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  1. good to know that you guys are looking into it.


    if you need more audio clips, please let me know. Also depending where the Line 6 Service centre is in the UK ... I would be happy to demo it in person to an official tech ... if that would help narrow down the issues.


    I am more than happy to work with you guys to try and get to the bottom of it ... if it needs to be offline, NDA'd no problem ... just would like to get to the bottom of it as it is otherwise an excellent instrument.

  2. Good to know, as I said it still "Feels" a great instrument ... It's just going to have to be used selectively until / IF the issue can be fixed by a software update.


    Spent a bit of time today trying to EQ the plink out... Not really happening in practice, unfortunately.


    Will have to see if I can find amp / cab model combinations that mask it.


    AC-30 TB is pretty bad at emphasising the problem

  3. -Part of it is the guitar that was Modeled from. The queries here seem to pertain to the 1959 Strat Model. It's the sound that a number of blues people covet and relish, that's why that guitar sounds the way it does.


    -Part of it is the way the guitar body resonates. It's wood, it's organic, there are individual resonance nuances.


    -Part of it is the set-up. Neck relief, action, intonation play a part. Also check for burrs in the string nut slots, sometimes it can dampen or buzz.


    -Part of it is watching and controlling gain and EQ through effects and amp stages. I'm adjusting gain and EQ through my JTV's and floor effects all the time. It's part of creating the sound I'm trying to get,... my sonic signature or musical identity, as it were.



    There are individual aspects at play here, otherwise every JTV would be doing this. It's a staring point to create the sound you're going for. If that Strat sound is excessive,... options are adjusting through Workbench HD, adjusting EQ, keep track that gain stages don't get away from you, and maybe  have a guitar double check the set-up for you (use an authorized Line 6 service center, as they will have documentation regarding set-up specs and such).

    well, it's not just the start model, the Tele model does it, the Les Paul model does it, Special does it, R-Billy does it, chime does it, Jazzbox does it,. etc etc


    as it went back to line 6 in the UK, I would hope they set it up to the relevant specs. the out of the box setup when new was not great to be honest....after a decent set up it has always "felt" great.


    going to have to try to EQ that horrible plink out of the equation.

  4. agree it "Could" be an issue..... but it seems unlikely that so many of us have the issue only on the low e string?


    I took it for a professional set up and there was some very light fret buzz, very light...the real pickups would not it pick up ... but yes the piezo's did ... so I raised the action ... zero fret buzz but still that awful plink sound on the low E... and it does not matter what fret is played

  5. I just upgraded to firmware 2.1. It made everything easier to use, but the 6th string still sucks. I posted this recording to illustrate how bad the 6th string is on the Spank Bridge model. This was recorded through a HD500 using the AC30 model with very light distortion. It's awful.




    Yes, that's the same horrible sound I get.


    Hopefully line6 will find the issue with mine... I chased the supplier this morning to see if there is an update, or when I can expect any news.


    Will keep the thread updated with any progress.

  6. Gotta say, I owned a Variax 700 MIJ and it was really "meh" as a physical instrument... nothing special or anything I felt any connection with... It was a dreadful set up put of the box and the tech at the dealer was the worst butcher I have come across... Even after all the hassle and expense of trying to get it playable it was still "meh".... Did not have a soul or that mojo that meant it wanted to be played. Not experienced that feeling since buying a really cheap guitar in the 80's.


    This really put me off the MIK JTV especially the extra £'s on top. Having said that, I waited for a deal and got a JTV-59p at less than I paid for the Variax 700 and despite it being back at line 6 to try and fix an issue with the modelling ... As a physical instrument it is head and shoulders above the Variax 700. I really hope the modelling issue can be fixed otherwise it will have to go... I have decent guitars already that feel great and have the mojo, Fender Custom Shop, fender USA, gibson standard and custom, Martin's etc and despite the claim, the variax does not replace those real physical instruments.... And in all honesty I do not expect it to.... But as a playable workhorse, it is nearly there.


    It just need to be taken up a notch in tech and reliability, which we hoped the JTV would be.... It is a step in the right direction... But still needs improvement..... iMHO

  7. an update:-


    Line 6 Support came back and have requested I return the guitar via the store for Line 6 Service to check.. but suggested it was "Playing style" I pointed out that it was only the one string and asked how it can be playing style if it did not happen on the variax 700 I owned, and happens if picked with plectrum, finger style etc.


    they believe this info changes the picture and it might be a bad piezo and to ensure this info is relayed to them via the store.


    I have asked the store to arrange a pick up a per line 6's request.


    Will keep you guys informed.

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