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  1. The only similar thing that I can think of is when I start editing a preset and I click save without DOUBLE clicking on where exactly I want this preset to be saved.  It then over-writes whatever patch happens to be selected. 


    It doesn't sound the same as your issue, I don't know why it's jumping around to your different set lists, but that's as close as I can get to what's happening to you.

  2. I had a similar issue when I tried a pair of the new Apple earpods (the kind that ship with the iPhone 5).  Something just wasn't aligning with the HD jack and things sounded horrible.  So I went back to the phones I was using previously. 


    You mentioned that you used two pairs of phones, so this may not be the issue...unless they happen to be a make/model of phone that doesn't work with the Pod either.


    Good luck.

  3. I scanned the multiple pages of this topic and didn't see this hopefully it hasn't already been discussed/slammed/shot down multiple times already.


    My suggestion:

    How about an "undo" button somewhere in the edit software?  For all those times when we (I) say, "Hey, I wonder if THIS will sound better.....EWW!!...I'd better go back to what I just had...oh dang...where was that button set at?"


    And a question

    Why is a power button such a big issue to the OP?  You want it off, unplug it.  You want it on, plug it in.  No big whoop.  *shrugs*

  4. I use a minimalist approach (so far). 


    For gigging I generally use one bank set up like this:






    Each patch has various effects (chorus/distortions/delay, etc.) controlled by FS1-FS4.  I don't have time (nor the patience, at this point) to fiddle around trying to get an exact replica tone for each of the 50 or so songs that we play.  I can make all of our cover songs fit into one of these patches.


    Regarding the "delay" when hitting a footswitch, I've noticed it, but deal with it by stomping at an opportune moment (during a rest or at the end of a measure, etc.).  With the rest of the band playing on I'm relying on the fact that most (all?) of the audience won't hear my 15ms of silence. 

  5. For 'Plush' I use a Treadplate model and kick on some chorus.  I don't know how that compares to the rest of the STP catalog of songs, but it works for this particular track.

  6. Perhaps get some type of clear tape, contact paper or sticky laminating something-or-other to place over these graphics so they don't rub off anymore.  Granted, it's not a great solution, but it's worth a shot.

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  7. I had another gig over the weekend and I was pleased with how the Pod sounded...finally!  I guess all of the searching for tones and tweaking has been paying off.


    I also played at church for the first time since purchasing the Pod and with some tweakage of an existing pre-set I had an acceptable sound to use during the service.


    So...I guess I'm finally getting into some type of groove with this new equipment.

  8. I was answering strictly from the pre-loaded patch standpoint.  A customized tone designed on a 500X in theory would work on a 500, but there is the 500 DSP limitation you mentioned....right.

  9. I believe they are the same presets, and the 500 patches do indeed work with the 500X.  When opening with the Edit software, just change it to view all files (*.*) OR change the file extension (which I've not yet done).

  10. Hey Mark.


    For the gig I had the Pod set to Studio/Direct.  I didn't think about that perhaps changing how it sounds through the amp, so that was a mistake due to a lack of experience on my part.


    Now that I have the QSC K12 to monitor my patch creation, hopefully I can adjust the amp EQ to sound somewhat similar to what the QSC gives me so they'll more closely match.  I haven't had a chance to try that yet...hopefully soon.

  11. Thanks Sam, I'll take a look at that video.


    My amp does have an FX send/return and I used that method with my Pod 2.0 in the past, depending on the circumstances.  At the gig last weekend I ran an XLR from the HD500 directly to the snake so my amp was available for a monitor.  I used the amp's regular guitar input for that so I could regulate the volume to my liking without changing the house volume of my guitar. 


    That's the same way I was wired when creating/testing the tones:  1/4 out of HD500 into guitar input of amp. 

  12. Yeah...that makes sense.  I'm usually tweaking at night when people are in bed so it's at a pretty low volume.


    *adds 'sound proof head gear for wife' to shopping list*


    Actually I could start looking for some AKG K240s, I've seen them mentioned on here a time or two.  I've never used headphones for this purpose before, but it evidently can work.

  13. I hear what you're saying, phil, but I was using the same amp for my monitor that I used when making the patches.  Things just always sound different once everything is set up and everyone is playing together.  Maybe I should tell the band that we need to have all of our gigs in my basement so I know what it's going to sound like...?

  14. Hi HD users!


    I had my first live gig with the HD500X over the weekend.  I set-up 4 patches with various effects during different songs to use during the evening.


    The acoustic pre-set (DI Dreadnaught) served it's purpose for my 12-string.  I did add a bit of chorus so it didn't sound quite so dry, but other than that it worked.  I also created a patch for a "clean" and tube driver type model that I ended up using most of the night, so that one seemed to work ok. 


    However, the Recto and Marshall sounds I attempted didn't sound good in my monitor at all, so I ended up staying away from them most of the evening.  These were primarily canned pre-sets so I'll likely need to start from the ground up and re-design these two.


    It's amazing (read "frustrating") how things seem to sound ok in my basement when coming up with the tones but then with the full band things sound tinny, overly saturated with treble, thin and just plain "blech".  I was using a Pod 2.0 previously and I wasn't pleased with how I was always getting lost in the mix during practice so I thought maybe the 500 would help that out.  I'm not completely there yet.


    When creating the tones I use my amp (Peavey Bandit-112, which I also use as my stage monitor).  I have all my amp EQ settings set to 12:00 and it's running on the clean channel but maybe it's still coloring the sound somehow.  Our band uses QSC K12s for house speakers so I decided to take one of those home and use that for my "design monitor" instead of my amp. 


    Maybe something will start to click soon and it will all come together!


    No, there isn't a direct question here.  I'm just throwing some thoughts out and if anyone happens to have a comment/suggestion about my logic I'd be happy to hear it.



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