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  1. Hello there Spider V user.


    My problem: If I want to use the tab Switch to tab the delay time, it dosen´t work. Also if I use the swich on my FBV3.

    Is it an function, that can be disabled in the menu of the amp?


    Would like to get an answer quick, cause I use the feature very often.





    PS: The Spider App does work so bad and there is no Editor for PC. I hope the Line6 Team will change the missing things rapidly. It is so uncomfortable, using the amp at home without an PC editor. Also it would be helpfull, the USB Unit on the Spider can load the tab by using, cause it is impossible to use app and loading with a separat unit at the same time.


    You have to go to the delay effect and select "note" instead of time. You then use the slider to determine the note value of the tap tempo. Then the tap button will control the delay time.

  2. I can't seem to find info on the modeling engine either. I did notice that Line 6's Firehawk 1500 online info screams at you that it used the HD modeling engine. The fact that Line 6 is silent the Spider V modeling engine causes me to have to assume that it's older X3 or XT technology. Any clarification Line 6?

    According to Digital Igloo, the modeling engine in the Spider V series is an updated and reworked version of the Pod Farm modeling engine. I think they started with that version because there are so many different amps modeled, and then massaged them to work with the Spider series.

  3. Is it me, or is this a totally bug ridden app? Almost every time I create a new preset, save it to My Tones, then try to download the preset to the V-120, it crashes my Samsung S6. I can't even restart the app or phone, I have to reboot the phone.


    Is this happening to others, and is there a solution? I'm trying to create banks of tones as a backup rig to my Helix. So far it's really frustrating.

  4. Not really. This is one of my biggest beefs with it. Not having the ability to save your own files in your own folders and manage your own workflow. You either add it to the my tones area, cloud or unit itself. I just went through this hassle setting up my 240 for gigging. Sounded great but to prep took a long long time. I'm in 3 bands so I have to manage different set orders each week. It's a real PITA and could be so much simpler.


    Keep pressing the Ideascale site for a Win /Mac editor. Should simplify things a great deal. This was I believe made off the Firehawk type apps, but those are bluetooth. Spider V amp is not BT capable so the app doesn't make much sense. Not only is the app glitchy, but often times I even have to reboot the amp to get connected. Then the app reports it was disconnected, then you start over. Ipad or Android tab or AmiDuos emulator on Surface Pro 3. They all have the same app problems.


    Go to Ideascale and vote for the computer editors for Spider V. 


    Thanks for the info. It's what I thought- with an amp with this many options, a real editor is really necessary. I'll vote and hopefully there will be a solution soon.

  5. I just got a SV120 and downloaded the app. Linked to my Samsung S6, the app is glitchy, but operational.


    Question: is there any way to drag and drop, or cut and paste presets using the app without saving to the cloud and then downloading down to the amp? It's unwieldy to have to go through all those steps to create banks of presets for gigging.


    Also, I haven't found any manual for the app. Is there one?

  6. I have a 59(and a 69). Both have been flawless for years, and integrate with the Helix extremely well. I have big hands(unlike some :D) and find the necks very comfortable. The shape is different than my Fender and Gibson guitars, but I got comfortable with them in no time.


    The ability to change guitars and amps with a single footswitch is a godsend to a cover band player like me. As mentioned before, you can determine if you want to send both the mag and modeled pickups to the Helix in the input stage of the Helix.


    Like any mid range guitar, having a setup by a pro, maybe a bit of fretwork with increase the playability to match just about anything out there because the design of the guitars is good out of the box.

  7. Radatats, I will first admit that I am a MIDI dummy. That said I have my Helix connected via L6 and one midi cable as you describe (Helix DT50/out to DT/in). I have even downloaded your templates. I still have multiple issues when I select any of them.


    I downloaded your templates but I am getting mixed results. I was under the impression that CC#11 value 0 would eliminate all of the control panel and just run through the power amp section. The helix has taken over channel A but the control knobs still function and affect the overall sound. I went through each of your midi settings on your templates and they are all pretty similar. A typical layout for a template is as follows.


    Instant   Midi Ch   CC#   Value   

        1          Base       19       0      This tells me Channel A/B select value 0 places it on A

        2          Base       11       0      This tells me HD amp select value 0 means none

        3          Base       71       0      This tells me Cabinet select value 0 means none

        4          Base       82       0      This tells me Direct out Mic Emulation type value 0 means none

        5          Base       36     127    This tells me Reverb bypass/enable value 127 that the reverb is bypassed?

        6          Base       77   0 or 1   Tells me that the Topology is either 0 is tight  1 is loose.




    Does instant 2 not take out the controls on the face of the DT?

    Does instant 5 not remove the reverb? 

    My question is what should my global Midi/Tempo settings be?  (I think this might be a part of my problem)

    Also I do see that there are individual CC#'s for Drive, Bass, Mid, ETC but there are 7 control knobs and only 6 instant commands (yes I can turn the reverb to low). 


    Again I am almost completely clueless about Midi and with what you have posted I have dabbled into this strange ocean but I am now feel like I am swimming against the current drowning fast. I so desperately want to keep my DT50 but it is getting harder too. I did buy a QSC K12 and run the Helix straight into it and it sounds great but I want my tube head and I want my 2X12 with vintage 30's because they still sound great and look even better.. I still have 10 days left to get this worked out to return the QSC....   Any thoughts

    The secret is- you have to turn off the preamp section of the DT amp, so that the Helix will replace it.

    1. Download DT Edit- http://rome2.github.io/dtedit/
    2. Connect your DT amps midi in and out to a quality PC midi interface. The M-Audio ones work well.
    3. With the amp on standby, open DT Edit
    4. In the upper left corner, you'll see the 4 Topologies. Click on 1
    5. In the preamp section, select none. It defaults to a Fender Twin. Once you do that, the mic models disappear too.
    6. In the output section on the upper right, select Topology one. Select the class and triode/pentode mode etc for that topology to default to.
    7. Repeat #4-6 for the other topologies.
    8. Close DT Edit

    Now when you connect the midi out of the Helix, it will take the midi CC commands that you program in the Helix Command Center for each preset to the desired output mode of the DT. You program the Helix "instant" switch, not a footswitch unless you want to select it separately. It works great, and it is a bit of a pain, but once you've programmed it, it's done.


    I'm getting stellar tones with the Helix/DT setup using the "Amp" models- not Preamp or using the Cab models. You can experiment to find out what works best for you.

  8. This is exactly how I feel. I was happy with my HD500. Still am. Didn't even want the 500X. When I saw the Helix my jaw dropped because of the sounds, but more so because of the ease of use - the editing on the fly. I'm single, have extra income so I thought yes - this is actually what I wanted when the HD500 came out. But now I'm faced with midi crap? That goes against my main reason for wanting it, and at that price, I'll stick to my HD500. 


    I'll add a further note - Line 6 was a little devious here. The inclusion of an L6 cable, preamp only versions of amps, and endorsing the use of a DT amp in the Helix manual WITHOUT any confession that Helix will not control topography would make anyone think that Helix and DT amps work together the way HD and DT do. They certainly fooled me! I'm bringing mine back. 

    I'm going to chime in on this discussion, because I've been experimenting with the integration of the Helix with my DT amps in the last month, and have finally found the answer. True, it's not as easy as the HD500 Line6 link integration, but with a little bit of work, I think you'll be happy. The fact that they released Helix without a promise of full integration, doesn't mean it might not happen in the future, but I have a feeling that they're moving to the Firehawk 1500 as the Helix mate rather than the DT series.

    Heres how it works:

    1. Download DT Edit from http://rome2.github.io/dtedit/, load and connect to DT with 2 midi cables with a good USB midi interface. Select Channel A under master section.
    2. On the left side of the DT Edit control panel, select "none" for Topology 1 Preamp selection (eliminating the DT preamp)
    3. On the right side of the DT Edit control panel, select Topology 1 and select the desired class and pentrode/triode configuration
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other three topology settings. Close DT Edit.
    5. Connect 1 midi cable from Helix to DT amp midi in
    6. Create a preset with an Amp model (not Amp + Cab, or preamp)
    7. Press the menu button and select Command Center
    8. Instant 1 will default, use default midi channel "base", and select CC# 122
    9. Select the desired Value #- 0 Topology 1, 1 Topology 2, 2- Topology 3, 3- Topology 4
    10. Save the preset.
    11. Now when you select this preset, it will change the amp Topology to the desired one, with the class, and triode/pentode selections.

    I find that the amp models without cabs sound the best, much better than the amp + cab or preamp models. Since the DT has it's own speaker, and the cab model in the DT has been disabled, you have a good place to start tweaking. I find I need to do just a little EQ to get the desired sound. The Helix sounds so much better than the HD, it's worth the extra work to get it integrated with the DT.  And it's still just 2 cables- the Link and midi. I hope you give it a try, and it works for you.

  9. They could at least release a bug fix for the Helix application in the meantime so that we can do backups safely.

    I have no problem backing up and restoring with the Helix app. Could it be your computer OS?

  10. I'm also using full amps through L6-Link.

    Only I disabled the Cab on the Dt and use the Helix cabs.

    I can't say I really compared them intensively but the Helix Cabs should be better.

    A lot of people were compaining about the HD cabs and I do believe they had a point.

    The cab is a BIG part of any tone so I go for the Helix cabs

    Not using any cab is also an option, since the Dt already has a real cab but I believe the DT cab/speaker is designed to be used with cab sims. I mean if you get the sound you want without any, then that's great but using cab sims does give you more options to build your tone, especially if you're  after a specific sound that uses a specific amp-cab combunation.

    So, in other words, you are using Amp + Cab models in the Helix, not just the Amp models. I haven't tried it, but since there is already a real speaker in the DT amp, adding another cab simulation seems to be redundant. So far, just tweaking the amp models to sound good with the Celestion G12H-90 (which is supposed to be neutral sounding) seems to be working pretty well. Did you find the Cab models to really improve the realism?

  11. After a go round with FRFR and using my DT25, I've settled on using the DT amp for a more traditional guitar setup.


    I've set up midi to change topologies, and Helix using the Amp models without cabs. I've disabled the preamp models in the DT. Line 6 recommends using Preamp only models, but I find they don't sound right, as they did with my HD500. They sound less real and more sterile to me.


    What amp model types are you using that you are satisfied with?

  12. I'm testing out a new rig myself. I have a Centerpoint stereo Space Station, which is awesome by itself. But it's not powerful enough to play with the whole band. So I picked up a 500 watt Behringer subwoofer, and I'm crossing over 170hz and will see if it can work. The space station is incredible for giving you stereo out of a single point.

  13. It took me a while to figure out. The problem exhibited the same way:engage the wah via the toe switch, then when disengaging the wah, outputs were muted until the Helix read rebooted. I'm not sure why the outputs worked before engaging the wah, but it happened ever time until I changed to a stereo wah block.

  14. My $.02- I installed Glenn's screen protector. It works great! You could probably come up with a less expensive alternative, but he's done all the legwork and construction. Anything that saves me a trip to Home Depot works for me...

  15. Thanks for getting back guys!

    The super-sonic has fx loop, will give that a try in practice tonight. I'm not running any full amps or cabs models, only preamp models to add dirt. One thing I've noticed for sure is when I run guitar-helix(no blocks selected)-amp, it sounds nothing like running guitar-amp, Nothing!

    Helix is taking a massive toll on my signal! Is this normal I'm wondering?

    You might try the amp (not amp+cab) models into your fx loop. I find them to be closer in level, and better sounding than the preamp only models into an fx loop.

  16. well I am a little bummed right now. I used the Helix app to rearrange all the patches into a new setlist last night so I could upload it. I just tested the setlist today at lunch and almost everything is shifted by a couple of slots. I just went through on the Helix and reset all the patches but i noticed the midi assignments were also reversed on some of the FS. I will fix everything tonight and upload the fixed setlist. What a f@ck story...


    I don't know if it was my computer or the Helix app but I suggest being careful when transferring or copy and pasting patches between sets.  Can't wait for the full desktop app to be finished for doing work like this.  It's fine building a patch on the unit but major set management needs the computer app.

    This happened to me too, when I moved some patches around. I stored it on the Helix app, and when I restored it later, some of my patches were in different locations and the Variax custom tunings were on the wrong patch. I had to go through and make sure that everything wasn't changed.  A bit scary, but I'm not sure if it was pilot error or a software bug. I hope the full computer interface arrives soon...

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