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  1. Yeah, new 69 user here and I can say that while some models are a little more sensitive to muting + high gain than others, I'm getting great results with Firebird and Tele with Widerange humbucker so there's nothing inherently wrong with the design of the guitar that means it can't do palm muting. Does seem to be a guitar-to-guitar thing and I count myself and my dad as lucky to both have good units. I hope you get this resolved dude. I'm absolutely blown away by the Variax but it's for that exact reason that it sucks so much when it doesn't work out.


    Cool, glad you got a good one ... thats great.


    Still waiting on a reply from GAK on what my options are.


    I guess they are looking into it.

  2. When I pick up my black 69, I think of that photo of David Gilmore with his black

    NOS Fender Strat, then I go into playing some Floyd tunes.

    Good man!


    Also not a fan of Trems, although I do have a strat for when I get a floyd inspiration.


    I did have a Floyd Rose guitar back in the late 80's .... Hated it and Man changing stings was one of the most stressful experiences... Like Adam Sandler movies.,,, saw one... Made a personal vow.... Never again!!


    Re going direct- same here, not used a real amp in years .... Since discovering PODs... Can't seee going back to a real amp. (Although I have moved on from PODs ... But that is a different story)

  3. Interesting, thanks for the update.


    Will be interesting to hear your thoughts when you get it back.


    Guess it will a different issue on my 59p as there is no locking nut.


    But if it is "Odd vibrations getting processed with the rest of the audio."


    that's gotta be a nightmare to troubleshoot for the techs ... could be almost anything. ... deffo one for the guy who like a real challenge.

  4. It's not just the 89F. 59's have had this issue too. I would imagine that there are many more that have the issue but go unnoticed. I continue to believe that the issue is with the software or internal electronics.


    My 89F has been received by Line 6. I hope to have it back in a couple of weeks and will let you guys know if it is fixed.


    @Ice9Mike - have you heard anything back from Line6 on this? .... I am still waiting to hear.

  5. If you cannot try it in person, i would make sure you can send it back.... some of us have the same issue with the the low E and plink plonk sound...made worse when palm muting.... others seem to be fine... luck of the draw I guess. Although most of the posters with the problem seem to be 89f owners.... anyway i hope Line 6 can fix it.


    Yes, you can blend the magnetic pickups .. you need to do this in Work Bench on the computer, you can not do it without the editor ...but you can save the setting on to the guitar.


    Yep tried Nashville tuning, its pretty good.... like the 12 sting and alternate tunings then sound much better in a Mix ..they can sound a bit odd if played Solo ... not bad... just not 100% convincing, but in a Mix or a band setting, or jamming along to backing tracks they sound good.

  6. Howdy!


    I'm thinking of purchasing a JTV-59P because I can get one on sale and I don't have a guitar that has P-90's in them, plus the scale length is like that of a Les Paul, or so I've read. And I'm starting to really dig the smaller scale length now that I'm getting old.  And I've read they put .10's on the guitar which I'm using now. 


    I used to have a Line 6 Variax 600, but I sold it because it had one problem that just nagged on me: the weird palm muting sound, especially when distorted. Plus it had some weird overtones at times and I didn't care for the tremelo. 


    The main reason I want to get one is because of the ability to store custom tunings and a few of the models. I have a few guitars, but I don't really care for tuning one in open E, one in G, and so forth. I do use a few guitars for E-flat tuning, I tried that with the Variax 600 and couldn't get past the weird sound. I know about the 3 position switch versus the 5 position switch, and that doesn't really bother me much. I'm more interested in the Lester, Special, RBilly, Semi, and Jazz-box sounds (maybe the D-28 and the 12 string too). 


    I am hoping you guys can answer some questions for me. 


    1) Is the palm muting on the HD models more realistic? 


    2) Any weird overtone issues or palm muting with the 59P when modeling with distortion? I'm not talking about melt-your-face distortion, but classic rock/fusion type distortion.  


    3) Is there an actual issue with the string balancing? 


    4) Is the build of the 59P's good? I know it's overseas, but does it stay in tune and not fret out when bending? My 600 had some dead spots on it, another reason I sold it. 


    5) When you switch models does the sound cut-out? I don't think the Variax 600 did that, but my VG Strat (first model) does it.


    6) Are the Tyler made P-90 pups good? 


    I don't plan on getting "the dream rig" or anything. I plan on just playing the guitar through my studio rig, mainly for messing around, playing some covers, and trying out some new tunings.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi there,


    I have a JTV-59p ... for a lot of the reasons you want one and it is a great physical instrument ... BUT I do have and issue with Palm Muting.


    Please see the thread as others have the same issue....



    please listen to the audio clips..... i would advise you try the guitar in person to make sure it is not one that sound like mine, which is currently with Line6 for the second time trying to get to the bottom of the plink-plonk sound.


    I used to have a 700 and it did not sound like the JTV-59p with palm muting ... so I hope that Line 6 can fix it,


    as far as the P90's go ... I really like them.... I thought I would swap them out for "Better" ones .... BUT I really like them.

  7. thanks...hopefully they will be able to identify and fix the issue... really hope.


    The guy on the phone was very helpful and seemed to actually listen and care ...which is great to see in this day and age. Told me exactly what to put in the note and gave me the hint to put it in the strings to make sure the tech sees it. etc


    He also mentioned, the only one he had heard about having this issue was someone brought one in to show and discuss with a manager and he asked if it was me ... it wasn't...  but at least they know about this type of issue and it is not common ... so lets hope they can make it right ... either by fixing it or replacing it.

  8. @psarkissian - I tried to re-open the ticket but the support system in the US and the UK appears to be totally separate ... they told me to Call Line 6 in the UK and closed the ticket .... so you will not see it in the US.


    The helpful guy in the UK said to make sure a flag it as a "Second Return" as it would need to be QA'd by a manager. I put a piece of paper in-between the strings so the Tech cannot miss it ... it explained the problem and linked to the threads on the issue as well as the recordings of the issue.... i also mentioned your name as someone who had been helpful in the discussion on the thread.

  9. Opening a ticket will bring visibility here to the support group,...

    two heads are better than one, more heads are better than two.


    Oh,... and the board referred to in the repair is the board on the

    bridge that the piezo solders to, as opposed to the main board,

    which is a different part number. 

    Thanks - requested ticket re-opened with Line 6 and pointed them at this thread and the recording, also contacted the shop to say the issue still exists.

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