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  1. Line6 put a new driver on the support page for Line6 POD HD products at least. They explicitly mention a support for the Apple Silicon, so I wonder if anyone could try it. Any volunteers around?
  2. Thanks, but it worked before, so same country, same cable, maybe another place. Now I brought it to another country to have a cheaper repair and there it made the same noise first. I'm currently waiting for the repair to be done.
  3. Personally I'm lucky enough that this is not something my income is depending on, so I'll wait for the new driver, I see progress on a lot of other devices of other manufacturers, so why not Line6. Maybe they have not enough capacity to do this quicker. Also Apple is working on doing the machine code translation via Rosetta better, so I'd give them some more months. Also the M1 pro and M1 max would give Line6 another reason to do something about this. What is a bit more problematic to me is that Line6 doesn't seem to care to inform about progress.
  4. See also
  5. Hi@all, I've got an older Flextone II and some years ago it started to make these pop noises. It really makes music making unenjoyable or even impossible and even though you can hear your guitar the way it should be, this noise doesn't go away and even it the amp is "hot" it's still there and nothing changes. What I've already checked: I'm using it in Europe, in Germany with 230V / 50Hz if that matters pop noise comes out of the speaker, but also on the send channel, so it must be something in the pre-amp part I guess it's the same if I switch it in any position on the top to any setting, nothing matters, but: all the effects would be applied on the pop noise, so another proof that it happens somewhere in the pre-amp part if amp is cold or not, doesn't matter timely manner of the noises is constant if there's a cable put in or not, doesn't matter inside looks good, no obvious pops or burns Any help would be appreciated. For the sound of the pop noise, see the video.
  6. I was wondering to which date would Line6 be able to support the new Macs coming out. They've got the new Apple M1 processor, so the old drivers wouldn't work, I think. Without these drivers, you can forgot the new Mac, regarding the usage of Line6 products. The operating system Big Sur is compatible with most products, as stated here: Another page with Big Sur compatibility from Sweet Water: Yet another very good page for the compatibility on M1 and music production software in general (unfortunately without mentioning Line6): For my original question from Nov, 2020 there is still no official answer from Line6 or anyone else. There are news about the upcoming M1X or M2 processors, for which the very same is true: no new drivers, no native support. Similar questions to my original question: In this german forum a guy says he had no latency or any other issues with MacBook Air M1 / Big Sur 11.4 with the software Helix Native:
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