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  1. Hi everyone. 

    Hi all !

    I have abnormal saturation on the clean channel of my DT50 since today :(
    I use it with Helix and the Line6 link... The problem also exists when I don't use the Helix and plug the guitar on the amp...
    Do you think I should change the power tubes?
    Could it be a more serious breakdown?
    Thanks everyone!


    P.S: Excuse my english, I'm french.

  2. Bonjour d'abord, excusez mon anglais car je suis français.


    When I play at high volume on my dt50, especially during palm mute, I hear like the sound of screws or nuts not tightened inside the combo. Of course I carried out an external verification but I did not find anything abnormal. Do you think I can open the amplifier paying attention to electrical overloads? Is there a risk that I damage it during the opening?


    Thank you !

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