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  1. Hi guys - been away for a couple of years - now I want to start using my HD 500 again but I cant find the power supply. I would prefer to get a genuine one (I once fried an X3 Live because I used a 3rd party power supply) but I cant see anywhere on the line 6 site to get one.


    Can some kind person point me in the right direction please.


    Cheers and thank you.



  2. Hi all


    I know on the old forum there were posts that had guides on how to install Graphtech pickups on my Variax 700. I have done a search here but cant find the guide, does anybody have any useful links?


    It would also be useful to have a link (preferably UK / European) to the pickups I would need.





  3. That sounds like the paradigm used in the Spider amp I have.


    Is slap-back echo and reverb at the same time is a no-go?


    Can I suggest downloading both the HD300 manual and the Edit Software. Both can be downloaded without owning the hardware and you can run the Edit software and see for yourself what will work with what (obviously you cant test how it sounds!).


    You will need to be logged in - the edit software is here http://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=5176


    The advanced user guide is here http://line6.com/support/manuals/podhd300





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