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  1. I used a Peavey Bandit 65 for over two decades.


    I have a 25+ year old Peavey Bandit as well.  I was using that on an amp stand as my guitar monitor up until a few months ago when the band purchased the mixer than can handle multiple monitor mixes. 

  2. It drives me nuts when other guitar players have an amp at their feet and can't hear it then turn it way up till it drowns out everything else.  Then look perplexed when you tell them they're too loud. 


    I agree.  ANY type of guitar monitoring system should be pointed up to the only makes sense.  Just say NO, Trouser Flappers!

  3. I stopped reading when I got to the sentence the sound guy could get better balance for the audience


    Well dang, some of my best writing was at the end of that original post...and you missed it!   :D

  4. I'm a big, big fan of quiet stage volumes. Sound is so much more controllable that way. The FOH guy doesn't have to fight with sound from the stage that he can't control and I, as a player, don't have to fight to get the sound I need to play well. It takes a little getting used to but, in the end, I've found it so much better.


    Thanks for posting that, it seems to make sense to me to keep things quiet on the stage, but other than a during college I've been at this cover band stuff for only about 5 years.

  5. "The sound guy could get better balance for the audience..."? What does that even mean? 


    Your bass player can't hear you. A legitimate gripe, but one that is solvable without forcing you to have a backline amp. "Quiet stages" are the new normal in lots of venues these days. This is a guy who's been doing things the same way for a million years, thinks there are no other viable options, and has no interest in embracing technology or learning anything new.


    I think his point was he feels the sound would be better balanced for the audience if there is also sound coming from the stage, not just the mains.  I don't agree with that theory.


    And if he can't hear me it's literally a matter of saying, "Hey Paul, I need more guitar in my monitor" and Paul will change the mix of the bass player's monitor, that shouldn't be an issue.  Unless he can't hear the monitor very well because he has his bass amp behind him...turned up...facing the audience...and it drowning out his floor monitor.  *shrugs*

  6. It's great for 'feel' to have amps on stage and have your trousers flapping but it's much better for the audience if (as you say) you keep the stage volume to a minimum.


    It's kind of down to who are you playing for? You or the audience. In a packed place, using amps, the people directly in front of you are only going to hear your guitar (and the ubiquitous drums). Now, they might want that. But that's prolly if they are musos. It's more likely they will want to hear the band so going direct and having a low stage volume (have you considered in ear monitoring?) will be best.


    We often play in smaller bar type venues where we're trying to keep our volume low enough that customer conversations can still happen.  We don't need anyone's trousers flapping!

  7. Hi.  I'm in a cover band and I'm using the HD500X direct into the mixer for the mains and one of the mixer AUX sends feeds a floor monitor in front of me (my guitar and vocals).  Like many of you I'm not using an amp at all.  The different AUX sends can be adjusted individually so each band member gets their own monitor mix to their liking.  Of course, I have my guitar turned up in my monitor mix compared to the other channels, but still only loud enough for me to hear what's going on.


    The bass player has been suggesting that I should be using a cab/amp on stage behind me, pointing to the audience rather than relying on the floor monitor to hear my guitar.  He further suggested that I shouldn't be using the floor monitor for both vocals AND my guitar.  He's been in several bands dating back to the 80s/90s where the guitars would mic their amp at the back of the stage and the monitors were primarily for vocals.  His feeling is that the sound guy could get better balance for the audience from that setup and I would also be able to hear myself better since there is an amp pointing at me, as well as the other band mates could hear my guitar better.  That's his opinion on how to change the setup so things might work better.


    Here's my opinion:  The less stage noise the better.  Since I'm not using a guitar amp at the back of the stage the sound guy has an easier task to balance everything through the main speakers.  Regarding monitors, since each monitor channel can be adjusted/mixed individually we should be able to make that work better than having additional amps pushing sound over the entire stage.


    I've been running sound at church for the last 25 years, so while I'm comfortable behind the board I'm certainly not a sound tech expert.  However, I agree with very little of what he's suggesting for changes to the amp/monitor setup.


    Am I wrong in this?  What are your thoughts/experiences with similar scenarios?




    Dean J.


  8. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.  Not that it changes my non-functioning headphone situation, but I was fortunate enough to pay much less than half of the $100 each time, so that's a plus.  


    I did a quick search on the AKGs you mentioned and found this:


    Based on the 1-star review shown on this page I guess Tascam isn't the only headphone maker that has issues with two of the same make and model in a row.

  9. The retail price of these headphones (not what I paid) is upwards of $100 so I would think they'd be something above crappy, and the reviews are very positive.



    While I don't think I'm beating the daylights out of them that seems to be the only other explanation.  But I don't take them anywhere, I hang them on my guitar when I'm not using them, and the usual plugging/unplugging from the jack.  *shrugs*


    I didn't think the impedance would be an issue, but I wanted to at least ask.

  10. This may not be the correct forum for this, but I use these headphones with my 500X, so I'll start here.


    I've purchased TWO (2) pairs of Tascam TH‑200X headphones during the last 18 months and the jack crapped out on BOTH of them.  Is there a history of this happening?  Is there something with the 500X phones output that could be causing this?  I really love the headphones otherwise, but I don't think I can buy another pair of these if it's just going to happen again.  


    If I push the plug in the entire way the sound is distorted and sounds like aliens are talking.  The only way to get any intelligible sound is when I plug it in partially, but then I can get either only the LEFT or RIGHT channel of sound, never both, depending how far the jack is inserted into the unit.  


    Also, there is no longer any stereo separation in the speakers, everything sounds mono (same in both ears), even though it's only the left or right channel coming through from the source.


    I have tried the phones in different sources and same results, so it doesn't seem to be the 500X phones jack.


    I'm probably going to cut off the old jack and solder a new one and see what happens, can't be much worse than how they're working now.


    I've sent a message to Tascam about this, so we'll see what they have to say.


    Thanks for your time.


  11. Understood Duned, that's a good point.  I also did some research about the Low Cut adjustment and determined that changing the low cut a bit can help my guitar sit above the mix better (keeps it from blending into the bass player).  I'll give it a try and see how it goes.  Thanks!

  12. Thanks for the replies.  I did adjust the Low Cut to about 120...I didn't even know that existed so it's nice to know I'm young enough that I still have some things to learn.  :)

  13. Well this went over better than I anticipated it would.  Thanks for the input and replies!


    This clip was USB direct into the computer from the 500X and a diddy from


    I originally downloaded this patch from, but I've tweaked it a bit since then.


    The amp is a Plexi bright, 4x12 Greenback cab model and the 421 mic.  There's some chamber reverb, a tube screamer, and a little compression.


    I'd like if it had more sustain, but that's likely a product, at least to some degree, of the noise gate.  And listening to the lead section, it sounds a bit dry in this environment...maybe I could experiment with some delay/reverb during lead sections.  Oh...and also getting my bends bent properly...that would be good too.

  14. Just did the update and was greeted by the following error message when starting the Edit software:



    POD HD500X Edit
    There was an error transferring one or more patches.
    If this error keeps occuring, quit POD HD500X Edit, restart the POD HD500X hardware, then run POD HD500X Edit.
    (Code 8000000a) Operation timed out.
    So that was pretty cool (not really).  I have the bundle saved from a few months ago so I'll start there, but it's kind of a bummer.
  15. I use the same Gator bag as mentioned above (


    It is a tight fit but it feels quite secure.  It's a nice bag too, durable and nothing chinsy about it (assuming people understand what I mean by "chinsy").  I can also fit my 3-ring binder in the main compartment with the Pod, zip it closed, and then get all of my cables and small gear in the outside pocket.

  16. Yep, I see them in Customtone when I search for 'bignath' so it looks like it worked.


    And thanks for eMailing them directly.  I had to turn the FX Loop off in order to get the one to work fine but they all sounded pretty good.  The Triple Drive has some potential for me, I'll mess with that one some.  


    Anyway, thanks again, bignath!

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