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    how to hook up to wifi

    thanks.my ipad has internet.but when i put the linksys cisco ae1000 in and tap the m20d it says unsecured network and it will say its connected but then it will dis connect?and what i was saying before.if i get this thing to work all i need is the ae1000 and it will connect.without and wifi from the bar?i did notice that when i plugged the ae1000 in my laptop the light woud light up on the 1000 but when i put it in the m20d it doesnt light
  2. hi,what do you guys use for case to carry it in and do you use a stand?if so what brands thanks
  3. mapletop

    Phantom Power Issue

    hi,how do i know my phantom power is turned off how do you get to it.im new sorry
  4. hi new to all this.as i understand this you can use 32 GIG SD card to record the band.but i want to run break music how is the best way to do this?
  5. what wifi adapter do you guys use?will this work ?cheapest i could find Velidy USB TV Wireless Wi-Fi Adapter,802.11ac 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wireless Network USB Wifi Adapter for Samsung Smart TV WIS12ABGNX WIS09ABGN 300M In stock on December 17, 2018
  6. mapletop

    Helix with Headrush 112

    i use the headrush mine sounds good.maybe its your patches?mines very clear.id check the tweeter
  7. mapletop

    slide patch

    does anyone have a slide patch in the vein of lowell george?
  8. mapletop

    di box

    hello wondering,about useing di box useing xlr out with a adapter to 1/4 into the dod 265 di box that i have the xlr to board the adapter coming out of helix do i need a trs or mono cable?
  9. mapletop


    what is a 5ex file?alot of the patches i down load now come up with that and i cant down load them.
  10. mapletop


    hi,ive seen how you detune.like step on button and it gos to Eb. thats -1.but can you do it +1 so you wouldnt have to use a capo on 1st fret?thanks.trying to get out of useing capo.if theres a nother way please let me know
  11. mapletop

    FRFR Users

    i was just thinking about the headrush 112 and the alto 312. there saying get the headrush for the frfr and the alto for pa.well say you were just going from helix to pa foh which ever.isnt that playing the helix into a pa?so how does saying dont use helix thru pa speakers for frfr when you can run right out the helix to the pa same type speakers.im looking for new frfr is all
  12. mapletop

    FRFR Users

    hi,i see alot of the foh sound.in my band pa we dont mic anything so all the sound is coming out of my frfr.have a alto 210 now.looking to upgrade friends have said check out the alto 312,headrush which i know is same but no preamp for mic.dont know if that changes sound or not.jbl eon 612,line 6 l2 or 3 t little to much.dont know if its worth the price diff.anybody help? thanks guys
  13. i have a alto210 i run live with helix .are there better speakers for live use?what would you say is the most used frfr speaker?thanks
  14. mapletop


    anybody have good leslie effect? and is there a way to make open tunings and capo settings?
  15. mapletop

    Roland JC-40 Reverb Switching through Amp out.- How?

    trying to change channel on my peavey delta blues amp ex amp out on helix i dont get a buzz just doesnt work????anybody
  16. mapletop

    How to pick up and carry the Helix - handles anyone?

    if you want handles then put then on
  17. mapletop

    backup for a helix at a gig

    hi i got thinking about what happens if the helix stops at a gig for what ever reason.i use a frfr powered spearker.could you use a crate power block to hook into my powered monitor? i have a alto 210.wondering what you guys use as a backup thanks
  18. mapletop

    backup for a helix at a gig

    yes i see now what it would take a pedal that has amp and cab sims.i think that fly rig 5 sounds really good.thanks for showing me what i needed
  19. mapletop

    backup for a helix at a gig

    with the mooer it doesnt have a amp in it so you would have to use a amp in a pedal then go into the mooer?
  20. mapletop

    backup for a helix at a gig

    have a m9 can i plug my guitar into that and out to the power alto210?i guess its the same as a heix hookup i mean not sound.but theres no models amps just pedals does that matter?plus i guess i would have to really eq it since its a frfr speaker
  21. mapletop

    backup for a helix at a gig

    well im looking for something thats small can fit in the bag.it would be just to finish the gig out we dont have laptops
  22. mapletop

    trouble opening a file on custom tone

    i can download most patches ,but i tryed to download and open the dave grissom patch and my pc say 's class not registered.they down load looks like the chrome logo.anybody know what i need to do to down load these patches or change them like the other patches i can open.thanks
  23. mapletop

    Godsmack tone challenge

    can anyone make a great stevie ray patch.havent heard one yet
  24. can anyone make a great sevie ray preset?

  25. stevie ray preset