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  1. Absolutely agree with phil_m on this. If you're accustomed to coaxing controlled feedback on a 'conventional' amp, you should be able to achieve it with this one, too. I'm sure you know all that variables -- type of guitar, pickups, gain & volume levels of the amplifier  being used, and .... the positioning of you and the guitar relative to the speaker.  If I were trying to tame this little beast, I'd probably put it up on a stool, where it would be easy to get close to the speaker with the guitar body. 

  2. Need more information. I'm Assuming that the Amplifi 30 is working ok.


    iOS or Android device? iOS or Android version? At what point does it freeze -- immediately, or after you try to do something, like connect to bluetooth?


  3. What are you using it with?


    I have one of these boards that I use with a Amplifi 30 and an Amplifi 150. In this case, the volume pedal parameters are a function of the presets. (which are setup in the Amplifi remote app)  I have several presets that are configured exactly as you've described, providing a reduced volume with the heel down, and 100% with the toe down.

  4. Sounds like your battery is toast. Yes, they're kind of expensive, but I thought the price was normally around $49 -- $60 doesn't sound right. (I just looked at Sweetwater, and it's showing $49.99.)


    Be VERY wary of buying something billed as a replacement for the Variax battery. There are some advertised on Amazon, but the reviews say 'No go' with the Variax. Some camcorder batteries have a compatible form factor - meaning that they'll fit in the instrument - but there is something internal to the ones sold by Line 6 that lets the guitar know that it's seeing 'the real thing'...


    If you search the forum, you'll find some other threads that discuss this....

  5. On 4/24/2016 at 7:53 AM, jeremyn said:

    The G10 looks interesting. Could be good for small coffee shop gigs and playing at home.

    Those are my primary uses, and it's worked extremely well in those applications. 


    I used it at a fill-in gig in a band situation outdoors a couple of years ago just after I bought it, and later heard a couple of strange things in recordings of show. I also remembered hearing those things while on the 'stage' playing, but could not conclusively say that the sounds were coming from my instrument. Afterward, one of the other band members, who's somewhat of a Line 6 critic suspected that it was the G10 possibly being interfered-with due to its living in the heavily-populated 2.4gHz band with cellphones and other electronics. I don't know. 

  6. Probably late with a response, but I will weigh-in, anyway...


    Could be a good deal, but there are some questions to be asked of GC before considering a purchase:


    1. What is the firmware version? If it's not the latest, step cautiously. If you look through this forum, you'll see plenty of complaints about the firmware process turning Amplifi amps into boat anchors. It happened to me, and I'm very adept and knowledgeable with computers and hardware. I even tried it on the phone with a Line 6 tech following along and he acknowledged that I was doing everything right, with updated computers, correct drivers, etc. It cost me over $100 to ship my 150 to California for Line 6 for a 'free' repair. 
    2. Have any of the factory presets been overwritten? Theoretically, you can do a reset and restore the factory settings. Ask if they will do it before you buy, to make sure that somebody hasn't written something godawful into one (or more!) of the preset locations.
    3. Do they have a satisfaction guarantee -- can you return it if you think it stinks within a given time period?
    4. Do they offer any kind of a short-term warranty?

    Amplifi was (IMO) a nice idea that they failed to develop, had some major deficiencies that were never definitively  corrected, and has been left to whither on the vine, even though I've not seen an announcement that they're out-of-production. But we're sure not seeing any ongoing development...

  7. Don't know anything about the Fender Mustang GT.


    I do know about the Amplifi, as I have a 30, an FX100 and a 150. Of the 3, I like the 30 the best. They all have the same sounds. I use the 30 for practice at home and occasionally at an open mic, where I use it with a Variax, and mic it with one of the instrument mics. Usually play it with a cleanish Fender model and it sounds pretty sweet. Also use it with a Taylor T5z and it sounds good amplifying an acoustic. 


    That's the positive part of my comments. Stand by for the negative, and remember -- these are opinions, not statement purporting facts.


    • For all practical purposes, the Amplifi line has been abandoned. Line 6 may still sell some as new, but they have not released any updates for firmware or the remote app for a very long time. As far as I know, they haven't announced that they're no longer produced, but it sure doesn't look like it.
    • As you've read, updating is -- at best -- problematic. I had no problems updating my 30 or the FX100, but the 150 went horribly wrong and it cost me over $100 to send it to Line 6 to have it repaired for 'free'.
    • I have not had any problems with the bluetooth, but I've only used it for any length of time on the 30. Not enough experience with the FX100 or the 150 to make a call. 

    I conditionally *like* the Amplifi series, but if you're not lucky and get one that requires updating (and fails!) or has bluetooth disconnects, you're not going to be happy. If I were to do it again, I WOULDN'T.

  8. On 5/21/2019 at 12:10 PM, variDude said:

    I like how the 59 looks too, but I don't like short scale, or the three way pickup selector.


    I'm 2/3 of the way with you. Looks just fine to me, and I really hate the awkward model selection with the 3-way toggle switch. When you're used to the 5-way, it's really hard to get used to the newer scheme...


    As for the scale length, guess I'm too much an amateur to be affected by it... 

  9. May be a little late for a response, but my opinion is that a microphone would be best connected to an Amplifi through a mixer, with its output going into the aux/line input of the Amplifi. 


    That's not the 'only' way that would work, but a fairly proper one...

  10. Hard to predict how much interest this is going to attract, but I applaud your effort and your willingness to share with the community!


    It's also hard to predict how long we'll be able to use our Amplifi devices, especially those requiring some type of connectivity, like the tone cloud. As long as the hardware holds out, we should be able to at least use them as amplifiers. 


    I like Line 6, but they seem to have a habit of running off to chase new shiny objects, and forget about yesterday's  toys. Some products seem to enjoy longer support, while others whither on the vine.


    IMO, Amplifi hasn't seen much love, and is in a long, slow fuggedaboutit decline. One thing that makes me think that is there is an entirely different product with the same name -- AmpliFI, which is a home wifi component -- that's being sold and I don't see Line 6 out there protecting the name in any way. You'd think they'd be demanding a name change, but they don't seem to notice or care...

  11. The answer to both questions is: kinda, sorta...


    Amplifi is not intended to be a PA, but does have pseudo 'full frequency' range, when compared to a conventional guitar amp. The reason for this is that it has additional speakers to reproduce audio streamed via Bluetooth, as well as guitar tones reproduced by the main speaker.


    A microphone connector and mic preamp are not provided -- only  guitar and aux/line level inputs are available. It would be possible to use a mini-mixer with a mic preamp and tone controls to feed Amplifi's aux/line input. This would approximate the scenario you're interested in. The guitar and aux volume levels are independently adjustable.

  12. @gervais19


    If you can get one that's already been updated to the latest firmware at a great price, it may be worth it, depending upon your needs.


    But read through this forum, and recognize that there are a couple of issues that come up repeatedly -- unreliable bluetooth connections and failed firmware updates. There's also huge disappointment that Line 6 never made a PC-compatible version of the Amplifi Remote software -- it's iOS or Android device-compatible, only...


    Expect spotty support and the prospect that there will be no future revisions or improvements. They're not saying, but there has been no improvements or updates for a long time...

  13. If it breaks, you'll probably be able to get some assistance getting it fixed, although it's likely you'll have to pay. Beyond that, I wouldn't count on any other type of support. 


    IMO, McCoy said it best on Star Trek: "He's dead, Jim"...

  14. Have to agree that a cheap bass likely would provide a more satisfying experience. I've created tunings for bass on both my Variax 500 and JTV, and used them with the bass amp model pack in my old Pod XT Live. Yeah, they kinda work, especially when buried in the mix with other instruments. To me, it doesn't sound too realistic when it's the only instrument you hear. Fun to fiddle with when you're warming up and there's someone around who's not familiar with the capabilities of the Variax. 


    Care needs to be taken with the way you attack the strings, too. That has a significant impact on the overall 'bass sound'...

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  15. Quote

    Agree with Gin normal string tension and/or no tension makes no difference to a good neck.  


    Basically, I agree with this, too. I do it one-at-a-time more out of habit than fear that something will get messed up. Plus, if I changed the way I do it now, I'd have to come up with some other silly habit, like changing the stings in the same order every time. And then I'd have to remember the order that I used the NEXT TIME I changed strings...


    At my age, the less I have to remember, the better...

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  16. Sigh. We feel your pain. As you've probably noticed, you're not the first person this has happened to...


    Isn't there a label with the S/N somewhere on your Amplifi? If you can find that, you might find that Line 6 will work with you on a resolution, at least to minimize the cost of your brick...


    iOS devices can auto-update, but that's under your control. It seems unlikely that it was an app update, however, as there hasn't been one (that I know of) in quite some time...

  17. Most acoustic-electrics have output signals that are equivalent in amplitude to an electric guitar. Just use a 1/4" guitar cable into the input of your Amplifi 30 and you should be all set.


    You'll have to find a preset that best complements the acoustic guitar, though. You may have to build one that sounds good to you in the Amplifi Remote app, as I don't think there's a preset especially suited to what you're looking for. It'll need to be clean, of course. Other characteristics, like reverb, EQ, etc., will be up to you.

  18. I believe that the preset change is actually made when the footswitch is released, rather than when it's pressed. You can verify this by holding the switch down with your foot for an artificially-long period of time. If you do this and the change doesn't take place until you take your foot off the switch, you'll have your answer.


    And, if this is the case, the only thing you can do to speed things up would be to very quickly 'tap' the switch once in order to change the preset. Avoid holding it down for any length of time.