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  1. You're happy with Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry- good for you. Personally, I find these improvements:

    -Much more user friendly editor, update and storage capabilities

    - the amps are a different flavor and more touch sensitive compared to earlier ones

    - the new delay is awesome sounding

    - the new Xotic clean boost is great for every amp I've tried.


    Since it's free, what do you have to lose?

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  2. The USB cable must be an OTG cable, not a generic USB cable.  And you have to have an OTG cable for the transmitting device, either iOS or PC.  For example (for Android): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LN3LQKQ/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    You are using the Android app that won't work with your laptop. They have released a PC/Mac editor that uses a standard USB cable to connect to your laptop. Go to the Download page on your laptop and download it to your laptop, do the install routine and you should be good to go.

  3. The software code for Pod HD is a different generation than the Spider V series, so the amp models wouldn't be compatible. According to LIne 6, they completely reworked the Pod Farm algorithms (Pod X3) in the Spider V series.


    Honestly, I had a Pod HD, and the Spider amp models come pretty close to matching the touch sensitivity and dynamics of the HD series. Plus you get a whole lot more amp models to select from..


    I doubt if you'll ever see the HD models in the Spider V series.

  4. I have a spider IV 15W, and used to have a Spider V 120W.


    I assumed the Spider V would be a good step up. Wrong! Best advice I once was given, and can only suggest here is, if you're going to buy any kind of audio equipment - go listen first!


    I didn't, not for the Spider V anyway. As soon as I switched it on I knew I didn't like it. 


    So I read the reviews. Not good. I took on-board the positive advice. I played with the settings. I downloaded hundreds of tones. I downloaded the 'rated' tones. I stuck with it for a year. I struggled.


    One night my wife needed the room where my gear is. For convenience I took my Spider IV 15W downstairs to practice. Hadn't switched it on in months, but OMW it sounded good. That is - compared to the Spider V!


    I knew then I had to change! 


    I traded in my Spider V 120W, Shortboard mkII, & Relay G10 - toward a Boss Katana 100/212. 


    I've not stopped smiling since!!!


    This time I went to the shop & listened. I shortlisted a Marshall, Blackstar & Orange tube amp (all 5W to 15W - home & small venue). Didn't like the Marshall or Blackstar in the end. Orange was only ok for me. Turns out I prefer open back combos over closed back. This isn't the reason why the Spider V doesn't work for me though. Spider V = lots of fizz, poor tone & no cut through!


    Big shout out to Reidys, Blackburn, UK here. The guy gave me 15 mins on each amp, listened to my comments - then said - I know what you'll like. 


    As soon as I heard the Katana 100/212 I was smiling. As I said - I've not stopped smiling since. Not a modelling amp - but 4 (+acoustic) styles + effects, & geesh it's loud!!!! Wife hates it!!!! smile.gif


    Main things - good tone at all gains and volumes! I might be a Boss/Roland convert. Going to listen to a GT-100 next week.


    My advice - go listen!! My suggestion - don't buy a Spider V - buy a Boss Katana. Buy a 100W. Buy the 100/212 if you can!


    Note - I had lots of tech with my Spider V setup. I had the radio link, tuner, and volume/wah pedals and more... I don't have these with the Katana. (I did buy the GA-FC on day one to be able to select the channels). But so what - sound quality is king. Tech is 2nd. I'll add those other features back over time. But - only after I've listened

     I totally agree that you should listen before buying an amp. Maybe the Spider V has too many options for tone shaping for you,because I'm getting stellar tones with mine. YMMV

  5. Chances are slim and none that they will create a pc based editor, and slim just left town... :wacko:


    I bow down in humble embarrassment for my lack of faith in the Line 6 wizards to create a PC editor. The crow is half eaten for dinner, the rest for breakfast tomorrow. I see Slim in the doorway right now...

  6. I wouldn't let the fact that there isn't a PC editor stop you. I'm using an Ipad, and it works well. You can edit all functions on it. You can edit on the front panel too of course. There are problems with some Android devices, check and see if yours is compatible. That might be a deal breaker.


    Honestly, the Spider V is light years improved over the IV. I had a IV. I would never gig or rehearse with it, and sold it quickly. I am very happy with the tones on the V; I'm using it regularly as a alternative to my Helix rig and don't feel like it's a huge downgrade. The amp models are much improved- dynamic and more accurate. I have no problem cutting through the band mix.

  7. I have a 240. It gets up there. I use post eq and add a few db. Some good youtube videos explaining how to use post eq with Spider V.

    I've been a recording engineer for about 40 years. I know all about EQ. The 120 couldn't keep up with a loud drummer, the 240 has no problem. Post EQ helps if you are trying to carve frequencies to cut better, but doesn't  boost all frequencies, so apparent loudness is effected. I don't like to screw with my tone to overcome deficiencies of an amp. YMMV

  8. Mine's plenty loud with stock speakers. I did talk to a couple guys that replaced the V120 speaker with an Eminence Legend and another with a WGS Vintage. They said they louder speakers. Hard to say without hearing the difference myself. I imagine they have to have a work around fo cab modeling using those.


    Have you tried your 120 with a loud drummer? At max volume, mine was barely getting by. And distorted sounds with naturally more compression got lost.

  9. My V240 is plenty loud too; I have no problem keeping up with our very loud drummer. The V120 couldn't, BTW, so I swapped it for the 240.


    Speaker efficiency might be a factor too. What cabinet and speakers are you using? Inefficient speakers can dramatically effect overall loudness. For example, in my Fender SCXD, the stock speaker is about 1/2 as loud as a replacement Eminence Legend 105!

  10. The screen and everything else works perfectly. Theres is just no sound coming out of the speaker. Only the headphone output


    Since the headphone jack has a switch that cuts of sound to the speaker, if you haven't tried it already, try inserting and removing the headphone plug in several times to see if it's just a sticky switch. Good luck!


  11. I'm sure this has been answered but I couldn't find it

    Do any of the spider v amps have a vdi input for variax? The singer in my band may well be interested in these as he's always liked my firehawk and the interaction with variax, he currently uses a variax with a fender mustang amp


    Nope, none have a VDI input.


  12. Not finding any way to to "lock" the assignment. It's a per preset deal.


    I guess I'm not explaining it well. In a preset, if you have an external pedal connected to the FVB3, if you assign an effect to be controlled by an expression pedal, it automatically assigns it to the external pedal. I want to assign it to the internal pedal. I don't know any way to do that, Is there a way?


    When an external pedal is connected, if there is no effect assigned to an expression pedal, the external pedal controls volume, so some presets will have the external pedal controlling volume, and those with an effect being assigned will have the internal pedal controlling volume. This can be confusing during a gig., especially when you have both kinds of presets on one bank.

  13. I don't believe there is a way to globally lock this, you will have to assign the volume control to the correct expression pedal in each preset.


    There is no way to change the pedal assignment of the volume or the assigned effect. Once you assign an effect to be controlled by an expression pedal, it defaults to the external expression pedal. Is there a way to assign it per preset? I don't care if it's global, I just want to lock the external pedal to be volume.

  14. I've got the FBV3 and use an external expression pedal to control effects. What I've found is that when you assign an effect to the FBV3, it defaults the effect control to the external expression pedal. But since volume control defaults to the external pedal with no effect assigned, volume control switches to the internal pedal. I know that the red LED on the FBV3 indicates the change of mode, but it's easy to overlook it.


    This can be very confusing when gigging. Is there any way to lock the volume control to the external expression pedal when assigning an effect to the FBV3? That way the external pedal will always be volume, and the internal pedal will always be effects.

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