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  1. The new software allows you to configure the DT amps, just like the Pod HD did. The rest of the functions are the same as before in terms of adding effects. The tube output stage of the DT amps will always be active. To change the parameters of the DT using HX Edit:

    1. load a preset
    2. navigate to the output block and click
    3. locate the DT25/50 page select and click
    4. Choose Preset mode to be able to control the amp via presets (global and off are the other options)
    5. The top slider controls what preamp will be active- Helix or DT. Select the one you want
    6. The next 3 sliders control the Topology, Class A or B, and Pentode/Triode modes
    7. The next slider turns the onboard DT reverb on or off, the next control the default amount of the reverb.
    8. The last 3 sliders control the "hidden" DT50 only options.
    9. To add Snapshot control over a slider, either click on the slider cursor (square box) and press "S" on your keyboard, or right click on the slider, scroll to the bottom and select Snapshot. This way you can control the DT parameters via Snapshots.

    I hope this helps.



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  2. The hardware is the same, but the software is different! Very important because the new software includes the "Classic" mode which makes the amp sound more like a traditional combo amp. You can buy a Spider V MkI and download the new software to make it identical sounding to a MkII. 

  3. 15 hours ago, simulcast said:

    If you are thinking of buying one - DONT.  Get an Orange lunchbox or combo.  Anything but this thin, nutless piece of crap.

    How much time did you spend with it?

  4. If you are asking whether or not you can load external IR's into a Spider amp, the answer is no. The amp and cab models are imbedded into the amps software and can only be changed through a software update from Line 6. That said, there are a ton of different cab models in the Spider software that can give you a wide range of tones. 

  5. 3 hours ago, DocFil said:

    I don’t own Spider V and neither Spider V mkii... I was considering buying the Siper V 240 but surfing the web to obtain some more info I found the new Spider V mkii.


    Is the old model with the firmware update completed is a copy of the mkii? Is it worth buying the new version, does it contain other changes apart of the firmware already update...??



    The mk 1 is identical to three mk 2, except for a bit of cosmetics. Find a good deal on a mk 1 and do the update and you're set.

  6. Line 6 just released the new Spider V software- you can update your original Spider V to Mk II specs. New features:

    • "My Tones" Tab - log in with your Line 6 account to access presets saved to the cloud.
    • "Cloud" Tab - search for presets on the Line 6 customtone.com cloud created by Spider V users.
    • Adds support for "Speaker" Classic/Full Range parameter within the cabinet settings.
    • Adds support for preset labels.

    I've checked out the new "classic" speaker mode on a few presets. They sound great- big improvement! They've really improved the presets, and organized them so that they give you more realistic models of the most desired amps.

  7. Why not back up all the presets you want to keep on your computer?  Then setup you're banks the way you want. You can always load the factory presets back on your amp when you want to. I'm sure there's a number of factory presets you'll never want to load, so just overwrite them with some of the other factory presets you want to keep. 128 presets is probably more than just about anyone can use.

  8. If you assign the expression pedal (or an external expression pedal) to an effect parameter, the sliders are used to set the minimum and maximum limits of the effect. Otherwise, the sliders have no function.

  9. On 4/26/2019 at 7:51 PM, Kilrahi said:



    It literally comes with a bass preset. You'll be fine.


    The 1972 Silvertone is a model of a bass amp. Use a smaller cab if you're still worried.

    There isn't a speaker out of the Spider V 240 combo. Yes, there is a model of a bass amp, but the speakers in the 240 are GUITAR speakers and can't take the excursion of the low frequencies that a bass can put out. I wouldn't do it, but maybe you'll pay for new speakers for him, lol.

  10. You have to connect the amp to your PC using a USB cable.

    1. There is a switch on the back of the amp to select USB or iPhone, so select USB.
    2. Download the Spider Remote program from this site.
    3. Go to the Customtone page, and find a preset that might work. Download that preset to your computer
    4. Load the Spider Remote program and navigate to a slot where you want to load the new preset.
    5. Click on the Load/Save tab, click on "Import tone to Spider V"
    6. Select the previously saved preset. Click Open.
    7. The new preset should be loaded and "Bob's your uncle"!
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  11. You have several ways to find the tones you're looking for.

    1. Scroll through the presets already programmed in the amp. Find one that comes close to your desired tones, and tweak the front panel controls to taste. Use the Spider Edit program to make it easy to scroll through the presets and have vusual icons to show you what you're hearing,
    2. Go to customtone to find presets that work for the type of song. You can do a search to help you find them.     https://line6.com/customtone/browse/spiderv/
    3. Connect your amp to a Iphone or Android phone and download the Spider V app. You can search presets there too.

    Remember- Every guitar and guitarist sound different, so take a preset as a starting point. You should learn how to tweak the amp, cabinet and effects parameters. Many classic rock tones use a lot of different effects, amps and guitars.

    Good luck! (I take American Express or Visa, lol!)

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  12. Do you have a PC or Mac? If you do, you can load the Spider Edit program and look through all the presets more easily. There are some from many different songs and artists that you might recognize. Also, it's easier to edit tones than on the front panel or the App.


    The thing is, you ears and your guitar are unique and there might be a preset that's a good starting point for the tone you're looking for. Start there, and then twiddle the knobs and listen to what's happening. The manual is your friend too. Good luck.

  13. I wouldn't hold your breath for an update, this is considered to be an entry level product and functions well for what is expected of it. The only improvement I would like is being able to bank up or down with presets on Spider Edit. It's  such a pain to have to toggle one preset at a time to go from one bank to another.

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