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  1. I believe that Helix Native is a plug-in format and has no standalone version at the moment.


    I doubt the FBV3 will have anything to do with Helix Native.  If any control pedal were to function with Helix, it would more likely be the Helix control from the Rack version.  Midi might be another option too.


    All line 6 would have to do is release a template for FBV3  (and, hey, why not a template for Ableton Live).


    FWIW, all the individual element in Pod Farm expose their interfaces with correct names to Ableton Live in the Push 2 screen (with the exception of the Distortions, where the "knobs" appear just as "params" instead of Gain, Level, and Tone...)  Hope this is carried over to Helix Native (I have a Push 2).

  2. Add Performance/Snapshot Mode to Editor


    (with option to organize setlists in banks)


    I'm running the editor from a touchscreen laptop with the Helix LT some distance away, and I would really like a Performance mode (with a keyboard shortcut) to switch presets, either live from the laptop to adjust parameters remotely (via USB) or on the laptop where the remote is under the desk to save space in my apt.


    I'm sure this will be a feature in Native, but we need it in the Editor as well...

  3. A couple of important, dumb questions:


    1. Does the Helix Control work with Helix LT?

    2. Will the Helix Control work with Helix Native?


    If not, will Line 6 make an equivalent that will?

  4. All I see is a 1/4", XLR, and USB(?) detachable power(?) cable. Does the receiver have to be plugged into AC for it to work - i.e., does the receiver have a chargeable battery as well as the transmitter, so the unit is completely portable?

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