncommon for there to be variances in the output strength of the piezo pickups.
    In case you don't already know, you can also adjust the string volume globally.
  9. Triryche's post in record was marked as the answer   
    The AMPLIFi will not send the Aux Input to the USB stream for recording.
    But if you are using the POD HD 500, I would use that to record.
    With the 500 plugged into the Aux in, the AMPLIFi is only serving as a monitor.
  10. Triryche's post in 2 questions amplfi was marked as the answer   
    In the AMPLIFi Remote App click AMP>>Type>>Clean>>No Amp
    By default when selecting no amp there will be no cab.
    Are you trying to use the AMPLIFi to monitor the 500? If so, use the AMPLIFi's AUX in, it will bypass all the modeling, so no need to disable.
    You can use a cable like this:
    Currently there is no PC Editor.
  11. Triryche's post in Can POD FARM be accessed with "other" brand interfaces? was marked as the answer   
    You would have to purchase the Hardware Independent version (not i-Lok).
    It will work with virtually all USB ASIO interfaces.
    And there is a 30 day money bake guarantee.
    (i-Lok version is plug-in only and not refundable.)
  12. Triryche's post in AMPlifi Remote was marked as the answer   
    You need to flash the firmware, many units shipped before they added Android compatibility.
    You can use the PC Utility via USB or an iOS7 or 8 device via Bluetooth.
  13. Triryche's post in Which USB Cable? was marked as the answer   
    Standard USB cable, like you would use for a printer.
    If you cab get access to an iOS 7 or 8 device, you can update via Bluetooth to gain Android compatibly.
    Many units were shipped way before they added Android compatibility.
  14. Triryche's post in UX1 Tones for Live Guitar Rig was marked as the answer   
    The PODxt Live and POD X3 Live use the same algorithms, they are legacy though.
    The FX100 is based on the same POD Farm algorithms, but the signal chain is a bit different.
    You might also look at the POD HD 500x, it's the next generation of their algorithms.
    Also Line6 just announced a new pedal board at NAMM, Firehawk.
  15. Triryche's post in Mixcraft won't playback line 6 effects w/o ux2 was marked as the answer   
    In Pod Farm.
    I think in POD Farm 1, the default for sends 1/2 are processed.
    Either way, check the mixer view in POD Farm, and which ever sends are processed, or that you set to be processed, use those as inputs in MC.
  16. Triryche's post in Amplifi form comparison was marked as the answer   
    Yes, same sound engines.
    The differences are in form factors and I/O options.
  17. Triryche's post in cant record with amplfi 150 was marked as the answer   
    Go to the downloads page (at the top of forum page >>support>>downloads).

    Select AMPLIFi 150 in the 1st drop-down and Drivers in the 2nd.
    I'm not sure if the 2.1 FW update is bundled with the drivers or not.
  18. Triryche's post in POD HD Pro seems to be causing problems with Windows 7 audio was marked as the answer   
    In the Windows Sound controls have you tried disabling the HD Pro and explicitly selecting the Presonus as the default?
  19. Triryche's post in Stereo Modulations not Stereo? was marked as the answer   
    Make sure the mods are post amp.
    If they are pre amp, the amp will mono sum the signal.
  20. Triryche's post in Pod Farm window size is too small. was marked as the answer   
    You could post it on IdeaScale, but honestly, I don't see this happening anytime soon.
  21. Triryche's post in PodXT Live/G5 DP/OS X 10.5.8/USB Connx fail, can't view or edit was marked as the answer   
    Assuming you have the newest version of Monkey installed, run it to make sure the  drivers and firmware are current.
    If you purchased this with extra model packs installed, flashing the xt may wipe them out if the seller did not "gift" them to you.
    (PODxt Live should come with FX-Junkie by default).
    Download and install Gearbox, this may be done with or without Monkey.
    Gearbox replaces Edit.
  22. Triryche's post in can not connect was marked as the answer   
    Not sure if this pertains to your issue...

    I'll see if I can get another set of eyes on this.
  23. Triryche's post in New to the UX1, need help was marked as the answer   
    Yeah, it can seem overwhelming at first if you are new to digital recording.
    Rest assured, you are not required to purchase any additional licenses, you may choose to in the future to add other model packs.
    Three main things to get you going.
    First off, do you have an older red-faced Toneport or a new black-faced POD Studio? This will determine if you should be using POD Farm 1.12 or POD Farm 2.5x, you do not need gearbox.
    Second, the interface becomes your computer's sound card, that is why you need to hook powered speakers directly to it, you can also just use headphones.
    An easy way to connect most common computer speakers to it is thru the UX2 headphone head phone out. You may need just a stereo 18" to 1/4" adapter.
    Third, you will need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). A popular choice is Reaper, free to try for 30 days (technically it is free beyond that with a nag screen at start-up) but well worth the price IMHO. I think currently $60 US.
    Also, check out some of the videos in the Knowledge Base for setup.
  24. Triryche's post in Pod Farm 2.5 Standalone with Third-Party Interfaces was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately the iLok license is for plug-in only.
    You need the hardware independent version to rub standalone.
    Depending on the latency, you might get away with adding the plug-in to a track and monitor while recording.
  25. Triryche's post in Import Spider IV tones? was marked as the answer   
    You didn't miss anything.
    Two totally different algorithms.
    Build from the ground up, you're sure to find some great points of interests while navigating to your destination!!
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