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    Replacement power supply for an HD 500

    Thanks guys really appreciate the help. The search for line 6 dc3g did the trick. I found one for £26 UKP at GAK. Ordered and should arrive on Friday. Thanks again. Cheers John
  2. johnpicton

    Replacement power supply for an HD 500

    Hi guys - been away for a couple of years - now I want to start using my HD 500 again but I cant find the power supply. I would prefer to get a genuine one (I once fried an X3 Live because I used a 3rd party power supply) but I cant see anywhere on the line 6 site to get one. Can some kind person point me in the right direction please. Cheers and thank you. John
  3. Hi all I know on the old forum there were posts that had guides on how to install Graphtech pickups on my Variax 700. I have done a search here but cant find the guide, does anybody have any useful links? It would also be useful to have a link (preferably UK / European) to the pickups I would need. TIA John
  4. johnpicton

    Graphtech pickups

    Thanks to both of you - Very much appreciated. Cheers John
  5. johnpicton

    Graphtech pickups

    The info about half way down is potentially very useful. Thanks for posting. I am assuming that the pickups I need are the strat style one? Can anybody confirm? Cheers John
  6. johnpicton

    Is The Edit Software Different Between Pod Hd Units?

    Can I suggest downloading both the HD300 manual and the Edit Software. Both can be downloaded without owning the hardware and you can run the Edit software and see for yourself what will work with what (obviously you cant test how it sounds!). You will need to be logged in - the edit software is here http://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=5176 The advanced user guide is here http://line6.com/support/manuals/podhd300 Cheers John
  7. Am I right that the power supply for the X3L is the same as as the Variax power supply? My X3L power supply died while I was using it outside on an extremely hot day. It is clear that the power supply has died - but if I can use the variax supply to test the X3L then at least I will know if the X3L has died as well. Cheers John
  8. johnpicton

    Px-2 Power Supply - Is The X3l One The Same As The Variax One

    Thanks for the heads up - My Variax is a old 700. Thanks
  9. johnpicton

    Px-2 Power Supply - Is The X3l One The Same As The Variax One

    Thanks Silverhead - I will dig out my Variax PSU (I tend to use the X3L or my HD500 for the Variax so I don't usually need the power supply, but now I know it is worth having a look. Cheers John
  10. johnpicton

    I Need Some Help To Achieve This Tone

    Another DAW to try is Mixcraft 6 - also free to try, cheap to buy. MUCH easier to set up and use than REAPER (which I also use BTW). The interface is very user friendly. Long term REAPER is more powerful but for simplicity Mixcraft is (IMHO) very good. It will allow you to use the Line 6 ASIO drivers. http://www.acoustica.com/
  11. johnpicton

    Where Do I Download The Pod Farm Plugin For Podx3?

    Make sure when you are looking for downloads that you check the box marked "Archive"