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  1. Well, I've sort of fixed the problem, although I have NO IDEA why it works.......so, as I've said, I use a Pod X3 Live on stage DI to the mixer.  I use the VDI cable because many of my X3 patches use different guitar models and I want to be able to call them up with a push of the footswitch (esp. where I go between an acoustic model and a "hot" ES-335 during the same song)  Anyway, if I use Gearbox and assign the input to "Guitar+Variax" and put a dummy plug in the 1/4-inch guitar jack (not connected to the pedal) the bleed-thru appears to go away.

    Why this works, I do not know.........

  2. Let me start by saying that overall, I am very happy with my new Variax Standard purchased direct from Line 6.  The guitar came set up very well and plays like a dream.  After I relearned how to assign a guitar model to each patch on my X3 Live pedal (the function is disabled in Gearbox) I was able to set up for a "basic" show such as I do.


    However, when trying to go a bit deeper into the options of my Variax Standard, I am running into problems.


    On some songs I play I use some different alt tunings, none that are on the alt tuning knob.  I use both an acoustic and a "semi" with a 2-fret-capo and I also use a "semi" in double-drop-D.  With my old V600 it was so easy to go into Variax Workbench, create these models, save them to one of the custom patches, then save that to the pedal.


    Now, with my Variax Standard, when trying to use the alt-tuning knob, I'm getting both the alternate tuning and the original tone.  I was told this was because the mags were bleeding through and that function must be turned on and I would have to turn it off in Workbench HD.  HOWEVER, Workbench HD doesn't seem to want to work on Windows 8.  I fire it up and the 60 guitar patches load...I can usually change models and pickups, but if I go to save a model (and sometimes just randomly) I get an error message that Workbench HD is shutting down.  It shuts down and locks the Variax up.  I have to unplug/replug the cable for it to work again.


    I really hope there is some sort of software bug that is known about and is being fixed because I would really really be upset if I had to send a brand new $800 guitar back for repair after just receiving it.

    So basically, is Workbench HD having issues??  Is Line 6 aware of them?  Are they working on a fix?



  3. I'm looking at the Free Downloads page on Line 6 website under James Tyler Variax/Flash Memory/Windows 8.  I can't figure out how to do screen shot.  But as long as that flash works on both JTV and Standard, that is fine.  Line 6 may want to update that page to show that.....

  4. So, I'm looking to reflash my Variax Standard using the downloaded file, not over the internet via monkey.  Which file is for the STANDARD....the newest flash 2.21 says off to the side that it works with "James Tyler Variax"....no mention of a Standard.  Does it work for both?

  5. When using the tuning knob on the guitar, with the guitar set to variax mode, both tones come through.  This is with my PA at full volume, so it's not an issue where I'm hearing the natural sound of the string.  This also happens if I create an alt tuning in workbench hd.  any ideas as to the issue?

  6. Yes, I understand that I'll have to learn how to do it direct on the pedal itself...and that is the point......Gearbox was a great graphical user interface....able to set up the X3 Live easily and intuitively without having to dig through the menus on the pedal itself.  Why take away good functionality?

  7. This isn't to save patches to the guitar...this is to create a patch on the Pod X3 (i.e. using a Fender amp and tube screamer with a leslie mod and digital delay) and then assigning Spank pickup position 1, or Semi pickup position 3, etc...to that X3 patch so that when I hit the foot switch to call up that patch it changes the guitar automatically......

  8. Are you f'ing serious, Line 6.  I can't use Gearbox for my Pod X3 Live and my new Variax Standard to save the guitar models to the patch that I create??????  Oh, I know, it'll work with a newer pedal.....but here's the thing...I DON'T WANT a newer pedal.  I'm perfectly happy with my X3 Live


    Great product, but I'm starting to question your customer service and management skills......

  9. Greetings,


    Have just ordered a Variax Standard.  I have a set of locking tuning pegs I'd like to install on it when it arrives.  They are tuning pegs originally put on my old Fender Stratocaster.  My question is this....when I had these installed on my old Variax 600, I had to bring it to a luther because the tuning pegs didn't fit the headstock (the holes where the two little pegs go weren't in the same place and new holes had to be put in.)  Does the V-Standard have the same headstock setup as a Strat, or does it also use different pegs as the 600?

  10. Greetings,


    Am having a strange problem with my Variax 600 connection to my POD X3.  When I use the special cable to connect, the 600 doesn't work with the X3.  This was a problem that was "growing."  For a bit, it would cut out and if I wiggled the cable it would connect back up.  Now it doesn't connect even with a wiggle.


    The strangeness of this comes from this:  Using the same 600 and same cable, if I connect it to my old XT LIve, it works perfectly with no problems.


    Any ideas????

  11. Greetings,


    When selecting which model on my Variax 600 to use on an X3 patch, it seems as if the two are reversed."  If I call up "Spank" and change the "pickup switch" on the guitar, when I'm on position 1 (according to the Varaix manual) the X3 shows is as "model 5"...and on picup position 5 the X3 shows model 1.


    Is this a common problem with Gear Box, X3 and the V600?



  12. UPDATE:  ACtually, they DON'T fit.  On the back of the headstock by each hole are two tiny holes where two little "positioning pegs" would fit.  The "Strat" tuners are too big (their positioning pegs go past the hole) and on the Strat the Variax pegs are too small.


    BTW, this is not a complaint about the Variax, just an observation.

  13. Hello,
    The power supply for my Pod XT Live has been going bad for a while.  It is currently working after wrapping parts of the "wart" with black electrical tape.  Because of this, I am unable to read the specs that are written on it. I have just gotten a used Variax 600 via an eBay auction (review to come) and included with it was the power supply for the XP5-Mini.  The specs for it are: INPUT: 120V AC 60Hz/OUTPUT: 9V AC 2000mA.
    I don't want to take the tape off the old supply, so would anyone know if this is the power supply that is compatible with the Pod XT Live pedal?
    Thanks so very much.

  14. My Pod XT Live is working just fine right now, as of June 14, 2014.  I was thinking of putting it online with Monkey soon and checking to see if it was in need of any updates (I'm awaiting my first Variax guitar, a 600, and was gonna start with a "clean" setup.) Am I understanding, from what I'm reading, to just leave the XT Live alone as is? and not do any sort of upgrades?

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