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  1. I'd totally like to see a new version with AAX, but even AAX support for the existing one would help. Right now POD Farm is destroying my workflow since I have to export wave files from PT10 and insert them into PT11. Not very convenient in a mixing situation where I need to change things to fit in the mix.
  2. You should just make an audio track (mono) and insert POD Farm, and then you just have to choose the right input and arm the track and make PT ready to record. I've made a screenshot just in case. Might be a bit small, but I think you can see the black circles.
  3. You're not alone. I kinda need PF to be compatible with PT11 as well. I wouldn't keep my hopes up though, considering the fact that nothing has been said about PT11 or AAX from anyone at Line 6. I tried asking them weeks ago, but didn't get a reply, which kinda makes me feel that they're not gonna make it compatible. If a competitor will be AAX compatible before Line 6 possibly say anything I'll make a switch, since I can't possibly live without a couple of decent guitar plugins. Actually I consider replacing a lot of my plugins these days, where I'll use plugins from companies who aren't so secretive that they don't even mention PT11 while the competitors are already on the market. I don't mind waiting for something I know is coming, but I just can't afford to depend on plugin manufacturers who don't communicate. That applies to a lot of companies these days!
  4. You are right, and the explanation is simple. Pro Tools 11 is a 64 bit application, which does not support RTAS plugins. The new format is 64 bit AAX, which basically isn't available from the plugin manufacturers yet. AFAIK Line 6 hasn't mentioned anything about a possible AAX update since october 2011, when this was written: "I'm pretty sure that when that standard is implemented we will also move towards making our software compatible with that format to stay relevant. There is no public info on when this will happen, so stay tuned to the website." So, it may or may not be coming, since no info is actually known about it. As of now though, you cannot use POD Farm with PT11.
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