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  1. On 1/15/2019 at 6:10 AM, rd2rk said:

    I've had the FRFR112 since it was released. Sounds great with guitar and bass. Replaced Alto TS210.

    The only difference between the FRFR112 and the Alto TS312 is the lack of preamps for direct mic connection (and the Headrush LOGO).

    This info was extracted with great difficulty from the Alto/Headrush support team, and I documented that painful conversation both elsewhere on this forum and over on Gearpage.

    Despite the somewhat misleading hype on the Headrush website, it really is a great sounding speaker.


    EDIT: I highly recommend getting a short speaker stand (not the normal full height stand). Without the DSP that adds $300-500 to other speakers of this type, getting it off the floor makes all the difference.  

    Hi Rd2rk.  Do you use short speaker stand for gigs or for studio use? Do you have any reference?

  2. A plug is male and a jack is female? Even though jack is a male name?

    The male is called "Jack plug", the female "Jack socket".

    "Jack" is the type of connector, "plug and socket" the gender.

    And that's it.


    As far as Jack Daniel's, you'd rather plug it in the guitar-layer's mouth tahn in the guitar socket (you would get no sound!!). :P

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