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  1. reply from Line 6 was standard stuff asking me for a clip ... and asking me to re-flash ... even though I had already given the clip and told them I had re-flashed.


    they have passed the ticket to Line6 UK and also suggested I contact the supplier in the UK.


    I have done so and linked them both back to this thread.


    hopefully they will figure out what is causing the issue for us.


    I would ask other to also raise tickets and point them at this thread. too.


    if other people have the same problem, please chime in and post clips to help line 6 help us.



  2. Personally - I went for what someone else recommended in the forums which was the Fender 150Rs pure nickel - I was quite happy using EB slinky's and Dean Markley strings on my other guitars before that but on the JTV they just sounded too bright - way too much treble on everything - with the Fender 150Rs everything is much more natural sounding and warmer.   The EB's were brighter than the stock D'Addarios' but the stock D'Addario's were still too bright for my taste.  So, I think you need to find strings that suit your ear and playing style.  Comments above from the other guys are very helpful concerning flatwound, half wound and the Elixir strings which also found favour with JTV players and reduce various bright/harsh overtones/artifacts, as do the pure nickel strings.    So, if you think the D'Addario's on the JTV still produce a metallic plink you would rather not have, then it is definitely worth trying one of the suggested options to see if you can get a tone you are happy with.

    cool thanks.


    I will deffo try a different set.


    One observation i have made is that slight fret buzz that would not be audible via normal pickups is VERY audible through the pickups. I had to raise my action slightly to improve things.


    So flats and half flats would back that up in that they tend to produce less fret buzz.


    not used flat wounds on a guitar before, only bass... might be interesting to try them


    thanks again for the tips guys.

  3. interesting stuff.


    one question guys ... if you are finding that changing strings improves things .... are you changing TO your preferred brand / type / gauge?


    Reason I ask is that I usually use D'Addario 10's anyway so wondering if I would not see any difference.


    there is still this metallic plink that I am not especially happy with, reading the action helped ... lowering string volume was debatable ... some amps it helped others made no difference.


    Personally I don't like EB slinky's, but I know a lot of people swear by them.


    so how much of this is just using the strings you are used to on other guitars?





  4. On a JTV-59p when in modelling mode I get this weird plinky plonky sound when using Palm mutes ... it does not seem to matter if it is Spank or Lester etc it is really noticeable and REALLY annoying.


    I tried it with the real P90's and it is fine ... so it is defiantly the piezo's and particularly the low stings.


    The thing is I used to own a Variax 700 a few years back and I really can't remember it being this bad.


    is this a fault?


    here is a sound clip, it sounds worse in real life... MP3 / SoundCloud seems to have mellowed it.... but in reality i could not play live with it,



    the first section is the real P90's and the second part is the Lester model.


    I am running latest firmware and all models etc are stock.


    thanks in advance

  5. I too found the action on a new 59p to be too high for me... So took it to my tech an he lowered it, feels great. But..


    The slight fret buzz you can get with electric that you can't really hear when amplified is really noticeable when using the modelling due to the piezo's.


    If you have a pro set up and the tech is not used to variaxes it might be worth pointing this out so they can try and minimise it

  6. Havent seen anywhere online where it shows the difference between the two so I thought I would make a little vid using the Pod HD500 and my JTV89.


    Sounds so terrible unamped ahhahaha. 



    That is really funny, bad and reminds me of the "Shreds" videos on you tube..... But then it also highlights a very important point... the need to make sure you can't hear the actual real strings whilst using alternate turnings, even just a little bit in the background can throw you off.

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