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  1. Has anyone created a patch for a resonator using the Spider V series amps? Would be nice to have that for the opening of Voices from Alice in Chains.


    I don't hear a "resonator" at the beginning of the tune. It sounds like synth pads to me. You could try some of the synth effects on the Spider, but I don't think they will get you there. They're more for simple lead tones.


  2. A Swell Time. And the one mentioned above, Secret Travel. Both are in factory 2. Only two I've found, but I didn't look at them all. Secret Travel is interesting, but the swell effect isn't why; it's littered with delays.


    I think you're right in that it was released before being ready, or worse, and I hate to say it, maybe it's just poorly designed. The way it is now, I don't I think I'd find much use for it all. I was really looking forward to this effect. Oh well.


    I fired up the HD to refresh my memory of what its auto-volume is like. Way better. Simple. And does exactly what you think it would do. The only thing missing from it is the ability to adjust the swell time for being longer, thinking second(s).


    I'm not sure why, but I don't have either of those presets and I've done the update. I've got all the new amps and effects.

  3. Used the Spider 120 for the first time with the band. Some how I managed

    to delete the very first preset fumbling with the foot switches. So before this

    happens again, where do you store backups?




    You have to use the Spider Remote app to save presets. If you only save presets using your amp, it's lost unfortunately. If you've used the Spider Remote app, it will be saved in My Tones if you used that option when the preset was created.


    Many have complained that the lack of a computer editor makes it hard to manage presets, since all presets are stored on the Cloud, and can't be accessed by the user. A computer editor would be a great addition and probably increase sales for an already solid product. But it doesn't seem like it's in the cards...

  4. I'm brand new to guitar. Total beginner. I like what the amp has to offer. I really want to buy this amp but all the negative press on this series amp and Line 6 all over you tube makes me a bit apprehensive to spend the money. I have spent hours listening to all the demos and reading all the comments and can't figure out how a 20 year old company could still be in business if their products were that bad. Alternatively, how is a beginner supposed to learn about different effects and tones in a home learning environment if not for these type of amps?


    I've been playing guitar for over 50 years(scary thought) and have played in studios and gigged with a wide array of high dollar tube amps, boutique pedals, huge pedalboards, digital multifx and was a recording studio engineer in one of the most prestigious LA studios. Those are my credentials.


    The fools on the internet, like the guy who smashed the Spider V, who get their egos stroked by trashing inexpensive equipment, are just that- fools. They're just trying to get attention, and make themselves seem like "experts" to the uninformed. It happens in every internet forum or video from  politics, stereo equipment, you name it. The curse of the internet.


    Though not perfect, and not a $3000 tube amp in terms of "ultimate" tone, you can get excellent tones from a Spider V. I know, I have the 240 and wouldn't give a second thought to gigging with it.  And I don't care what the cork sniffing guitar players in the audience think. It's a tool...


    Like was stated before, many, if not all of the modeling amps in the price class can be tweaked to give you decent tones. I prefer the Spider because of the wider range of tones and effects available, the superior footswitch arrangement, and the ease of tweaking. YMMV.


    Read the manual of one of the modelers,go to a store, take one into a isolation room, play with it for a while. If you bond with it, take it home. Return it if it doesn't work for you. That's my advice. Good luck with your search.

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  5. You can always downgrade if it doesn't work, I can''t see any reason why it wouldn't though.


    Atleast you can get a connection.. Show off :D


    Actually, is it possible to downgrade? I should think before I type


    I upgraded this morning. I tried connection with my Samsung S6, which was previously flakey with constant crashes, and it worked very well. No crashes, responds quickly. I'll test it more this weekend, but I think the bug fixes may have been related to Android devices. There is also a fix for a problem with  V240HD's.


  6. Well good for you sunshine. 


    "There isn't a manual, but most of the functions are pretty obvious."  I guess I'm a f'ing idiot then because it's not obvious at all.


    Trying to scroll through 78 amp models on something the size of a phone.  That's ridiculous.  That's just stupid.


    You're a class act, aren't you? I was just trying to give you information so you could make an informed decision. Have a really great day!

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  7. Since the Spider V's have full range speakers in them, they might be an option for you. Try one out and see if it sounds good to you. I would use a preset with the Tube Instrument Preamp. One of the acoustic guitar presets will probably work.

  8. Are you using Android or Apple? I had bad luck with my Samsung s6, crashed constantly. With my Ipad mini, it's been flawless.(Hear that Line 6?) There is no PC editor, unfortunately. There isn't a manual, but most of the functions are pretty obvious. The one that I've found that isn't is the pedal assignment. You have to touch and hold in the function you want to assign the pedal until a dialog box pops up. Ask questions and maybe we can help you. BUT, they should have a guide for the app, and they should create a PC editor.

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  9. I had a Vetta years ago, and my memory is a bit foggy but I think the Spider V sounds better. It's much easier to navigate with the simpler interface which makes tweaking easier. The mid/ high gain tones seem more dynamic. I had the "lost in the mix" syndrome when I had the Vetta, I believe a function of the lack of headroom in the power amp section. I've got none of that with the Spider V 240.

  10. Hello. I've seen these treads before but haven't gotten any answers.


    My record line out, with headphones or plugged into my audio interface, has a buzz. I have moved the amp across the house and still has a buzz. This is happens with guitars plugged in and out. The volume nob doesn't effect it either.  


    I have bought and replaced the amp thinking it was just broke. And have tried new power cords. 


    What do I need to do to use my amp? I really love line 6 distortions. 

    You have a ground loop between your computer and the amp. You can check it by using a ground lifter (3 to 2 prong adapter) on the amp. That will most likely solve it. Be aware though, it isn't the safest way to operate, but usually there isn't a problem in a simple setup.

  11. Can you use the XLR outputs to connect a 1x12 or 2x12 cabinet?


    I am playing guitar in a band and need a fuller sound than just my 1x12.

    The XLR outputs are line level. You would have to patch them to a powered full range speaker to get your desired result. You could patch them into your PA system also to get a wider sound.

  12. In the Spider Remote app, you just hold down on the "Position" parameter for a few seconds, and a dialog box pops up asking you if you want to assign that parameter to the expression pedal. I'm not sure about how to do it on the amp itself... I would need to dig into the manual for that.


    That's actually not the way it works. Double tap on the blank area( outside of the slider) of the parameter you want to control with the Exp. pedal and a dialog box will pop up. BTW, is there a manual or guide on the Spider Remote App? I've had to discover things by experimenting- not the best way to learn it.

  13. Is it possible to transfer all tones from a Spider iv to the spider v?

    Nope- different amps, different software. You can only get tones from the Cloud through the Spider App or create them yourself.

  14. Hi together,


    unfortunately my Spider V 120 sounds also bad. The tone is dull, no transparency, no clarity. It feels like you are looking through a dens grey curtain. No matter which preset I dial in, always the same dusty shape of tone. These presets have nothing to do with those presets you can listen on YouTube. If the Spider would Sound like that it would be really great. I am also not able to create a Setting from the beginning which sounds just half the way of my Spider IV 75.

    I love my Spider IV 75, but I am missing all the cool features the Spider V 120 have. Giving the Spider V the soundmachine of the Spider IV would create the perfect amp.

    So I have 2 weeks left before I can´t send the amp back. Perhaps anyone can tell me how to get a good Sound out of the amp. I would love to, because of all the Features the Spider IV haven´t.



    Have you downloaded any presets from the cloud? You should be able to find a few good ones quickly. Try searching for Hindmarsh. He's the guy in the Line 6 demos, and has created some good ones. Maybe try a different guitar too. Have you updated the software? That affects tone also. If you've done all that and it still doesn't sound good, the amp might be defective.

  15. Hello there Spider V user.


    My problem: If I want to use the tab Switch to tab the delay time, it dosen´t work. Also if I use the swich on my FBV3.

    Is it an function, that can be disabled in the menu of the amp?


    Would like to get an answer quick, cause I use the feature very often.





    PS: The Spider App does work so bad and there is no Editor for PC. I hope the Line6 Team will change the missing things rapidly. It is so uncomfortable, using the amp at home without an PC editor. Also it would be helpfull, the USB Unit on the Spider can load the tab by using, cause it is impossible to use app and loading with a separat unit at the same time.


    You have to go to the delay effect and select "note" instead of time. You then use the slider to determine the note value of the tap tempo. Then the tap button will control the delay time.

  16. I can't seem to find info on the modeling engine either. I did notice that Line 6's Firehawk 1500 online info screams at you that it used the HD modeling engine. The fact that Line 6 is silent the Spider V modeling engine causes me to have to assume that it's older X3 or XT technology. Any clarification Line 6?

    According to Digital Igloo, the modeling engine in the Spider V series is an updated and reworked version of the Pod Farm modeling engine. I think they started with that version because there are so many different amps modeled, and then massaged them to work with the Spider series.

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