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  1. Just install the new editor. When I try to backup before updating the firmware, I'm getting this error when the preset backup start (30%)

    -Errors occured during the backup (code -8606)  Do you want to retry?


    I'm running Windows 10 Pro with firmware 2.20


    any hint?


  2. Demo sound really good for me but why it's so pricey? Most of the patch sold turn around 1 or 2 bucks/patch.  7 Euro for 1 patch?  Yes, i'm ready to pay for a patch matching a band or a song that I love but I will not pay this price for a generic patch.

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  3. BUG:

    I'm using Sonar 3 producer for recording with a mackie ONYX firewire mixer and a MOTU 828 firewire. (also using a motif XS8 with firewire )

    Since I've installed the helix driver, when I start Sonar (with the helix on) all my ASIO driver(mackie,motu,yamaha) desapear. I'm not able to reactivate the driver when the Helix is power ON. As soon I put the Helix OFF, all my other Asio driver are working back in SONAR.

    So if I want to record from the helix with another instrument plug in my Mackie mixer I have to unplug the usb cable.


    Sonar 3 producer

    Windows 10 64bit PRO

    32gig ram

    Intel i7

    Asus z97-a




  4. Same problem here.I'm running Sonar 3 on windows 10. I have a Motu firewire, a mackie onyx firewire and I Motif xs8. When I power on the Helix, all my other sound driver turn disabled. so I cannot record from my mackie or my motu when the Helix is on. Never had problem recording from all my stuff at the same time with a Pod  XT but with the helix it's a big problem for me.

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