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  1. On 6/11/2019 at 7:05 PM, antonio1961 said:


    Agree 100% on this , and sorry to derail the ot a bit Glenn, but heard some really nice sounding harmonies there without any of the other two band members moving their lips :-)

    Are you using some sort of vocal harmoniser?

    Hi Antonio. Yes, Thank you I am using a harmonizer. I use this: 


    I've created my own custom patches (big surprise there right???) using the reverb & delays in this unit. That "Step" Button gets me into a long repeated delay that I use for big screams and long vocal lead lines. It's a very cool device. I don't know if they are still available though. Now they have the same one but it's black in color and they're charging $300 more. TC has some good products but they also have some very bad products (for vocalists). For example, stay away from the "HARMONY SINGER" pedals. This one though was a good one and it's on my main A board now and has been for about 18 months.




    Glenn DeLaune 
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  2. 4 hours ago, andymccraw said:

    The way around this has been to have to use a dedicated block to a swell reverb and leave the mix static between all snapshots, which is frustrating b/c I tend to fill up my blocks with effects and need all the space I can get. Why can't I simply use a single reverb effect and have the mix change per snapshot without causing this unusable situation. Why "unusable" you ask? Because typically when I'm doing these types of ambient swells it's during a very quiet portion of the music and this surge/spillover sticks out like a sore thumb and sounds terrible. Imagine it's nearly silent on stage and the effect you're hoping for is a subtle volume swell...nope, you get this brash, full volume dump of the effect.

    I've experienced this as well. The way you're approaching this anomaly is correct though. The one thing I've noticed is the Delay block is causing most of this. Especially when you have different ms and mix values from snapshot to snapshot. If you are using delay I would check that too.


    Glenn DeLaune 
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  3. On 4/6/2019 at 7:54 AM, Beckybrown said:

    Thanks for the quick reply! Glenn’s presents are set up for stomp mode. Not snapshot mode. I’ve just tried your suggestion and if i turn the delay off for FS1 it’s off for the solo boost on FS3 also. And vice versa:( 

    Just to clarify, If you're talking about the HX Stomp, my Custom presets are in fact set up for Snapshots (not sure about the factory ones I did though). You have to be in snapshots mode to use them. If you see colors on the buttons other than white then you are not in Snapshots mode. To get into Snapshots mode you press the "Page Right" button on the HX Stomp 
    until you see the big numbers <1>  <2>  <3>  on the Screen. That is Snapshots Mode. The Buttons should be white in color.  




    Glenn DeLaune 
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  4. If you have both units all you have to do is open 2 instances of HX Edit connected to the HX Stomp and your (Helix)?? if that's what you have, or the Lt or the Rack or even Native. Then just copy and past the blocks from one HX Edit screen to the other. It even carries over the Snapshot settings!! 


    Hope this helps.




    Glenn DeLaune 
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  5. 6 hours ago, aaron__aardvark said:

    Kilrahi and datacommando,

    Though no one wants to buy something, and next week it is half price off. 

    **THIS**   Guys, first I want to thank you all so very much for your support and words of encouragement throughout this journey. What Aaron_A said here is the exact reason why I have never ever offered any sales on any of my products since I opened my website for digital downloads starting in February of 2013. I would never want anyone to pay a certain price for one of my products and then the very next week it's 20% off, or whatever . . . That wouldn't sit well with me and it wouldn't sit well with any of my customers. I think it's the reason why so many of you have been continued supporters of my products and my music throughout the years, and for that I am very very thankful. So the price for any of my items is the same no matter if you get it from my Secure website or the New Line 6 Marketplace. 


    Speaking of the Line 6 Marketplace I'd encourage you guys to go check out some of my friends products on there. I'm talking about my friends Jason S, Peter H, Ben V & Robbie C. They have some top notch products.


    Thank you guys so much for your continued support.


    Glenn DeLaune 
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  6. 8 minutes ago, bsd512 said:

    I couldn't resist and snagged Glenn's Banjo+IR preset. I used my new Strat with a single coil bridge. Sounds great! Now I need to learn how to banjo roll! Right now I just sound like a monkey randomly picking strings. :-)


    Ahh, Thank you very much. Yeah I learned by watching Earl Scruggs. I just started off very slow and worked my way up. It did help though that I already had been finger picking since I was a kid so I had that chicken picking style.

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  7. 6 hours ago, shanecgriffo said:

    Glenn, i think you could fool many people with that one, probably that fancy picking doesn’t hurt too .. as in a lot of things like this you need to have  the right technique to really help get the sound even if it is a realistic sounding IR.. is that IR available? i have a telecaster just waiting to sound like a banjo ;) haha

    Thanks Shane I plan on having it available early next week on my website. It'll also be available in the Line 6 Marketplace area.

  8. Yeah so this is a telecaster on the bridge pick-up plugged right into my audio interface. I didn't even use the helix. The first few seconds is how the guitar sounds without my Banjo IR then I engage the IR. It's not like the best banjo sound in the world but you can clearly hear it takes on some of the characteristics of a banjo type tone when I engage my IR. What do you guys think??
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